Friday, October 7, 2016

Sugarpill Kim Chi Liquid Lipstick

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Sugarpill's liquid lipsticks are probably the most comfortable matte transfer-proof lipsticks I've ever tried. They so far only have two - Trinket, which I have already reviewed HERE, and this new one, Kim Chi.

The first thing I have to say is how the colors of their lipsticks seem to look different on everyone. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I had expected Trinket to be a pinkish color and it comes out totally orangey on me. This one I expected to be darker, but is a super pale lavender.
The applicator is very soft and has a curved tip that kind of "hugs" your lip shape. This one is scented like donuts (it really just smells like vanilla) while Trinket was scented like orange creamsicles.
It swatches on my arm true to the color it says - a lavender mauve - but the aqua and violet sparkles are very hard to pick up. Even when it's dry on the lips, it doesn't show up as well as the golden sparkles in Trinket do. 
Here it is under 2 different lights. It looks more pink in the first and pale lavender in the second! Really cool that it has such a different look in different lighting, I just wish the sparkle came through a little more.

I have been mixing this with Trinket to get a mauvey pink on my lips, and because the glitter in Trinket is so intense, it looks GORGEOUS mixed with Kim Chi! I can wear it all day long without my lips drying out or feeling gross, and it only needs the slightest touch-up in the center of the lips. These lipsticks have some serious staying power! I'm actually glad that Sugarpill has only released one at a time, because otherwise I'd be broke wanting to buy them all!

I definitely recommend the Sugarpill brand overall, but if you're someone who HATES the was liquid lipsticks make your lips feel dry, give these a try! You will definitely not be disappointed.

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