I have this month's Looksbook from Starlooks today to share with you all! This one is The Revival Edition.
I did some Sally nails and liked how they turned out, so I wanted to share! My nails are nubs right now, or I could have gone into far more detail with them, but I still think they're cute :)
I was just saying how I haven't received a VoxBox in so long, and this month I received 2! First it was the Pampers one, now the Adam and Eve Organics juice VoxBox.
I have a swatch fest for you today of the Vice 4 palette! Before I get into it, I've got to tell you guys that if you're debating whether or not to get this or the Spectrum palette, go for this one. It's a MUCH better deal considering this one has 20 shadows that are all brand new. The Spectrum palette is only a few bucks cheaper and looks pretty much the same as the UD Anniversary palette - 15 shadows, plus it only has 5 new shades. I would definitely go for the the Vice 4 instead!
I think these are my favorite lenses from SpookyEyes.com yet! They are creepy yet fun, and perfect for Halloween.
As soon as I heard that Sephora was going to have a monthly subscription box - that's only $10, by the way - I knew I had to sign up for it. This is the very first one, and I thought I would show you guys what's inside and tell you what I think!

In the past I have reviewed Spongelle products, and I LOVE them. So I was excited to hear that they now have body wash infused sponges for kids!
Like many of us, Specktra is my #1 resource for news on the latest beauty products, MAC Collections, etc. It is in grave danger of disappearing if we don't save it! Basically, the platform that they are hosted on is crapping the bed, and in order to switch hosts they need to convert the entire board. But that is EXPENSIVE. So the creator, Janice, has set up a GoFundMe page HERE to raise funds for it. We are almost halfway there, which is amazing, but we still need more help! Every little bit counts - I have been trying to share this link everywhere and it just hit me now, "Hey, you have a beauty blog, why not post about it there?" lol! Thanks for listening!

It's my favorite time of the year! The Kat Von D holiday palette is here! This one is set up like a color wheel of awesomeness, and there's lots of matte shades that actually blend, which is always amazing. I know that this might scare some people away because of all the brights, but it has enough neutrals that you can do ANYTHING with this palette!
For 2015, this is the first mini lipstick set we've seen from Kat that includes a FULL SIZE lipstick! It is in limited edition white packaging, and it's a limited edition shade. I'll get to all that in a second, but can we just admire that rainbow packaging?