Saturday, July 6, 2019

ColourPop Uh-Huh Honey Palette

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The Uh-Huh Honey Palette from ColourPop is the yellow summer palette everyone's been waiting for!
It is important to note that the middle pressed glitter shade is NOT eye safe. The particles are too big for the eye area, and it is marked as not for use in the immediate eye area on the back of the palette. This does say "pressed powder palette" instead of "eyeshadow palette," but it still seems silly to me to put a glitter in there that you can't use on your eyes. Let's go through the shades!

Stinger is a matte pastel yellow.
Sunburst is a shimmery light yellow with a blue duochrome.
Sweet Spot is a matte bright yellow. This one takes some building up, but is nice and bright!

Dandy is a metallic yellow gold.
Palooza is a pressed glitter that has a greenish duochrome shade in there with yellow glitter as well.
Queen B is a rich warm metallic gold.

Totally Buggin's is a matte pale mustard yellow.
Oh Beehave is a matte golden yellow.
Buzz Kill is a matte ochre.

Asusual, great quality in this palette. I really love that pressed glitter and wish the particles were smaller so that it would be eye safe. Sweet Spot is slightly chalky, but building it up helps it blend fine. This palette actually pairs perfectly with the California Love palette! The yellows compliment all the warm shades in that palette perfectly.

Friday, June 28, 2019

ColourPop California Love Palette

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ColourPop's California Love Palette is the perfect summer-to-fall transitional palette to me. It's got some great warm shades and plenty of sparkle for summer looks, but the orange and brown tones just scream fall to me!
ColourPop has done several neutral palettes before, but this one is probably my favorite. It even includes a pressed glitter, and theirs are a pretty awesome formula!
Diego is a metallic coppery gold.
Gnarly is a matte pale peach.
Sequoia is a matte butternut orange.
Gold Rush is a matte burnt orange with subtle gold sparkle.

Hwy 1 is a matte chocolate brown with subtle gold sparkle.
Laguna is a matte pale orange.
El Capitan is a gold, silver and copper pressed glitter.
Surfrider is a metallic peachy terracotta with gold sheen.

Cahuenga is a metallic deep copper.
Mission is a matte dark brown with subtle gold sparkle.
Cruisin' is a metallic champagney gold.
The Ray is a matte peach.

This palette gets 2 thumbs up - literally every shade is an A+. There's no chalkiness, no patchiness - nothing. Every color is super pigmented and blendable and that glitter is gorgeous. If you are looking for a new neutral palette to take you from summer into fall, this is the one for sure!!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Jeffree Star Jawbreaker and Mini Breaker Palettes

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Today I'm giving my thoughts on the new Jeffree Star Jawbreaker and Mini Breaker Palettes. I ordered the bundle of the two of them from Beautylish, but the bundle is available on the Jeffree Star website as well. I just prefer Beautylish because they always ship really quickly and everything comes wrapped and packaged immaculately.
So let's start with the Mini Breaker. This is Jeffree's first small palette, containing 9 pans. The shades Bubble Gum and Bite Me are also in the Jawbreaker palette - however, those are the only doubles. I was hoping that it would either be all shades that were also in the Jawbreaker so I wouldn't feel like I needed both, or 9 shades that are not in the Jawbreaker palette at all, but in the end I decided to get the bundle of both of them because I'm a sucker for eyeshadows lol.
Double Scoop is a matte mustardy shade that leans more on the orange side than yellow.
Orange Crush is a matte neon orange that has subtle gold sparkles in it.
Foreplay is a matte bright pink.

Oral is an iridescent purple with a blue duochrome (my fave in this palette).
Purple Punch is a matte fuchsia. This is my least favorite shade quality-wise. It's pretty patchy and leaves a pretty good pink stain behind whenever you try to take it off.
Slice is a rich metallic gold shade.

Bubble Gum is a matte baby pink (much lighter than it appears in the pan).
Bite Me is a metallic royal purple.
Hot Fudge is an awesome matte taupe. Love this in the crease!

So overall, the only dud in this palette is that Purple Punch shade. I find it difficult to work with and even when you try to build it up, it doesn't really blend well. The other shades all perform quite well. I LOVE the Hot Fudge shade, it's super creamy and blends like a dream.

For the Jawbreaker Palette, this is Jeffree's largest yet. It contains 24 shades, and, like I said before, the only repeats are Bubble Gum and Bite Me.

Virgin is a matte white, This is pretty powdery but performs best over a white cream base.
Good Morning is a matte super pale peach.
Bubble Gum is a matte baby pink.
Wow is a matte yellow (performs best with a white base to make it pop).
Suck is a matte orange.
Licorice is a matte true red (this one is AWESOME but very soft!)

Cute is a matte seafoam green.
Fuck is a matte neon coral.
Gum Drop is a matte lavender.
Snack is an icy metallic pink.
Brain Freeze is a matte pale baby blue.
Jawbreaker is a shimmery white gold.

And What is a satiny pinky red.
Orange Juice is a metallic bright orange (super soft and pigmented).
Sour is a matte bright green.
Soaked is a matte true blue (very patchy).
Raspberry is a matte true raspberry shade.
Cotton Candy is a metallic hot pink (same soft formula as Orange Juice).

Lemon Drop is a metallic lemon yellow.
Bite Me is a metallic royal purple.
Cherry Wet is a matte pinky red.
Tasty is a matte cool toned brown.
Cone is a matte peach.
Delicious is a matte deep navy. Kind of patchy and feels out of place in this palette because it's so dark.

So for the most part, I love this palette. Soaked is a problem shade, but then again most bright matte blues are. You need to definitely build it up to get it to its full potential, but it does blend out well. Delicious is very dark and feels out of place in this palette. It's another one that needs work to build up but isn't terrible. Overall, I really enjoy the colors in this palette and it's definitely going to be a go-to for me this summer!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette

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The Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette is the latest palette from the brand. I haven't purchased anything from them in quite some time, and the colors in here really caught my eye, so I figured I would give it a go!
The palette itself is VERY heavy. I was not expecting it to be so weighty when I received it in the mail. It also drives me nuts because with the way it closes like a book, the shadows basically lay on top of each other. There's no divider between them to keep fallout from one shade getting into another, and I find that really annoying. It did come with 3 little plastic strips that were placed inside, so what I've done since with mine is taped the plastic strips in there on one side so that I can flip them back and forth and they'll stay in place. Then I won't have to worry as much about shadow contamination with the different shades.

That being said, that's my big negative for the palette - the packaging. The colors, however, are excellent!

This first half of the palette is more matte/colorful shades.
2012 is a matte mustard yellow.
Rule Breaker is a matte orange.
Go Getter is a shimmery corally pink.
Dream Big is a matte brick reddish brown.
CEO is a metallic medium brown.
Boss Lady is a matte plum.
Game Changer is a matte bright green.
Profesh is a matte olive green.
Bold is a matte burnt orange.

The second half of the palette has more muted/metallic shades, no mattes.
Makeup Junkie is a mauvey metallic pink.
Warehouse Partyis a metallic dusty coral with gold and green reflects.
Poppin Bottles is a baby pink with green shift.
Shots is a metallic grey with pink shift.
Tipsy is a metallic blue with multicolored sparkles.
Cross Faded is a deep metallic periwinkle.
No Regrets is a greyish lavender with pink and green shift.
Morning After is a metallic mulberry with blue reflects.
Drunk Text is a metallic charcoal with iridescent reflects.

While I do find most of the matte shades in here to be very dry, they still perform well. I think because it's a "pressed pigment" palette, that's to be expected. The metallic/shimmer shades are all SUPER smooth and pigmented. I really enjoy the shades on the whole right side of the palette and have been leaning more towards those since I got it, but I do quite like the colors on the left side as well. I think if you are a fan of Melt this is definitely a must-have. I just wish they had thought the packaging through a little more because for anyone like me who is super careful about not getting shadows mixed together, the fact that they sit on top of each other when you close the palette drives me batty!

Tips To Avoid Foreclosure

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Tips to Avoid Foreclosure

According to the latest statistics as revealed by the ATTOM Data Solutions Q1 2019 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report, there were nearly 162,000 properties undergoing the foreclosure process. Of course, that’s one statistic that few homeowners would ever want to be part of, but it can and does happen to some of the best of it. Perhaps you purchased a home among Hamilton real estate a few years ago, or refinanced to meet expenses, and find yourself unemployed due to lay off or a medical condition. Or, you could be one of millions of Americans who took out a subprime ARM (adjustable-rate mortgage) and are set to have your interest rates raised to a much higher percentage.
The better news is that these tips can help you avoid foreclosure so that you can stay in your home.

Understand Your Rights

Go through all your loan documents and read them thoroughly so that you understand what your lender might do if you are unable to make your payments. Find out about foreclosure laws and timeframes in your particular state by contacting the State Government Housing Office, as each state is different.

Contact Your Lender ASAP

If you think you’re headed to foreclosure, be sure to reach out to your lender as soon as possible, before your credit is seriously damaged. If it already is, you won’t have as much negotiating power. Most new programs aimed to help people avoid foreclosure are targeted to those who aren’t dealing with credit problems. Keep in mind that the further behind you get on your mortgage payments, the more difficult it will be to reinstate the loan, and the more likely that you’ll end up losing your house.

Speak to a HUD-Approved Housing Counselor

A housing counselor, provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, can help you understand your options and the law. They can also help you get your finances organized and even represent you in the negotiation process with your lender.

Consider Selling Assets for Cash and/or Getting a Second Job

If you have assets like jewelry, a second car, whole life insurance, etc. that can be sold for cash to help reinstate your loan, you may want to consider doing so. Think about what’s most important, for example, having a roof over your head and occasionally having to walk and perhaps use public transportation or losing your house altogether. If you don’t have anything you can sell, think about getting a second job. Either effort demonstrates to your lender that you’re willing to do what it takes to stay in your home.

Don’t Pay a Company to Negotiate with Your Lender

There are for-profit companies out there who are likely to contact you with a promise to negotiate with your lender, for a hefty fee. While they may be legitimate, don’t fall for it. The money that you give them could be going towards your mortgage payments. Why would you do that when you could get help through a HUD-approved housing counselor, which, as mentioned, is free.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

ColourPop Blue Moon Palette

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The ColourPop Blue Moon Palette is their latest in the monochrome line of palettes and this one is a blue theme!
I've really been enjoying the monochrome palettes from ColourPop lately. Wasn't psyched for blue being the next one because the makeup world is kind of drenched in blue palettes lately, but I couldn't pass on it because I've got all the others, right? (That's what I tell myself anyway lol)
This is definitely a true monochrome palette here. Every shade is a shade of blue!

Lumi is an iridescent blue shimmery highlight shade.
Da Ba Dee is a matte cornflower - slightly chalky but when you blend it a bit it looks much better.
Moonlite is a pale baby blue matte.

Starry Eyed is a matte bright blue.
Billie Jean is a metallic denim.
Tide Pool is a shimmery bright aqua-blue.

Mad About U is a metallic medium blue.
Fine China is a matte true blue.
Clued In is a matte deep navy.

Da Ba Dee and Clued in both need a little layering to help them reach their true potential, but other than that this palette is great quality-wise. We always see a great selection of finishes in ColourPop palettes, and I really have to hand it to them for being able to do that with every palette they put out. That being said, this one for me is not personally a "one and done" palette that I could grab and get my full look out of unless I was specifically going to do crazy blue eyes. Whenever I use blues I like to pair browns with them to tone it down, so in using this palette I definitely have to grab another one to use along with it, or single shadow or two from my collection. Not a huge deal, just thought I would mention it! On the other hand, if you are into a full blue eye then this is definitely going to be a fave of yours!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

ColourPop Main Squeeze Palette and Birthday Treat Super Shock Shadow!

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I was super excited to see that ColourPop's new Main Squeeze palette was a RED one! I figured we weren't going to get this until at least Valentine's Day next year...but they made it a watermelon palette and gave it to us! So, for all my fellow red shadow lovers, here it is. I also received a free Super Shock shadow in the shade Birthday Treat because it's their 5th birthday already!
Unfortunately mine arrived broken, but because of its squishy consistency, it's really not hard to press bag together and therefore isn't a big deal. Still works the same! Birthday Treat is a really pretty glittery copper-orange. Definitely an awesome color for summer!

The Main Squeeze palette is super cute - all red with gold seeds on it.
There are of course 9 shades (this is one of their smaller palettes, just like their pink, purple, and green ones) and most of them are shades of red.
Frose' is a matte coral.
Juicy Fruit is a reddish orange with metallic gold.
Home Slice is a satin pinky red.

Like It's Hot is a matte bright red.
Maraschino is a red with gold sheen.
Big Gulp is a matte orange.

Seed Money is a matte terracotta.
Bay Watch is a metallic copper.
Red Bottoms is a matte brick red.

All of these shades are great. Like It's Hot is an awesome bright red, slightly patchy but can be built up. I only wish they had named that one Red Bottoms instead, because the ACTUAL Red Bottoms color is more brown than anything. That's my one little gripe with it - other than that, these shades are awesome! At $12, you can't beat these little palettes!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Formulate Shampoo + Conditioner

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A while back, I was contacted by Formulate and asked if I would be interested in testing their custom shampoo & conditioner. I've put together this blog post to talk about my journey with Formulate! There's also a giveaway at the end of this post so be sure to enter for your chance to win your own set! (Or you can order HERE).

The first thing I had to do was take the survey. It was super quick and simple, just asked a few questions about my hair (color, thickness, texture, etc.) and what I was looking for in a product. I said that I wanted help with split ends, color protection (since I dye my hair regularly), thermal protection, frizz, and curl definition. I have really thick, kinky-curly, course hair that drives me bonkers and never does what I want - so I knew this would be a good product test!
For starters, here is a picture of my natural hair:
It's often pretty frizzy, I have a hard time defining my curls without a ton of products, and tend to straighten it a lot to make it more manageable! So that is how we started out.

In about a week and a half after filling out the survey and placing the order, I received the products:
They were packaged really nicely, with much appreciated pumps included (seriously, I LOVE shampoos and conditioners with pumps. Less fumbling in the shower!) The scent I chose was "At Dawn," which is a nice floral scent. It also let you choose the intensity of the fragrance, which I really liked. I chose the strongest, because I like my hair to smell good and almost be "perfumed!"

They send a pamphlet that talks about what you chose, along with an ingredients list, and some info about the main ingredients. But, if you go on their website under your account, you can see all of the ingredients used, an explanation of what they do, etc.  
The main ingredients in this first set were Pumpkin Seed oil, Broccoli Seed oil, and Lactic acid. The scent was amazing, and I've been referring to it as a "time-released scent," because I always catch whiffs of it randomly when I'm just sitting still. I LOVE that about it! They do warn you beforehand that your hair might get greasy at first until it adjusts to the formula, and to give it a fair try by using it for 6 washes. I did this and my hair just wasn't getting used to it. It felt pretty heavy and weighed down, like I had a lot of product in it, and it was very greasy. Here is a photo for reference:
So I had been in touch with the Formulate representative who had originally contacted me, and I let her know my hair just wasn't adjusting. She went ahead and reformulated for me, and a couple weeks later I received another set. Same fragrance, different main ingredients. This second set had Polyquaternium-37, Argan oil, and Hemp Seed oil as the main ingredients. 

With this second set, I immediately felt a difference the first time I used it in the shower. My hair felt clean and light, not weighed down with product like it had before. It still had that same awesome scent that I liked from the first batch, so I was happy about that as well. My hair seemed to adjust to this set immediately. It was pretty cool that they nailed it on the second try!

I really enjoy that the shampoo and conditioner are formulated for my curls, because during the summer I haaaaate straightening my hair! Any time I can find something to make my curls look good, I embrace it and wear my hair natural during the hot months. Who wants to mess with heat tools when it's 90 degrees outside? My hair is soft and my curls are defined without me having to glop a bunch of gel and curl scrunch mousse into my hair, and I really appreciate that.
It's important to note that through this whole journey I was in contact with a representative from Formulate that made the process so easy to understand and helped me out a lot! They are super responsive when you email them, so if you have any questions you will definitely receive a response in a timely manner.

Now for the pricing info and all that jazz! The bottles are 14 oz. and it is $49 for the set. There is a lot of work that goes into getting your formula right so that it actually works for you. If you are interested, you can order here.

Enter to win your own set here:

*The products were sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.