Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hask Coconut Dry Shampoo

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Today I have a Hask Dry Shampoo to review for you - this is their Coconut scent. I have to start by saying I have never had good luck with dry shampoos! That being said, I LOVE this one! Not only does it smell delicious, it actually works. This was kindly scent to me to review, along with a cute tote bag.

The can is 6.5 oz, which is a very generous size. These retail for around $7.99 depending on the retailer, which is also a great deal. I've seen much smaller cans from other companies selling for far more!

My hair is super thick, naturally very curly, and color treated. It is normal to oily, being more oily in the summer months. I tend to hunt for dry shampoos when the weather gets warmer, because I color my hair a lot of bright colors and therefore only wash it about 3x a week. I've had a lot of issues with dry shampoos in the past feeling heavy, leaving my hair feeling dry and gross, or leaving behind a white residue that refuses to brush out. The Hask one doesn't do any of those things! Once I spray it on and work it through my hair (I use my fingertips because brushing my hair while it's curly is a huge no-no LOL), my hair looks shiny and feels clean. It keeps my hair from getting oily or looking greasy. I cannot recommend this stuff enough! It also smells amazing, so that's a super bonus!

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You can find more information on their website: and you can purchase this (and their other products) at Ulta!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Monday, June 5, 2017

NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm

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The new NARS Liquid Blushes are DEFINITELY for those of you like me, who think the powder NARS blushes could use a little more oomph. I picked up Orgasm because I LOVE that color in the powder blush form, but always find that I need to layer and layer it to get the intensity I want. Not with this baby!
When I first opened it, I thought it applied like this. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the cap just pulls off and there is a pump underneath.
You really need only the TINIEST bit to get massive color payoff with this. For those who are unfamiliar, Orgasm is their best selling blush - it is a peachy pink with gold shimmer and looks flattering on every single person I've ever seen use it! It's one of those magical works-for-any-skin tone shades.
This tiny dot is all I used for the swatches in the next photo...
The bottom swatch is that dot of product spread out, and the top swatch is what was left on my finger! This stuff is amaaaazing. As you can see, the more you sheer it out, the more that gold comes through.

Now, I am not one who goes for cream or liquid blushes. I always stick to powders. But, when I saw swatches of these I knew I had to try one, and it's become my new favorite. It dries down to a powder finish and lasts all day long, even on my oily skin. It is a bit pricey at $30, but this is going to last such a long time because of the tiny amount you need to use! I love this, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who asks about it!

Benefit Cheek Parade Palette

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The Benefit Cheek Parade Palette has it all! It's full of blushes and bronzers and has something for everyone. Plus with the deal - $58 for 5 full size products - can't go wrong there!

There's a good sized mirror on the inside, and it even comes with a cute little brush!

Inside you get full sizes of Hoola, GALifornia, Rockateur, Hoola Lite, and Dandelion. I myself have never had a Benefit cheek product (I know, what's wrong with me, right?) so I knew I couldn't pass up the chance to try all of these!

Hoola is a matte bronzer that's a tad dark for me - but used lightly and blended out well it is definitely workable.

GALifornia is Benefit's newest blush, and it is a beauty! I only wish the gold wasn't an overspray, because it really makes the color. It is still a gorgeous pinky coral blush on its own. It has more of a creamy texture to it.

I am so glad Rockateur was included in this palette, because I had been wanting this blush for a while and for whatever reason, always put off buying it. It's a rose gold and again, the shimmer in this seems to just be an overspray. It's got the same creamy texture as GALifornia.

Hoola Lite is a PERFECT bronzer for very light skin! I like this one a lot! It's totally matte and a few shades lighter than the original Hoola, so it definitely works well for me.

Dandelion is described as a "brightening finishing powder," but it's a beautiful neutral pink blush to me!

I have been using this palette a TON since I got it, and can't recommend it enough! The shades are so pretty and the deal just can't be beat. I got mine at Ulta!

Lime Crime Hi-Lite Blossoms Palette

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Not too long ago, Lime Crime released the Opals Hi-Lite palette, and they just came out with the Blossoms one as well! I loved the Opals, so I knew I needed to pick this one up.
I have to say that as soon as I opened this, I was nervous about the colors. They look a hell of a lot darker in the pans in person than they do on the website. However, once applied they are much lighter and work well even on my pale self!

Just like with the Opals palette, there's no funky names here. The colors are Warm Gold, Lavender and Sunset.

Warm Gold has almost a peachy-tinge to it. So much less scary on the skin than I thought it was going to be! It looks like a dark bronze in the pan.

Lavender is such a fun, pretty shade. It leans much more to the pink side than purple, and is light enough to use as a highlighter, though I prefer it as a blush topper.

Sunset is my favorite in this palette. This is an orangey/pink duochrome shade. It's another one I didn't think would work on me as a highlighter, but it's awesome!

The formula on all 3 of these is smooth, buttery, and blends out nicely. I've worn them each on all-day long outings, and they've all held up well for me throughout an entire day! I like mixing them to see what other colors I can create with them - that's probably the best thing about little palettes like these!

Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Highlighter in Stargazer

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I feel like I haven't written a review in forever, but things with my shop have been crazy! At any rate, I'm going to try and get a few posted today that I've been waiting and waiting to do. This here is the Stargazer Digital Dust Highlighter from Melt Cosmetics. As soon as I heard they were coming out with highlighters I got super excited, because I LOVE their eyeshadows.
There is no doubt that the packaging is great - plain matte black compact with the Melt logo, and then the Melt name is embossed all over the actual product. I picked this shade because it was the lightest of the 3 - a pale champagne that is perfect for lighter skin tones. 
The product itself isn't quite as smooth as I thought it would be. It's gorgeous and blends great, but with shipping this baby cost about $45, which is a little crazy to me for one highlighter. It's pretty, yes, but nothing out of this world extraordinary that we haven't seen before.
The color reminds me a lot of Champagne Pop. It has one of those textures that makes it kind of hard to pick up on a fluffy brush, like the issue I always have with the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts. Once you find a good dense brush that works for you, then you're all set. I'm not one who usually likes shimmery brow highlights, but I really like using this one for that purpose. It's the perfect color for me to give a little bit of shimmer without going overboard!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Kat Von D Lock-It Blotting Powder in Light

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That packaging though!!!!! Sorry, I had a moment. We got a sneak peek of Kat Von D's Lock-It Blotting Powder what seems like forever ago, but they are finally available! There are 4 shades - Fair, Light, Medium, and Deep. I picked up Light, but realized it doesn't much matter because it goes on translucent anyway. The compact looks like a wax seal with the KVD emblem on it, and I love that! It also has a mirror on the inside of the lid.
The little powder puff that comes with it also has the KVD emblem on the back. 
It's kind of pointless to include a swatch of this, because you won't be able to see anything! However, here it is in the pan. The Fair shade looked completely stark white, which is why I chose to go with light instead.
Now, I can't even begin to describe how smooth this powder is. I was a little put off that the first ingredient is talc, because I know a lot of people absolutely despise when companies put that into cosmetics. But, the first time I tried this I was blown away. I purposely waited until I was pretty shiny and used the powder puff to tap some onto my forehead. It instantly mattified my skin without looking like I just added powder to my face.

I have tried a lot of blotting powders in the past. My favorite was always the Urban Decay De-Slick, but even that one does not work as good for me as this one does. I love that it only takes a tiny bit of product to mattify any oils, because I've always felt icky adding a bunch of powder on top of oily skin throughout the day. At least with this one, you only need the tiniest bit! It also keeps me matte for hours, which is a huge plus with summer time coming. I will definitely put it to the test once we start getting some hotter weather!

The blotting powders are available now at Sephora and Kat Von D Beauty!

Hard Candy Prismatic Highlighter

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Today I have the Hard Candy Prismatic Highlighter. This had the potential to be awesome, it really did. It's absolute crap, and I don't say that about a lot of makeup products LOL. How this got past the testing phase and onto the actual shelves of Walmart is beyond me. Now I know why I hadn't heard anything about it until I saw it in the store!
I'm guessing they were going for duo-chromey goodness like every other company is coming out with lately. In the pan it reminds me a lot of the Becca Amethyst highlighter. But as soon as I touched this, I knew it was going to be bad. It's super powdery, and feels like baby powder. It doesn't stick to your skin, so it's impossible to apply it. It also seems like it's not packed tightly enough in the pan. All things you DON'T want in a highlighter.
You can see from this picture I took after swatching it just once with a light swipe of my finger how powdery it is - now every time I touch it, a bunch of powder kicks up.

Again, this was just a light touch with my finger. Totally powdery.
You can make out a bit of pink and blue sparkles here, but that's about it. It does not stay around on your skin and just wants to brush off.
Here I tried to pile a bunch on, on top of primer. The result was a little better, but still not great. I definitely don't recommend picking this up, even if it is only $6. Not worth it!

Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner in Muse

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I was very excited when Kat Von D announced the release of her lip liners (seriously, there's SO many to choose from!) I went ahead and picked up Muse, because I tend to wear lots of pink lipsticks that are close to this color, so I figured I'd get a lot of use out of it.

The pencil is very thin, and it's a twist-up, my favorite! I really like not having to sharpen my lip and eye liners because it's always such a pain - especially when they break and you have to keep sharpening and wasting so much product!

Muse is a nice, every day medium pink. The formula is so nice - it's very soft and glides on smoothly. The only downside that I see is it's SO super soft that you're going to go through this pencil rather quickly. It reminds me a lot of the Tarte eyeliner pencil that they use to have. I remember going through that insanely fast because it was almost TOO soft. That is the only fault I haven been able to find with this product, though!

It's such a perfect pink and goes with so many of my pink lip colors. I definitely love it so far! I definitely think people who love fun colored lips should check out her liners, because she has greens, blues, grays - pretty much every single color you could ever need is in her line of lip liners!

They are available now at Sephora and Kat Von D Beauty!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit

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I think it's safe to say the Aurora Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills is my favorite one yet! This baby is GORGEOUS!

At first glance, the colors may seem a little intimidating, especially to those who aren't used to colorful highlighters.
I'll admit, I wasn't totally convinced that I would use this much once I got my hands on it. However, as you'll see in the swatches, these colors are a lot more wearable than you might think!

The first time I opened the palette, I saw chunky glitter in almost all of the shades and just thought to myself, "Oh no." I'm not a huge fan of big glitter in highlighters. It seems as though it's either an overspray on them or it's just a glitter that kind of melts into everything, because I was shocked when I actually swatched and started using them! They are so buttery smooth and just shimmery - no chunky glitter. 

Eclipse is a pale peach with a pink duochrome:

Luna is a metallic off-white. This one is hard to explain because it's not pure white, but it looks whiter on the skin than it does in the pan.

Spectra is a grayish lavender with a pink duochrome:

Helia is a white gold:

Orion is a bright blue - I don't want to call it a "pastel," but it's pale enough that it gives it an icy tone.

And Lyra is a golden peach with a pink shift:

So as you can see from the swatches, the colors are a lot more wearable than they appear to be in the pan! The Orion one is a little TOO blue for me to use as a highlighter, but it makes a great eyeshadow. As a matter of fact, ALL of these shades are great shadows. The formula on the Anastasia highlighters has always impressed me, as they're super smooth and blendable. I like that you can mix any of the colors with the Luna color to lighten them if you need to. That makes this whole palette extremely versatile and makes me love it that much more! Huge thumbs up from me!

It is available now at Anastasia Beverly Hills.