Tuesday, December 1, 2020

ColourPop Boudoir Noir and Menage A Muah Palettes

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 The Menage A Muah and Boudoir Noir palettes just dropped recently at ColourPop and I have them to swatch for you today!

The Menage A Muah is a more pink/berry toned palette and screams romantic/Valentine's Day vibes at me.

Crave is a matte cream with a slight pink undertone.
Thrillist is a sheer metallic champagne.
Amour is a metallic pale peach.
Total Flirt is a matte peach.

After Midnight is a matte mauve with pink, peach, and silver micro shimmers.
Novel is a matte dusty rose.
Confess is a pink and rose gold pressed glitter.
Obsession is a matte berry.

Big Tease is a silver, copper and champagne pressed glitter.
Miss U is a metallic rust.
Butterflies is a matte warm brown with purple, pink and gold micro shimmers.
No Drama is a matte deep cranberry.

The Boudoir Noir is more of a neutral palette with some grungy tones thrown in.

Deja Vu is a matte cream.
Goodnight is a metallic champagne.
Body Language is a metallic brown with gold sheen.
Melt is a matte creamy nude.

Desire is a matte dark mustard.
Bedtime Story is a peach, gold, and rainbow iridescent pressed glitter.
Sleep In is a metallic bright gold.
Late Text is a matte olive.

Silke Sheets is a matte light brown.
Vibin' is a matte brown with gold shimmers.
Nap is a metallic golden brown.
Hot Toddy is a matte dark grungy green.

These palettes are both pretty but nothing seems too unique about them at all, considering when I first saw them they looked exactly like some of the other palettes ColourPop has already done. However, if these are colors you don't already have in your collection, or you are picking them up for holiday gifts, they are a great choice! The quality, performance, and affordability is there so to me that always makes ColourPop palettes some of my favorites to use and talk about!

Monday, November 23, 2020

ColourPop X Raw Beauty Kristi At Forest Sight Palette

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The ColourPop X Raw Beauty Kristi At Forest Sight Palette is a woodsy autumn beauty! This palette has such a gorgeous color story. If you like a palette with a lot of deep mattes, this is definitely one for you.
As you can see, the shadows are mostly mattes. Evergreen and West Coast are both metallics, and Let It Rain is a matte base with sparkle.
Puffball is a matte yellow toned, grungy brown.
Chanterelle is a matte golden yellow.
Rainier is a matte burnt orange.
Old Growth is a matte pinky peach.
Evergreen is a brown base with metallic green flash.
West Coast is a metallic gold.
Homegrown is a matte mauvey brown.
Amanita is a matte berry. *This one is the only one marked not intended for use in the immediate eye area because it does stain a bit).
Fiddlehead is a satin grungy moss green.
Emerald City is a matte deep green.
PNW is a matte deep teal.
Let It Rain is a matte black base with copper and gold sparkles.

That bottom row, are you kidding me?! GORGEOUS! I feel like that teal is possibly the best I've ever seen in a palette. A lot of times matte teals are chalky or patchy, but this one is amazing. The color story of this palette is a perfect fall-into-winter transition, and I cannot say enough good things about it! Emerald City is the only shade that needs a little bit of building up to achieve its full color, but it isn't chalky or anything and builds up nicely without any fallout. I love these colors!!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Jeffree Star Blood Money Palette

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The latest from Jeffree Star is the Blood Money Palette. Love him or hate him, he definitely has the whole packaging thing down! This palette is in a faux alligator skin textured case with a little button latch on the front to open it.
You push the left button to the right and it unlatches the case to open the palette.
Inside there are 18 shades ranging from matte to super metallic.

Divine Intervention looks white in the pan, but it is a sheer green shifter.
Mint Condition is a matte pale mint.
Chameleon Fetish is a matte lime.
Poison Ivy is a shimmery bright green.
Make It Rain is a matte pale army green.
Crocodile Tears is a matte true green.

Equity is a matte grungy green.
Money Heist is a super metallic deep gold.
CEO is a super metallic true gold.
Emerald Estate is a super metallic green.
Heavy Weighted is a matte turquoise.
Jaded is a matte deep green. This one definitely takes some building up.

Private Island is a matte tan.
Self Made is a matte olive.
Tax Free is a metallic brown base with a strong gold flash.
Persuasion is a matte dusty brown.
Secret Stash is a red-brown base with super metallic teal flash.
Black Card Limit is a matte black base with green and silver sparkles.

Okay, this one was so much better than the Orgy palettes. Seriously, the Mini Orgy was terribly and I don't know how they let that one even be released. The mattes in here all perform great, although a few of them (Crocodile Tears and Jaded) take some building up to achieve their full potential. The super metallic shades do have that dry texture to them but are AMAZINGLY pigmented and Tax Free is probably my favorite shade in the whole palette. I haven't been wearing a ton of greens on my eyes lately, but that might have to change with this palette!


Friday, November 13, 2020

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Palette

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How freakin' CUTE is The Child? The new ColourPop "The Child" Palette is a perfect mix of shades of green you don't see all the time, with a couple neutrals thrown in to help make it a pretty well-rounded grab and go palette.
It even has a mirror, which the 9 pans don't usually have. 
There's some cute little foil designs inside (circles and a little frog!) and it's just an all-around cute palette.

Precious Cargo is a super shock formula, a sheer white gold.
Right Hand Mando is an icy olive with silver sparkles.
Just Like a Tattooine is a matte soft saddle brown.

Sipping Soup is a metallic moss green.
Baby Face is a pale matte mint.
The Force is a metallic gold.

Little Frog is a matte olive with bits of silver sparkle.
Float Your Crib is a matte deep olive.
Droid Protocol is a matte warm brown.

I enjoy the color story of this palette and love that the greens are not shades you see in a million other palettes. It very much goes with the entire "The Child" theme. With as many 9 pan palettes that I own from ColourPop, this is definitely one of my favorites that they've done! I think the shade Sipping Soup is my favorite, but this palette will definitely be getting a ton of use!

Saturday, November 7, 2020

ColourPop Palette Swatches: Baroque, Grandeur, Ornate

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The newest set of 3 palettes (you can buy them as the "Buon Fresco set" for $40 or get them separately for $14 each) is a gorgeous little set of shadows.

I think Baroque might be my favorite of the 3. This is the smoky, cool-toned gray/purple one.

Bougie is a matte pale gray.
Ritzy is a metallic mauvey base with green flash.
Bebe is a matte slate gray.

Secret is a matte blue gray with blue and silver sparkle.
Noble is a metallic brownish purple with blue flash.
Etiquette is a matte charcoal gray with silver sparkle.

Lounge is a matte deep berry.
Grand is a gorgeous matte charcoal black with purple, turquoise and silver sparkle.
Stunner is a matte deepened navy.

Here is a blurred shot of Lounge to show how gorgeous that sparkle is!

Now for Grandeur! This one is more basic neutrals.

Velvet is a matte pale peach.
Haus is a metallic pale gold.
Dusk is a matte saddle brown.

Lavish is a warm metallic bronze with gold flash.
Excess is a gold pressed glitter. This is the only one out of the 3 palettes with the "not intended for use in the immediate eye area" label.
Mode is a matte warm chestnut brown.

Need is a metallic reddish brown with a strong turquoise flash.
Jolie is a matte blackened brown with gold sparkle.
Monaco is a matte dusty black with green and gold sparkle.

And last but not least, we have Ornate. This one has some fun colors, and has a "firey" look to it overall.

Gilded is a metallic peach with a strong gold flash.
Siren is a matte mustard yellow.
Boheme is a metallic coppery orange with gold flash.

Charisma is a matte burnt orangey red.
Fever is a metallic coppery red.
Tipsy is a matte red toned brown.

Rival is a matte rust red.
Dream is a matte black with copper and gold sparkle.
Shhh is a matte mahogany red.

So now that we have all the swatches pictured, I just have to say the mattes in these palettes are to die for! I mean, ColourPop mattes are always good for the most part anyway, but these just seem even creamier and more blendable. I was very, very happy with the quality when I started playing around with them. Standout shades for me are:
Secret, because it's just super unique.
Grand, because the blend of sparkle colors in that shade is insanely gorgeous.
Dusk, because it's sooooo pigmented and makes an amazing crease/transition shade to pair with any of these 3 palettes.
Gilded, because I am such a sucker for metallic peach shades. I always gravitate towards those for lid colors.
Charisma, because a nice, super blendable burnt orangey shade like that is a must for this time of the year.

I usually end these reviews by either saying you don't absolutely NEED it in your collection if you already have similar colors, but I do really, really recommend these. Maybe skip Grandeur if you already have lots of neutrals, but Baroque and Ornate are definite keepers!!!!