Wednesday, February 24, 2021

ColourPop Valentine Palettes - S.W.A.K, 143 and Melt 4 U

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Today I've got swatches of the 3 ColourPop Valentine palettes! It took me a bit to get them because the 143 sold out almost immediately and I had to wait for the restock on actual Valentines Day. Nevertheless, I have all 3 for you now so let's get to the photos!

S.W.A.K. is a neutral reddish palette. This is the darkest of the three.

Besos is a sheer pale gold with pink micro sparkles.
Smooch is a matte pinky nude with pink and gold micro sparkles.
XX is a metallic pinky rose gold.
Canoodle is a matte deep rose.
Mack* is a matte deep red.

Melt 4 U is the lightest of the bunch. This one had the most "romantic" color story in my opinion.

Bonbon is a soft metallic peachy pink.
Sweetie is a matte pale pink.
Dipped is a metallic peachy pink with a gold shift.
Ganache is a matte midtone pink base with pink and gold sparkles.
Dutch* is a matte warm rosy pink.

143 is the fun palette here - a chunky glitter and some hot pinks, it's no wonder this was the first to sell out. I should mention that the hot pinks definitely stain, and all but the first shade have the (*) next to their names meaning "not intended for use in the immediate eye area" AKA use at your own discretion.

Aww is a metallic pale baby pink.
QT* is a matte pastel pink.
My Boo* is a pink multi-sized iridescent glitter.
LOML* is a matte hot pink with hot pink and silver sparkles.
Luv* is a metallic fuchsia.

I think if I have to pick a favorite, it's Melt 4 U but all 3 of these are so pretty. S.W.A.K. and Melt 4 U are definitely everyday palettes and then you can break out the 143 for more fun, bold looks! I really, really love the Aww shade in 143 - it's an insanely pigmented metallic baby pink that is also such a pretty highlighter shade. Ganache is another standout shade as I don't really have anything like it in my collection already. (That's hard at this point with the amount of ColourPop palettes I've been collecting LOL). These are definitely great little palettes and I would say if you've been eyeing them to grab them now before they're out of stock again!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

ColourPop Make It Fearless Palette

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The Make It Fearless Palette from ColourPop, is part of the Make It Black collection. 100% of the proceeds from the collection go to Pull Up For Change Small Business Impact Fund.

This is a super fun palette with bright pops of color! The orange and pink both stain a bit, but that's expected from colors that are super bright like this.

Oasis is a matte lemon yellow base with yellow micro sparkles.
Bold is a metallic bronze.
OOO* is a matte hot orange.
High Key is a bright pink satin.
Say Yes is a matte red brown.

At first I didn't think this color story would work well together, but having it in person made me realize how many combos can be done with it! I really love the yellow and bronze together, that yellow is PERFECT for spring. The fact that the bright colors are smooth and not chalky is amazing. Neons, especially ones like OOO, are usually chalky or powdery and need to be built up. This one is awesome! I definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a fun palette!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

ColourPop X Animal Crossing Palettes

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I recently picked up the set of 4 Animal Crossing Palettes from ColourPop! I think this might be up against some of my past favorites for cutest packaging ever! They all have mirrors inside and when you get the complete set, they come in that adorable rainbow box!

Nook, Inc. is the green palette.

Yes...Yes! is a metallic pale mint.
Made in the Shade is a matte mint with silver micro sparkles.
CEO* is an iridescent mint glitter.
Water Landing is a matte blue based deep green.

Next is the pink themed palette, 5 Star Island.

Isabelle is a pale metallic yellow.
Island Tune* is a matte pinky coral.
Island Designer* is an iridescent pink glitter.
Resident Rep. is a matte dusty berry with gold and pink micro sparkles.

What a Hoot is the brown palette.

Meteor Shower* is a chunky gold and copper glitter with a bit of shimmery gold base to it.
Celestial is a matte peachy cream.
All Aflutter is a metallic copper.
WHO! is a matte dark brown.

Last but not least we have Labelle of the Ball, which is the purple palette.

Able Sisters* is an iridescent purple glitter.
Tailor Ticket is a matte lavender with silver micro sparkles.
Custom Design is a purply mauve base with strong turquoise shift.
Serene Sable* is a matte deep berry purple.

Out of all 4 of the palettes, the only shade that doesn't really work for me is Serene Sable. It doesn't want to stick, and then when you use a sticky base with it, it doesn't want to blend. That one is just a dud for me. But all the other colors definitely make up for it! I was really impressed with the Isabelle yellow, because a lot of times pale yellows like that can be just blah and dull. That one is really pretty and pops. My favorite palette as a whole is definitely What a Hoot because I think that one is the most cohesive and I don't need to grab from other palettes to use that one. All in all I think this is a cute collection and any AC fan will love these!


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

ColourPop Wild Child Palette

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There's a new palette of browns from ColourPop called the Wild Child Palette and I've got it today to swatch for you!
There are 9 rich shades in here that are definitely great for neutral and dramatic looks.
#Spotted is a matte camel brown.
Fierce is a metallic copper.
Ground Crew is a matte medium brown with a little bit of a red tint.

Close Up is a metallic rich chocolate.
Lashes is a metallic brown base with gold, copper and silver glitter.
Grasslands* is a matte brown with lots of gold micro sparkle.

Herd To Get is a matte reddish brown.
Icon is a metallic deep brown with gold shimmers.
Feisty is a matte deep reddish brown.

Now, as far as palettes go this is nothing exciting. Especially with the amount of ColourPop Palettes I've been reviewing and swatching lately. However, if you don't have a lot of browns in your collection it's worth a buy! All the colors are awesomely pigmented and the standout to me is that Lashes shade. It's not quite a pressed glitter and not quite a regular shadow. It has a creamy feel to it, but has a metallic brown base so it's not JUST glitter in a clear base. It's more of a glittery eyeshadow with a sticky base built into it, if that makes sense! That's definitely my favorite in the palette. The mattes, as usual, are all top notch and blendable and the metallic shades are soft and pigmented. I have nothing negative to say about this one except if you have a lot of ColourPop palettes already, you probably have all of the shades in here except that Lashes one!

Saturday, January 30, 2021

ColourPop Off Melrose Palette

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The Off Melrose palette from ColourPop is one that I ended up finding on the Ulta website, so I'm not entirely sure how long this one has been out!
I would describe this one as a "fun neutral" palette. Lots of everyday neutrals with a couple of fun pops in there.
Angeleno is a sheer metallic golden champagne.
Boutique is a matte light brown with silver micro sparkles.
Trading Post is a metallic champagne.
Brunch? is a pale metallic copper.

Fairfax is a reddish brown base with strong teal flash.
Easy Breezy is a matte medium brown.
On The List is a matte pale mauve.
Social Club* is a densely packed gold glitter.

Down To Urth is a matte deep brown.
Take It Again is a metallic gold.
La Brea is a metallic brown with gold sparkle.
$10 Latte is a matte red brown with gold and copper micro sparkles.

This is definitely a great grab and go palette, as it has everything you need to make a variety of looks. I really love Take It Again, it's a nice "old gold" shade that isn't too dark. The palette itself is nothing standout for ColourPop, but it is a solid palette with a good selection of shades!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

ColourPop 5 Pan Palettes: Amor, Lyric, Ballad, Cherish, and Crush

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I missed out on the initial launch of the ColourPop 5 Pan Palettes, so when they restocked I snagged the complete set! I definitely have a favorite out of the 5, but we will get to that soon enough. For now, here are the swatches! All shades with a * next to it were marked as "not intended for use in the immediate eye area" on the packaging, so I just wanted to point that out.

Bow is a matte cream.
Luv is a matte orangey peach.
Arrow* is a metallic copper.
Struck is a matte red-brown with gold micro sparkles.
Cherub is a matte chocolate brown.

Destiny is a metallic icy pink.
Adore is a matte beige.
Faith* is a metallic coral-red.
Precdious is a matte rose red with gold micro sparkles.
Forever is a matte deep red.

Novel is an icy champagne.
Epic is a matte dusty taupe.
Drama is a metallic taupe.
Fate is a satin deep gray base with silver micro sparkles.
Prose is a matte black base with silver micro sparkles.

Melody is a metallic peachy gold.
Ode is a matte camel brown.
Unsung is a densely packed gold and champagne glitter.
Cello is a metallic golden brown.
Verse is a matte deep brown.

Passion is a matte dusty rose.
Romeo is a matte rosy lavender with violet, pink and peach micro sparkles.
Affair* is a chunky copper and iridescent violet pressed glitter.
Woo is a metallic berry.
Darling is a matte pink berry.

Crush is a pretty "pumpkiny" toned palette. It reminds me of fall and is a great everyday range of shades. Cherish is pretty and romantic. My favorite is definitely the Ballad palette, because I LOVE taupes! This is a taupe smoky palette where every shade is ridiculously pigmented, and I absolutely love it. Lyric is pretty neutral, yet dramatic if that makes sense. The Unsung glitter is very densely packed and reflects light like crazy! Another good everyday grab-and-go palette. Amor is another romantic-themed one for me. The colors are pretty but the glitter in that one is very flaky and chunky, so watch out for the mess it makes (it's also very hard to remove!) But all in all this is a great set of palettes. I grabbed it as a set because it was $42 for all 5 of them when they are $10 each, so it saved a few bucks. If they come back in stock as a set and you are looking to grab all 5, that is the way to go!

Thursday, December 31, 2020

ColourPop Wine & Only Palette

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The Wine & Only Palette from ColourPop definitely screams Valentine's Day to me. This beauty is full of red and pink hues.

As always, ColourPop marks certain shades with an asterisk if they are "not intended for use in the immediate eye area." Since there isn't a ton of glitter in this palette, I assume it's because a lot of these shades stain. There are 5 of them that have the (*).

Blanc is a metallic rose gold.
Sip Sip is a matte rose with pink micro shimmers.
*Major Chianti is a matte mauvey rose.

Cast a Chateau is a metallic raspberry with a pink shift.
*Play To Wine is a metallic ruby red.
Mull It Over is a matte deep berry.

*Vinter is a matte deep wine.
*Mon Sherry is a metallic black cherry with pink pearl
*Grape-ful is a matte deep plum with gold sparkles.

Vinter is definitely the shade that stains the most in here, but there is definite staining from most of the shades marked with the asterisk. I just mention this because some people can be sensitive to those shades and get a reaction if they use them on their eyes. The shimmery shades Blanc and Cast a Chateau both seem to be pressed a little harder, but still have decent pigmentation. The mattes in here all seem to be insanely pigmented, especially that Vinter shade. It's definitely a fun palette to make a romantic smoky eye look!