Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ColourPop Double Entendre Palette

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Another palette from ColourPop! The Double Entendre palette is a pretty neutral one, so it's definitely one of those go-to everyday wear type palettes. 

The first thing I noticed was that it has the exact same packaging as the I Think I Love You palette, which I thought was a little odd. All the others so far have all had different packaging. I thought they had sent me the wrong one at first, but nope!
As with all the ColourPop palettes, they really put a good mix of textures in here. Definitely makes for a versatile palette that you can get a variety of looks from!

Locked & Loaded - matte pale peach
Uninhibited - metallic golden copper
Hot Bod - matte chocolate brown with gold glitter
Flasher - cream satin

Nekkid - matte peach
Extra Curricular - matte warm peach
Hard - matte red toned brown
Draft - metallic copper

Keep It PG - shimmery champagne
Nip Slip - matte camel
Send Noodles - matte nude
Teddy Bare - matte dark brown

This palette as a whole is super blendable and pigmented. I find the mattes in this one to be a little bit creamier than their previous palettes. I haven't had an issue with any of them being patchy or crumbly, which is a huge plus! I did get a little bit of fallout with the Teddy Bare color, but that's to be expected with any super dark, soft matte shade. All in all I would say this palette is a winner!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kat Von D Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette

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The Kat Von D Metal Crush Palette is our first taste of highlighters from KVD (I'm so excited for the others to launch!) Just look at that holo packaging! It's gorgeous!
Now, I'm going to start by saying this is definitely NOT for everybody. All 3 shades are very, very glittery and more of a sheer glitter dust than anything else. They're a soft, creamy-feeling formula and look beautiful on the skin, and I've been using them as shadows too!

Gammaray is a peach base with pink and gold glitter.
Helix is a white base with gold glitter.
Roseshock is a pink base with pink and orange glitter.
Here they are swatched with no flash:
And with flash:
The base colors in all 3 of the shades are very "glowy," so while you're not getting a metallic, blinding highlight, they all have that more natural glow to them. However, the glitter kicks it up a notch and makes it something that you can't really be subtle with, even though the colors themselves are sheer.

While this is definitely not an everyday highlighter palette for me, I do appreciate how pretty the shades are and do like it a lot. I am hoping that the highlighter singles that are coming will have more of the "metallic" effect rather than the glitter, so, fingers crossed!!

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

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I have a great shampoo to review for you guys today - this was sent to me from Maple Holistics to try out, and I'm very thankful that they reached out to me because I've been loving it!

The bottle I received is 8oz. The formula isn't too thick or too thin, and it creates an awesome amount of suds. It is sulfate free, and I should mention that I have colored hair and it has not made my hair fade any faster than it normally would.
The scent is hard to describe - it's very "naturally" clean smelling, you can definitely get a plant based scent out of it, and it also smells a bit menthol-y. My favorite thing about this is that I've been having an issue with itchy scalp (as soon as the cold weather hits, my scalp hates me, and the shampoo I was using just seemed to make it even worse!) and I noticed an immediate difference after just the first use. It says right on the side of the label that it clears away dead skin and soothes scalp blemishes, and it has definitely calmed my itchy scalp. Nothing drives me crazier than washing my hair and then feeling super itchy like I need to wash it again the next day.

They have a ton of different products on their site if you'd like to check it out - I'm thinking I'm going to have to grab a conditioner to try out as well because I'm so pleased with the shampoo so far!

You can purchase the shampoo HERE and check out their free sample program as well!

Monday, November 27, 2017

ColourPop Element of Surprise Palette

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I keep gushing over the ColourPop palettes lately, but I can't help it! This one, the Element of Surprise, is one of my absolute favorites, because it's a mix of colorful, fun shades and neutral every day shades. 
While this was released on the same day as the You Had Me At Hello palette, it doesn't have a mirror on the inside like that one does. Kind of weird that they did one and not the other, but not a big deal. 
The shades in here grabbed my attention right away (look at that PINK!) and it's just an all-around gorgeous display of colors.
Feels - iridescent pink with pink sparkles
Late Night - metallic warm copper
Silk Street - matte fuchsia berry
Rayon - muted orangey brown with a greenish duochrome

Go With the Flow - matte peach
Subdue - metallic lilac with blue sparkle
Opulent - iridescent hot pink
Labyrinth - matte pale mauve

Blank Canvas - matte cranberry
Sea Stars - matte camel
Details - matte purply brown with pink sparkles
Peace of Mind - metallic brick red

There's not much more to say about their shadows because I feel like I repeat myself all the time - they come out with so many palettes, it's hard to give different descriptions of them because all their palettes have been pretty consistent quality-wise! Rayon is a really cool, unique color that I don't have anything like. It's hard to describe too, because it's orangey yet brown, and has this cool green sheen to it. Opulent is such a bright, pigmented pink but still has a little bit of an iridescent effect to it - absolutely my favorite shade in here! I highly recommend this palette if you're a fan of color, because you will love playing with it!

ColourPop You Had Me At Hello Palette

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Colourpop has been releasing palettes left and right, and I have been obsessed. You Had Me At Hello is on the more neutral side, and reminds me of a bridal palette, which I think is what they were going for with the names and shade range.
The first thing you'll notice is this one has a mirror - the previous palettes did not. This one was also $2 more at $18 instead of $16. I don't know, for me I can do without a mirror because I never use the mirrors in palettes anyway, but it might be a nice added touch for some.
Inside are 12 shades, mostly neutral, with a good variety of finishes.

The Knot - pale champagne pink shimmer
Moon Struck - pale peachy gold shimmer
Two Peas - matte peachy orange
Candygram - metallic rose with a gold sheen

 Winning Ticket - matte rosy tan
FBO - metallic red toned brown
Look-See - matte fuchsia
Fool's Rush - metallic copper

Pulling Strings - matte light brown
Want U Back - matte chocolate
DTR - metallic warm brown
Sparks Fly -matte deep brown
As with all their previous palettes, I quite enjoy this one. Their mattes are always so awesome - even if they feel dry or patchy when you swatch them with your finger, they always perform great and blend out effortlessly on the eyes. I REALLY love ColourPop shadows! I just wish they didn't come out with new stuff so often because it's bad for my wallet! Is this one a must-have? Colorwise, it's nothing special. But if you're looking for a good little neutral/everyday palette, it's definitely a winner and a heck of a deal.

Lime Crime Hi-Lite Unicorns Palette

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The Lime Crime Unicorns palette is the 4th highlighter palette they've come out with. This one *might* be my favorite so far. Just a warning that it's super glittery, so if you're not a fan of a glittery highlight, you won't like any of the shades. BUT, the glitter is super duper fine, so it's something you can definitely get away with if you're not usually a fan of sparkly highlighters.
The packaging is the same as the last 3 palettes, but this one has more of a purply iridescence to it. Inside are 3 colors that, upon first glance, don't look like they would make particularly good highlighters. When you see the swatches, you'll see that they're actually quite wearable!

Happyland looks like a bright pink, but when swatched it is an iridescent pink with pink sparkles.
This is BEAUTIFUL! I think I've worn this one the most so far. It gives you a pinky glow with the gorgeous added sparkle. 

Frolic is an iridescent sparkly green:
Again, looks crazy in the pan but is absolutely gorgeous on the skin.

The third shade is Daydreamin', and this is definitely the most pigmented. The other two are more sheer while this is a metallic lavender with a gold sheen.

The formula on all 3 of these is pretty smooth and very blendable. They all pick up easily on a brush and are very effortless to apply. I am definitely partial to Happyland, but all 3 of these colors are gorgeous!

Just an update...

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Hi everybody! Just wanted to pop in real quick and say hi - I know it's been a while.

I wanted to apologize for not updating in over a month - the holidays always get a little crazy for me, but this year with running my own business and all, it's completely taken over my life and all my spare time! I have several reviews I am hoping to post within the coming weeks. I miss sitting down and typing these up for you guys! So I will definitely be posting a proper review soon, I have lots of ColourPop stuff to talk about, as I've been obsessed with their palettes lately and got a few new ones since last time! Also, of course, some Kat Von D reviews!

Friday, October 13, 2017

ColourPop My Little Pony Palette

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You can't argue that this packaging is adorable, that's for sure! I've never been a MLP fan, but seeing as how I've been obsessed with the previous ColourPop palettes, I just had to grab this one!
Inside are 12 super fun shades. There's a pretty decent mix of mattes and metallics/shimmers, and I've been able to do quite a few different looks with this so far.
A few of these colors are pretty unique, because they look one shade in the pan and then when you swatch them, they're completely different! But I'll get to that in a second...

Butterscotch is a matte pink toned cream.
Blossom is a metallic rose with gold sheen.
Starshine is a metallic peachy orange.
Bluebell is a cream with a satin finish.

Applejack is a matte rosy pink.
Skydancer is a lavender with silver sparkle.
Minty is a matte magenta.
Flutterbye is a matte bright peach.

Twilight looks almost black, but it is a blackened purple with a satin finish.
Firefly looks silver in the pan, but when swatched it has more of a light blue hue to it.
Snuzzle looks white, but when swatched it is an iridescent green shifter shade.
Princess Sparkle is a blackened teal - SO pretty!

All in all, there are a lot of fun colors in this palette. I love the way that Minty and Flutterbye look when they're blended together. Applejack has a bit of a drier texture so it didn't swatch as nicely as the rest, but I have no issues when it comes to applying it and blending it, so you can't always judge a palette on swatches alone!

It looks like this one isn't constantly sold out like Yes, Please was, so you shouldn't have trouble snagging it from the ColourPop site!