Saturday, February 18, 2017

Karity Eyeshadow Swatches!

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I recently found out about a brand called Karity, and as soon as I saw their shadows I knew I needed to try some of them! I picked up the Diversity palette along with a few single shadows, and I wanted to review them for you today!

The first thing I want to mention is when you purchase a palette, you will get the magnetic palette and then all the shadows separately. They come in cardboard sleeves and you have to "build" the palette yourself.

The palette is pretty weighty and well made. It doesn't have a mirror on the inside of the lid, but it does have a magnetic closure.
I'll go over the shadows that come with the Diversity palette first:
The top 3 shades are Turkish Delight, Rush, and Glamazon.
Turkish Delight is a satiny medium pink shade. Rush (mine arrived broken unfortunately) is a bright matte orange, and Glamazon is a metallic yellow-gold.

The middle 3 shades are Viper, Enable, and Jinx.
Viper is a metallic lime green, Enable is a matte bright blue, and Jinx is a deep purple with multicolored shimmers.

The bottom 3 shades are Vino, Baby Habit, and Daisy Chain.
Vino is a semi-matte wine shade (it has more of a satin finish than matte), Baby Habit is an insane metallic bubblegum pink, and Daisy Chain is a cream with a satin finish.

Now for the single shades I picked out, Mary Jane:
This is a deep olive green with  slight gold sheen.

Merz is a pale gray with a pink opal iridescence.
This is such a unique color - I love it as an inner corner highlight!

Mr. Brownstone is a deep brown that has a slight pink shift in certain lights.
This one is so cool, it's got a very subtle pink in it that makes it such a neat shade.

ALL of these shadows are so insanely pigmented, and I love the way they apply and blend. I am so impressed with them, especially for the prices! The single shadows are only $4.50 each. For the quality of these babies, that's crazy! They have a wide range of palettes that go from $21 to $39.50. They even sell empty ones so that you can fill them with your own choice of single shades. I definitely recommend giving these a try - you won't be disappointed!

You can check out everything they have to offer at

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New MyChelle Products for Spring 2017

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Today I've got a first look at the new products from MyChelle for spring 2017. I absolutely LOVE their sun care (their spray-on sunscreen was my absolute favorite last summer, especially because it's so easy to use on my son!), so I was excited to see some new sunscreen goodies!

First we have the Perfect C PRO Serum 25%. 
I have tried their Perfect C serum before and love it, but the normal one is 17% so this one is a bit stronger. It's considered "professional level" and brightens the complexion while providing powerful antioxidant/anti-pollution/anti-aging benefits. Also, a little goes a long way with this stuff! You only need the tiniest bit (one pump) and you apply it to your face after cleansing. This is a .5 oz. container and retails for $52.

Then we have the Sun Shield Liquid Tint SPF 50
They sent both the Nude and Natural Tan shades, but Natural Tan is a bit dark for me, so I'm going to pass it onto one of my friends that will be able to use it :) The nude, however, is a perfect match for me.
This is a softly tinted 100% mineral sunscreen. It is pretty liquidy, but oh my gosh it sinks right in and feels like you put nothing on. I LOVE that about this product! As someone who burns pretty much from just stepping outside (lol) I always need to wear sunscreen on my face, especially if I'm going to be outside a lot. Most of the stuff I've tried makes my already oily skin just feel greasy and like I need to wash my face as soon as possible. This doesn't do that, and I am so excited about it! We're facing winter blizzard weather right now here in Massachusetts, but you can bet on it that I will be incorporating this into my daily routine this spring/summer!
Here's a look at a drop of it on my skin to try to show you the consistency of it, and then below is what it looks like after I've blended it out.
As you can see, it gives a little bit of a tint to the skin to give a healthy glow. This comes in a 1 oz. bottle and is $22.50.

Last but not least is the new Quick Clean Micellar Water. 
I love micellar waters. I think I've tried so many now, I couldn't even tell you how many are in my bathroom lol! I was so excited about the packaging on this one, because it has that easy little cup on top that you just put your cotton pad on and press to dispense the liquid. Simple, quick, and mess-free.
I love micellar waters because you can use them for so many things. I've been using this before I do my makeup in the morning to cleanse my eyelids of any oils before I do my primer and shadow. I use it to take off my makeup before I wash my face at night as well - it works great! This one in particular is infused with strawberry and kiwi fruit extracts to help hydrate, soften, and refresh your skin. It makes your face feel super clean without feeling like it's been stripped of moisture. This comes in a 4 oz. bottle and is $15.

All in all, I'm loving this new stuff from MyChelle! You can find their products at, Whole Foods Market, select Ulta stores, and even
*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sugarpill Feline Fancy Collection

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The Feline Fancy collection from Sugarpill is something I couldn't pass up. It has a creepy-cute cat on the front, the colors are right up my alley, and it's been a while since I've tried something new from Sugarpill, so I was pretty excited for it!

The packaging is just so cute. The outer box has the same cat artwork on as the palette, and the liquid lipstick and palette are stored in a pink inner pull-out carton.
I love that the mirror on the inside of the palette is heart-shaped. It's not huge or very practical, but it fits the aesthetic of the whole Valentine's Day palette theme, and it's very cute. The palette itself has a magnetic closure.
You get 4 shadows - they look huge but each one is 0.05 oz, the same size as a MAC shadow. I'm thinking it's just really thinly laid out in the pan because these pans are pretty big.
S.W.A.K. is a deep peach with a pink iridescence.
Winky is a spakly champagne. 
Text Me is a matte light brown.
Kiss Kiss is a deep metallic red.

Now here's the thing: these finger swatch awesomely. I've been having trouble, however, getting a couple of the shades to stick to my eyelids, even with a stickier primer. You DEFINITELY need a sticky primer or sticky base with them, which is unusual for Sugarpill because their shadows have always worked insanely well for me. 
S.W.A.K. is okay, but it take a bit to build it up on my eyes. Winky wants to just blend itself away the more you work with it. Text Me is nice and blends out well, but I have to apply a lot of it to achieve the color that it looks in the pan. Kiss Kiss is the stand out shade in the palette, no problems with this one. It is very similar to the crazy red "Swoon" from the Better Together palette by Too Faced and KVD, but this one leans more orange where Swoon is darker and a true red. While I do love these shades, I was a tad disappointed in their performance.

The liquid lipstick is called Strange Love and is once again a perfect liquid lipstick formula, I've mentioned this while reviewing the other liquid lipsticks that I have from Sugarpill, but I seriously wish they would come out with a full line of colors. They are SO comfortable to wear and just an awesome formula all around.
Strange Love is a deep brick red shade, perfect for Valentine's Day.
It has the same creamsicle scent that Trinket does. I notice that it applies very wet and liquidy, which was a bit of a worry at first - you can see in these lip swatches that I didn't wait for it to dry and you can sort of "see through" it because of the flash. In regular lighting, it looks perfectly fine.
However, once it dries it mattifies, which I'm not even sure is the right word to use here because this is a metallic lipstick. This is the only metallic liquid lipstick I've tried so far that actually looks like a metallic paint rather than a glittery liquid lipstick. It doesn't have all those shimmer particles that hang around after you've tried to take it off.

Another thing I love about these lipsticks is that they last so long, but are easy to remove. You can take a washcloth and just wet it with water, and you'll be able to take this off at the end of the day without scrubbing at your lips. That is just magical to me! Sugarpill has definitely got a handle on the liquid lipstick game - I can't wait to see what other colors they'll come out with!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Backtalk

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I was really excited to try one of the new Urban Decay liquid lipsticks. They seem like the last brand to finally be jumping on the liquid lipstick bandwagon. I had seen a lot of bad reviews on these before trying them for myself, and I am pretty surprised about that.

The first thing I noticed was that the product itself looks tiny because the cap part is longer than the tube where the product is. It makes it look pretty small, but it's got .17 oz, so it's not much smaller than say, Sugarpill's liquid lipsticks, which have .18 oz.
The applicator is a long bent doe foot type applicator. I like it a lot because it's thin enough to get into the corners of your lips.
The color Backtalk is a very neutral pink, everyday color for me. When it dries it darkens up a bit, but it's still very much an everyday color.
The formula is really nice. I can't speak for the metallics because I haven't tried any of those yet, but this one in particular applied nicely with one coat. It does take a bit to dry, and I definitely recommend not touching or rubbing your lips together until it's dry.
Once it dries completely, it feels silky smooth to the touch. It is definitely transfer proof and super comfortable to wear. It doesn't dry out my lips at all, which I love! It's also super long lasting, but will need to be touched up if you eat anything. If you're looking for a liquid lipstick that is comfortable to wear and doesn't dry out your lips at all, this is definitely one to go for!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Amazing Cosmetics!

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I was sent some products from Amazing Cosmetics to try out and review for you guys! I've been using these for about a week so I have a pretty good feel for them and how they work for me. Let's get into it!
First we have their Anti Aging Face Primer. This comes in 2 sizes - 15mL and 30mL. You only need a small amount for your whole face - a little goes a long way!
It is a clear gel that sort of has that silicone feel to it when you first put it on, but it absorbs into the skin so quickly that it feels like nothing! It is oil free and leaves the skin feeling hydrated, not greasy. I have tried a lot of primers that I just can't use because they make my already oily skin feel even oilier. I've got to say, this does a REALLY good job of keeping oil at bay, and it makes my makeup look fresh all day long!

 Then we have the Amazing Concealer (I got the shade Ivory)
This also comes in 2 sizes, 15 mL and 6 mL. This is a squeeze tube package, which makes it very sanitary as you can just squeeze some onto your hand and aren't dipping and re-dipping into the package. It is a thinner formula as far as concealers go, but the coverage is amazing! 
 Using it with a Beauty Blender gives a flawless look. I haven't had any issues with it creasing under my eyes, which is always my number one issue with thinner formula concealers like this. So far, so good! I've just been setting it with a loose powder and I'm good to go!

Last but not least we have the Amazing Concealer Illuminate. Again, this is the shade Ivory.
This packaging is a plastic tube with a wand/doe foot applicator:
It goes on smoothly and is a thin formula like the tube concealer. This one has "light reflecting pigments" in it that at first made it look a bit sparkly to me, but the more I wear it, the more I like it. It's definitely a great under-eye concealer.
Here it is blended out on my wrist (you can see my vein at the bottom of the pic) Ignore the fact that I didn't wait till it was dry to snap the photo! It is definitely a multi-tasker because it has great coverage AND brightens!

All in all, I really like all 3 of these products. I had never tried anything from the brand before so I was super excited when they reached out to me. I'm always psyched about trying things from brands I've never tried before! Definitely check them out, their stuff is great!

Check out their website here:

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette

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The Sweet Peach Glow palette from Too Faced features a peach toned highlighter, blush, and bronzer infused with that awesome peach scent! I know some people don't love it, but the scent to me is amazing - it's like a sweet gummy peach candy!

The palette itself is metal and it's pretty sturdy. It has the little peach mascot on the inside as well as a mirror. The highlighter and bronzer have an all-over peach print, while the blush has one big peach on it that says "Peach Glow."

The highlighter is very pale and sheer. It's more iridescent than anything, so it gives that hint of a glow wherever you put it. It is a pretty shade, but I find myself having to build it and build it to even get it to show up on my skin.

The blush is more of a warm, orangey peach than the single blush that came out in the collection. It does have some shimmer to it, but just enough to give you a glow. It doesn't really go overboard. It's quite pretty, but just like with the highlighter, I have to build it to get it to show up.

Then we have the bronzer, which I think is pretty similar to their chocolate soleil one in color and performance. It is very light and slightly shimmery, which I don't really love in a bronzer. I also like more taupey shades for bronzer, this one is far too orangey for me personally.

I think the appeal of this palette was definitely the "peach" collection as a whole. Everything is so cute and it all smells so good, I got suckered in! This is not a must buy in my opinion, by any means. It's cute, it smells nice, but there isn't much color payoff in any of the 3 shades, and I will never find myself using the bronzer unless I use it as an eyeshadow because it's just too orange on me.

You can find the palette (and the rest of the Sweet Peach Collection) at UltaSephora, and