Tuesday, April 13, 2021

ColourPop Lizzie McGuire Collection

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The ColourPop Lizzie McGuire Collection is what dreams are made of! Anyone who watched this show back in the day will for sure be excited about this (especially the palette).

First we have the So Juicy plumping lip glosses. They came in 2 different sets, but I believe you can buy them separately also. The "Seriously Cool" set contains Ethan Craft (reddish color) and Gordo (purple). The "Dear Diary" set contains Lizzie (clear) and Miranda (pink). These all have the same iridescent glitter in them and they all show up clear on your lips. They have a cooling tingle sensation to them, but nothing crazy! They also all smell like bubblegum. These are nice, not sticky, and as long as you don't mind the tingly feeling they are a great everyday gloss.
Next we have the 2 blushes. These are super cute!
Dee-Lish! is a light pink with gold shimmer. This one is more subtle, but definitely buildable.

You Are Magnifico is a dark pink with silver glitter. It's not a "glitter bomb" per se, but if you don't like sparkle in your blush you will definitely not like this one.

And now, the palette!
The packaging is so cute and colorful. The inside has a mirror and the same flower/cartoon Lizzie theme.
There are 12 shades and that entire bottom row stains, so definitely use a good base with those!

Buh-Bye! is a metallic champagne.
Puh-Lease* is a peach pressed glitter.
Done and Done is a matte peachy beige.
Outfit Rememberer is a metallic baby pink.

Dear Diary is a metallic chartreuse.
Outie! is a metallic coral with gold duochrome.
Uggghhh!* is a matte bubblegum pink.
Hello Fabulous is a lavender with silvery gold flip.

Don't Freak* is a matte lime.
Soo Mature* is a matte hot orange with pink and silver micro sparkles.
Outfit Repeater* is a matte hot pink with pink and silver micro sparkles.
Digital Bean* is a matte bright pink toned violet.

As I said, that entire bottom row of colors stains like crazy, but they are SO PRETTY. They scream summer and fun to me and I can't wait to use them together to create some crazy fun looks. I will say, the Don't Freak color isn't very pigmented, it's just one of those staining colors that tends to stain your skin instead of actually pack color on (if that makes any sense!) It's hard to explain but it acts like how a lip stain does when it just sort of soaks into your skin and doesn't really leave a ton of product behind. That's the only shade in the palette that I feel isn't the best it could be. That Dear Diary shade is to die for, and Hello Fabulous is such an awesome metallic lavender, I love those two! The palette is definitely the standout star from the items I tried in this collection. I didn't get the lip scrub or the Gliterally Obsessed pots, but I am happy with the items I did manage to grab. The lip glosses all look the same so you really only need one unless you REALLY want to have them all. But all in all, I definitely am going to have fun playing around and creating looks with these products!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

ColourPop Limoncello Palette and Shadow Stix

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I really have been reviewing nothing but ColourPop lately, huh? Today we have the Limoncello collection (well, the palette and shadow sticks at least) and this is one that didn't quite grab my eye at first. It's a lot prettier in person for some reason!
This is a 12 pan palette, but the pans are a little larger than usual which is nice.
Overall it's a pretty neutral palette, with a couple fun pops like the Capri and La Festa shades. Let's have a look at how they swatch!

Tuscan Fun is a matte medium brown.
Fly Girl* is a metallic sheer champagne.
Easy Peasy is a metallic brownish olive.
Limone Squeezy is a matte warm ginger.

Touring is a metallic pale champagne.
Amalfi is a matte warm yellow.
Serenade is a pale metallic lemon.
Capri is a deep metallic lime.

The Grotto is a matte deep terracotta.
Semifreddo is a matte suede.
Vespa is a matte deep brown.
La Festa is a matte dusty denim. (This one is SO good! I don't think I've ever found a shade of blue like this that wasn't chalky or patchy. It's perfect).

So I've definitely been using this palette more than I thought I would! I really enjoy the color story the more that I play around with it. That blue is so perfect - I love that shade of blue but every time I find one, it's either not pigmented at all, chalky, or super patchy and hard to work with. This one is GREAT! And as always, the other shades are beautifully pigmented. The only shade that has the asterisk next to it is Fly Girl (which is weird because it's such a light shade) but I looked in the ingredients list and it does have some "lake" micas in it which can sometimes stain skin. Now let's check out the shadow stix!

The ends of these babies actually pop off to reveal a sharpener, which I didn't realize until a couple days ago when ColourPop posted about it on their IG! So that's definitely a plus on the packaging side. They are smaller than I thought they would be, but they are pretty pigmented as well so a little goes a long way.

Cool Breeze is a metallic gold:
Check Please is a matte terracotta:
Citrus Squeeze is a metallic orangey-gold:
Style And Ease is a matte denim:
The downside with these is that they're not very blendable, so you're kind of limited to what you can do with them. They definitely work as a shadow base, you just need to work VERY quickly with them. I've been using them as liners for the lower lashline - while they don't smudge very well, the wear time on them is great. These sticks are something I hope to see more of in the future, possibly in some bright colors!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

ColourPop Bambi, Flower and Thumper Eyeshadow Palettes

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 Today I have the Bambi themed palettes to swatch for you from Colourpop!

The packaging is so cute and perfect for spring. I also noticed that when you look quickly, they look like they are different colors of camouflage, but up close they're actually flower prints!
The Bambi palette is the neutral most "plain" of the 3, but still a pretty little grab and go palette.

Little April Shower is a matte pale peach.
Faline is a warm metallic yellow-gold.
Young Prince is a matte yellow-brown.
Kinda Bashful is a matte chocolate brown.
Whitetail is a matte dark brown with gold and silver micro sparkles.

Flower is a gorgeous purple themed palette!

So Shy is a metallic iridescent violet shifter.
Pretty Flower is a matte warm lavender.
Oh Gosh! is a metallic lavender with a strong gold shift.
Little Stinker* is a matte deep violet.
Hibernating is a matte deep black with silver and violet sparkles.

Thumper is the most unique of the 3 and the one that caught my eye because boy, do I love me a cool tones palette!
Miss Bunny is a metallic sheer champagne.
Friend Owl is a matte warm taupe.
I'm Thumpin' is a metallic icy green.
Long Ears is a matte cool toned taupe.
Great Big Feet is a dark taupey gray with pink and silver sparkles.

In order, I'd say my favorite is Thumper, second fave is Flower and least favorite is Bambi (just because there is already sooooo many neutral palettes with these colors from ColourPop). Thumper is cool toned and right up my alley, and all the shades are incredible. Flower packs that color punch and I absolutely LOVE the "Oh Gosh!" shade! The only one out of all these shadow that has the (*) next to it is Little Stinker, and I don't find that it even stains very much so you should be good as long as your eyes aren't super sensitive! I really enjoy this trio of palettes and definitely recommend them if you have been eyeing them!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

ColourPop Valentine Palettes - S.W.A.K, 143 and Melt 4 U

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Today I've got swatches of the 3 ColourPop Valentine palettes! It took me a bit to get them because the 143 sold out almost immediately and I had to wait for the restock on actual Valentines Day. Nevertheless, I have all 3 for you now so let's get to the photos!

S.W.A.K. is a neutral reddish palette. This is the darkest of the three.

Besos is a sheer pale gold with pink micro sparkles.
Smooch is a matte pinky nude with pink and gold micro sparkles.
XX is a metallic pinky rose gold.
Canoodle is a matte deep rose.
Mack* is a matte deep red.

Melt 4 U is the lightest of the bunch. This one had the most "romantic" color story in my opinion.

Bonbon is a soft metallic peachy pink.
Sweetie is a matte pale pink.
Dipped is a metallic peachy pink with a gold shift.
Ganache is a matte midtone pink base with pink and gold sparkles.
Dutch* is a matte warm rosy pink.

143 is the fun palette here - a chunky glitter and some hot pinks, it's no wonder this was the first to sell out. I should mention that the hot pinks definitely stain, and all but the first shade have the (*) next to their names meaning "not intended for use in the immediate eye area" AKA use at your own discretion.

Aww is a metallic pale baby pink.
QT* is a matte pastel pink.
My Boo* is a pink multi-sized iridescent glitter.
LOML* is a matte hot pink with hot pink and silver sparkles.
Luv* is a metallic fuchsia.

I think if I have to pick a favorite, it's Melt 4 U but all 3 of these are so pretty. S.W.A.K. and Melt 4 U are definitely everyday palettes and then you can break out the 143 for more fun, bold looks! I really, really love the Aww shade in 143 - it's an insanely pigmented metallic baby pink that is also such a pretty highlighter shade. Ganache is another standout shade as I don't really have anything like it in my collection already. (That's hard at this point with the amount of ColourPop palettes I've been collecting LOL). These are definitely great little palettes and I would say if you've been eyeing them to grab them now before they're out of stock again!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

ColourPop Make It Fearless Palette

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The Make It Fearless Palette from ColourPop, is part of the Make It Black collection. 100% of the proceeds from the collection go to Pull Up For Change Small Business Impact Fund.

This is a super fun palette with bright pops of color! The orange and pink both stain a bit, but that's expected from colors that are super bright like this.

Oasis is a matte lemon yellow base with yellow micro sparkles.
Bold is a metallic bronze.
OOO* is a matte hot orange.
High Key is a bright pink satin.
Say Yes is a matte red brown.

At first I didn't think this color story would work well together, but having it in person made me realize how many combos can be done with it! I really love the yellow and bronze together, that yellow is PERFECT for spring. The fact that the bright colors are smooth and not chalky is amazing. Neons, especially ones like OOO, are usually chalky or powdery and need to be built up. This one is awesome! I definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a fun palette!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

ColourPop X Animal Crossing Palettes

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I recently picked up the set of 4 Animal Crossing Palettes from ColourPop! I think this might be up against some of my past favorites for cutest packaging ever! They all have mirrors inside and when you get the complete set, they come in that adorable rainbow box!

Nook, Inc. is the green palette.

Yes...Yes! is a metallic pale mint.
Made in the Shade is a matte mint with silver micro sparkles.
CEO* is an iridescent mint glitter.
Water Landing is a matte blue based deep green.

Next is the pink themed palette, 5 Star Island.

Isabelle is a pale metallic yellow.
Island Tune* is a matte pinky coral.
Island Designer* is an iridescent pink glitter.
Resident Rep. is a matte dusty berry with gold and pink micro sparkles.

What a Hoot is the brown palette.

Meteor Shower* is a chunky gold and copper glitter with a bit of shimmery gold base to it.
Celestial is a matte peachy cream.
All Aflutter is a metallic copper.
WHO! is a matte dark brown.

Last but not least we have Labelle of the Ball, which is the purple palette.

Able Sisters* is an iridescent purple glitter.
Tailor Ticket is a matte lavender with silver micro sparkles.
Custom Design is a purply mauve base with strong turquoise shift.
Serene Sable* is a matte deep berry purple.

Out of all 4 of the palettes, the only shade that doesn't really work for me is Serene Sable. It doesn't want to stick, and then when you use a sticky base with it, it doesn't want to blend. That one is just a dud for me. But all the other colors definitely make up for it! I was really impressed with the Isabelle yellow, because a lot of times pale yellows like that can be just blah and dull. That one is really pretty and pops. My favorite palette as a whole is definitely What a Hoot because I think that one is the most cohesive and I don't need to grab from other palettes to use that one. All in all I think this is a cute collection and any AC fan will love these!