Saturday, August 11, 2018

Too Faced Then & Now 20 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

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I have a soft spot in my heart for Too Faced, because they are the first "more expensive" eyeshadows I ever picked up. Technically my Mom got them for me, we went to a department store called Cherry & Webb (they aren't in business anymore) and Too Faced had JUST launched. They were having a promotion where they gave us free t-shirts and everything. I got Trixie and Ice Queen, which were reformulated to be in this here Then & Now 20 Year Anniversary palette. As soon as I saw, I knew I had to pick it up because I have such fond memories of the original packaging/logo, and using the shadows that I had. I actually still have them for sentimental reasons, and I'm going to swatch them for you at the end of this post.
The palette has 20 shadows, 22 if you count the fact that 2 of them are split pans. The top row is the original lineup of shades from 1998, and the bottom are the new ones for 2018.
Twinkie - pale warm gold
Pixie Dust - pale cool gold with gold glitter
Dirt Bag - warm brown with gold glitter
Rizzo - metallic chocolate

Zsa Zsa - purply pink with silver micro glitter
Temper Temper - shimmery berry
Trixie - shimmery light purple
Villain - dark purple with violet sparkle

Ice Queen - metallic pale blue with silver glitter
Ooh and Aah - black with silver sparkles/metallic silver

Glitter Donut - metallic bronzey gold with gold glitter
Lost Boys - green with green and blue microglitters 
NSFW - taupey brown with gold and silver glitter
(I just realized that I didn't photograph Gretchen, the matte camel shade - will add it to the end of this post!)

Reality Star - bright pink with pink sparkles
I Can't Even - matte dark berry
Gigi - matte mauve

Shady Bitch - deep purple with multicolor microglitter
Chill Out - blue-violet with blue sparkles
Ooh La La - matte black/shimmery champagne

And now because I'm a dork and realized while editing this post that I never took pictures of the shade Gretchen, here it is:

Just for fun, here is the old Trixie/new Trixie and old Ice Queen/new Ice Queen. The formula now is much better, but the old shadows ARE 20 years old so I think that is adding to the fact that they're super powdery now - they were never like that when I originally used them lol

I have to say that a lot of the bigger Too Faced palettes tend to be hit or miss for me, quality-wise. This one is AWESOME. The mattes are smooth and blendable, everything is beautifully pigmented. They really put a lot into this one, and it shows. The shade Villain is GORGEOUS but has a lot of fallout - I definitely recommend using a sticky base with that one. But other than that, I've had no issues using the other shades at all so far, and I've been absolutely loving the palette!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Transformer Mini

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 The Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Transformer Mini eyeshadow in Teal (Aquamarine) perfectly compliments the shades already in the Alchemist palette. I am not sure if there will be other single shades, but for now this is the only one available on Sephora and the KVD Beauty site.
 The packaging is like a tiny version of the Alchemist palette - white with that iridescent holo rainbow effect, and triangular (which looks really cool but drives me nuts when it comes to storing it!)
 The shadow DOES have a holographic effect in certain lighting, unlike the palette where all the shades are just very iridescent.
 Here I show it swatched on its own and over a black eyeliner.
The formula of this shadow is very similar to the Metal Crush highlighters - more glitter than anything. I love this as a shadow but wouldn't use it much as a face highlighter because it's so incredibly glittery. It is very pretty, especially over a black base! I do like to use a stickier base with shadows like these, because the glitter will tend to fall out onto your cheeks throughout the day if you don't have something holding it down.

Kat Von D Lash Liner

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I had high hopes for the Kat Von D Lash Liner. Sadly, my opinion is very up in the air about it. This is a liquid liner made specifically for the waterline - sounds great, right? Since I've been doing makeup, I've been on the hunt for a liner that will actually stay on the waterline. So of course I needed to put this one to the test.
The applicator is very soft and has a curve to it. I really don't have any issues with this part.

Before I even got my hands on it, I had seen a video on the KVD Beauty youtube page where one of the artists was showing how to use it. You have to use a dabbing/dotting technique and not just swipe it on. Fair enough. I did just that, and it wasn't going on very dark. I've tried several different ways to get it to work for me, and I've found that drying off the waterline with a q-tip before applying it yields the best results. However, it's still quite tricky.

The problem for me is, and I've heard plenty of others say this, it's just too damn watery. It's very, VERY liquidy and therefore just wants to bleed everywhere. I have tried scraping off most of the product that's on the wand, but even that doesn't help very much. 

The wear time is awesome where you can get it to stick - it usually wants to come off at the outer corners of my eyes first. I can get 8 hours tops out of it, which is much better than I could ever get out of other eyeliners on my waterline. In that aspect, it is definitely a winner. If it were a liiiiiitle thicker, or maybe even more of a cream consistency, I think it could be absolutely amazing.
You can see just by swatching it on my hand that it's not opaque, and that's because of how watery it is. 

Unfortunately this isn't a product that I can rave about and tell you that you need to go run out and buy. It's worth a try if you're looking for something new, but I hope they tweak the formula in the future because it's just too much of a pain to work with.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette

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Jeffree Star's summer palette is called Thirsty, and it is certainly a colorful one! It has a really cool raindrop effect on the front and back of the palette.
It features 10 matte shadows and 5 pressed pigments, which I thought were going to be chunky and cause fallout, but they are SO smooth!
Jeffree said in the video he made about this palette that they used a new shadow formula for this palette, and you can definitely tell. The mattes are really smooth and creamy in this one, where I found them to be pretty inconsistent in the Blood Sugar palette. In that one they were all quite pigmented and performed well, but a lot of them were very dry. 
Parched - matte cream
Taste Buds - matte hot peach
Biiiitch! - matte hot coral
Kumquat - matte pumpkin
Stroke - matte burnt orange
These all perform really well, but Taste Buds takes some building up to make it stick and show up.

Divine - metallic silver 
Filthy Rich - metallic yellow gold with silver sparkles
Lick - metallic true gold
Snatched - metallic cool brown with silver sparkles
Plunge - metallic warm brown with silver sparkles
The five of these apply best with your finger, as they have a very creamy texture. They are extremely smooth, pigmented, and despite the fact that they have a lot of glitter in them (except for Like, that is just a straight up gold foil) they don't have a ton of fallout or chunkiness to them.

Subtle - matte tan
Quench - matte bright yellow
Submerge - matte bright blue
Splash - matte bright seafoam
Drizzle - matte chocolate
Quench, Submerge and Splash all need a white base to show their true potential, but they blend really well and are quite pretty!

All in all, I am quite happy with this palette. Blood Sugar is still my favorite as I like the color selection more, but this one is really nice, especially for the summer months!

ColourPop Fortune Palette

A few days ago I reviewed the Fame palette from ColourPop, and today I have the Fortune one for you! The front cover makes a picture of a Big Top tent if you put it together with the Fame palette!
Like the Fame palette, this is pretty neutral. However, where the Fame palette was cool toned, this one is a lot warmer.
C.R.E.A.M. - pale satin cream
Ben - pale matte peach
Mo Problems - matte light brown
Oracle - shimmery sheer peachy champagne

Stacks - metallic bronze
Racks - metallic copper
Wiser - matte peach
Miser - shimmery burnt orange with a teal shift

Nouveau - metallic deep gold
Riche - matte burnt orange
500 - matte cranberry
Trove - matte wine

Money Trees - metallic brown with copper sparkles
Fortunate - matte reddish brown
Jackpot - metallic berry
Strike It - matte blackberry

I don't know if it's just me, but the mattes in this palette seem pretty dry. I've noticed that Trove and Strike It take a LOT of work to get them to not be patchy, and that's not usually something I say about ColourPop shadows. I normally really love their palettes, but to me this one is just "okay." Pretty colors, but I feel like we've seen every one of these in previous ColourPop palettes. I've been toying with the idea of doing comparisons but just haven't had the time! 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

ColourPop Fame Palette

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The ColourPop Fame palette is one of their latest, and it's a beautiful little collection of cool toned neutrals! I have been bored of neutral palettes lately, but for some reason this one screamed out to me. It's a great blend of metallic and mattes, and all the colors are so gorgeous!
This is another $22 palette, with 16 shades. 
Just look at those shades - this is a cool toned shadow lover's dream!

Center Stage - matte cream
Extravaganza - metallic champagne
Show Boat - pale pink satin
Delirium - matte pale peach

The Most - metallic pale rose
Razzle - matte light brown
Dazzle - metallic light brown
Stardom - matte mauvey brown

Celeb - matte pale pink
Debutante - metallic pale lavender
Clubhouse - matte brown with a slight purply tone
Privy - metallic taupe

Posh - metallic berry purple
Blase' - matte charcoal gray
Piece of Me - shimmery purple
Lifestyle - matte blackened brown

Extravaganza is my absolute favorite color in this palette - it's a great champagne, all-over lid color! I like how the entire palette is set up - the first row is very light, then it gets a little darker, in the second and third rows, and the last row is full of dark shades. That Blase' shade is perfect for a smokey eye if you're not comfortable using straight up black shadow. Piece of Me is the only shade in the palette that needs a little building up to make it perfect, but everything else in here performs as amazingly as ColourPop's shadows always do!