Friday, November 15, 2019

Bitti X ColourPop Candy Button Palette

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 The Bitti X ColourPop Candy Button Palette is a cute little pink & holographic treat. At first glance you'd expect to find some bright candy colors inside, but the shades are all pretty neutral and everyday wearable!
 The downside to this (to me anyway) is that the whole middle row is deemed "not intended for use in the immediate eye area. The 2 glitters, of course (you guys know how I feel about putting chunky glitters into eyeshadow palettes!) but then that Pop! shade, which is also SuperShock formula, is marked as not eye safe as well, which I find odd. They'll usually mark that on shadows that stain, but I haven't found this one to stain at all. Glitters are cool and fun to use on your lips and stuff, but I'm always scared about putting them anywhere near the eyes ESPECIALLY if I'm doing someone else's makeup!
 Now for swatches....
 Gummy A Break is a sheer, shimmery lavender.
Sweet Capacity is a matte peach.
Bubblicious is a matte pinky coral.

 Pop! is a glittery peach.
Sweet Life is a mix of rosy pink micro glitter with holographic and iridescent glitters.
Gumdrop is a mix of lavender micro glitter with holographic and iridescent glitters.

Jelly Baby is a matte mauvey rose.
Poppin' is a matte dusty orchid.
Hubba Bubba is a matte mahogany.

I do have a slight criticism for this palette (other than the middle row not being eye safe) the bottom row of mattes are all pretty flaky. I'm thinking that's the right term I'm looking for anyway. They take some blending to really stick to the skin in swatches. However, I haven't had much of a problem with them on my eyes, so do with that information what you will. I just found it a little odd because I rarely have any issues with ColourPop mattes - they are always buttery smooth! These are definitely soft, but seem like they're lacking something to help them stick.

All in all this palette is cute, but I think in this case the packaging outshines the actual product.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

ColourPop Bye Bye Birdie Palette

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The ColourPop Bye Bye Birdie Palette is one that didn't really grab my attention at first, as it looks like several of their other palettes. At this point it seems like they are running out of color stories! However, I did pick it up to get some swatches and see how it was.
There are 2 SuperShock shadows in here, Aerial and Gander. Ruffled, Amuse Me and Heron Chic are all deemed "not intended for use in the immediate eye area."

Aerial is a pale pink with a gold sheen.
Nesting is a matte light peach.
Ruffled is white/iridescent rainbow glitter.
Gander is a golden champagne.

Never More is a light pink with a gold sheen.
Finch is a bright purply-pink satin.
Emuse Me is a soft purply-brown glitter.
On A Wing is a lavender with a strong gold shift.

Boo Bird is a soft matte pink with gold sparkles.
Heron Chic is a matte magenta.
Fly By Night is a matte pale plum with gold sparkles.
Plumage is a matte red brown.

The palette as a whole is pretty and the colors of course are great quality. I personally am not a fan of the SuperShock shadows being in palettes like this because I'm always worried they're going to dry up and I won't get to use them as much as the other colors, but that's just personal preference. Yet again they've added "not eye safe" glitter which if you read my posts regularly you'll already know I am NOT a fan of! But other than that, I'll definitely get some use out of this palette. Lots of berry and purple tones, which are my go-to shades for the fall and winter months.

ColourPop Smoke Show Palette

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The ColourPop Smoke Show Palette is our answer for the perfect smoky palette! This contains all the white/black/gray/silver you could need to create a perfect smoky eye.
Young Love is a matte bright white.
Smokin'! is a metallic gunmetal.
Stone Face is a matte pale cool toned gray.

Slated is a matte slate gray.
Star Struck is a metallic silver.
Ignite is a matte medium gray.

Let's Do It is a matte black.
Full Metal is a metallic gunmetal with a purply tinge to it.
Night Dream is a matte black base with pink and gold micro sparkles.

This palette makes up for how disappointed I was with the Lime Crime Venus Immortalis one. I had a lot of comments on the YouTube video I made about it saying that other peoples' weren't swatching crappy like mine did, so who knows - maybe I got a "dud." All I know is I wasn't happy with that palette and this one makes up for it - plus it has more shades!! That Star Struck one is INSANE. It's so metallic that it's almost reflective, like a chrome finish. Stone Face needs to be built up a little bit, but there's no patchiness or struggle with it. I love Night Dream, it's such a pretty way to add some sparkle to a dark look. Overall I am very happy with it and would recommend if you've been eying it!!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette

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I am so in love with this palette. The Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette arrived on my door today and I could not wait to dive in, so this is my first impressions post for this beauty. Like everyone else, I've been so excited to get this since they first started talking about collaborating. I've been a fan of Shane's since waaaaaay back in the day and it's so exciting to see him do something of this magnitude with Jeffree.
I'm also a huge fan of pigs, so the fact that there are so many pig related things in this collection absolutely sold me on it (I also bought both of the mirrors lol). The color story in and of itself is so stinking pretty! There's that first row of neutral everyday shades, then the middle row of tropical super brights and the bottom smoky row. Pretty much everything you would need in a palette to create any type of look imaginable.

One of the first things I noticed was that this is way easier to open than Blood Sugar and Blue Blood. Both of those get stuck for me when I try to open them, but this one opens right up. I also love that it's black, the entire thing just looks so cool!
Most of the shades are very soft - some of them even started losing their imprinted stamp design from one swatch - but man oh man are they buttery!
Sleep Paralysis is probably the softest out of them all - it almost feels like a cream. It's insanely pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Ranch is a slightly shimmery white. Swatches super well without needing to be built up!
My Pills is a very pale matte pink.
Tanacon is a matte camel.
Diet Root Beer is a matte light brown.
Just A Theory is a gorgeous metallic rose gold.
Spiraling is a metallic pewter-brown shade.

Conspiracy is a metallic golden olive.
Pig-Ment is a matte bubblegum pink.
Food Videos is a matte neon yellow.
Trisha is a metallic pink with pink sparkles. A little dry and gritty but still swatches amazingly.
Cheese Dust is a matte bright orange.
Flaming Hot is a matte neon pinky-red.

What's The Tea? is a matte seafoam green.
Diet Cola is a metallic silver.
Not A Fact is a matte berry.
Sleep Paralysis is a metallic silvery-purple gunmetal shade.
Illuminatea is a duochrome bluegreen/brown shade.
My Ride's Here is a matte jet black.

I love most of the previous Jeffree palettes, but this one seems the most complete to me. I have a feeling it is easily going to become my favorite and most-used. The colors are great, the pigmentation is amazing, and just from playing with it this first time to write this post, I have about 100 ideas for looks I want to do with this RIGHT NOW! I know the launch was crazy and I hope they restock soon so that everyone who wasn't able to snag one the first time around will be able to grab it!!

Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Mini Controversy Palette

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I was SO excited that I ordered my Shane X Jeffree stuff on Friday and it was already on my doorstep today. Beautylish has A+++ shipping time and customer service! So I am going to start with swatches of the Mini Controversy - keep in mind that these are total first impressions, as I haven't had time to really play with the palette on my eyes yet!
Mini Controversy has 9 shades, only one of which is a double from the Conspiracy palette (Diet Root Beer). The outside has a really cool holographic static look to it.
Flat Earth is a matte really pale blue. It's almost white with just the tiniest blue tint.
Cry on My Couch is a matte cream.
My Boyfriend's Purse is my favorite in the palette, and is a metallic light taupey shade with a strong gold flash.

Controversy is a matte bright fuchsia.
Diet Root Beer is a matte light brown.
My Apology is a shimmery brick red.

Exposed is a matte pale lavender.
Cancelled is a matte bright blue.
The Simulation is a metallic blue.

These shades are all SO SOFT and swatch like a dream. They feel really nice and the pigment is amazing. That bright blue - I am so drawn to it and just NEED to use it on my eyes. My Boyfriend's Purse is such a beautiful all-over lid color. It's got a ton of dimension to it with that bright gold flash when the light hits. The palette as a whole is a great little mini and I think it compliments the Conspiracy Palette perfectly.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

ColourPop Disney Designer Collection: Midnight Masquerade Palette and A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Set

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I snagged a couple things from the ColourPop Disney Designer Collection - the "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"  set, which includes a Cinderella themed highlighter and liquid lipstick, and the Midnight Masquerade palette.

The A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes set comes in SUPER cute packaging:
It's got a mask on the front, and then opens to this:
...and then that flips open to reveal the products:
The highlighter is called Horse & Carriage and is super pigmented.
This is one of those almost-white champagne shades that absolutely shines. A little goes a long way as this was only a light swatch!!

The lip color is a Lux Liquid Lip called Prince Charming and is a very flattering coral-y pink.

I'm not going to lie, when I saw they were doing another Disney palette I was like "really?" They already did princesses, and villains, now another one. It's definitely pretty, but nothing super extraordinary here.
The top row is very light neutrals.
Spinning Wheel is a pale iridescent pink.
Damsel is a matte pale beige.
Pip is a matte pale orange.
Enchanted is a matte peach.
Mama Odie is a pale peach with strong metallic green shift.

Djali is a metallic brownish copper.
Floating Lantern is a rose gold pressed glitter. *Not for use in immediate eye area
Mrs. Potts is a metallic gold. * Not for use in immediate eye area
Royal Ball is a white gold pressed glitter. *Not for use in immediate eye area
Frog & Wife is a metallic forest green.

Nutmeg is a matte pumpkin spice shade.
New Dream is a matte purply pink.
Gaston is a matte deep berry red.
Quasimodo is a matte brown.
Merryweather is a matte navy. This one builds up but is kind of sheer at first.

I really like the bottom row of mattes in this palette. I feel like they'll be used a lot in the fall/winter for me. The pressed glitters again, you guys already know how I feel about those being in eye palettes when they're not eye safe. Spinning Wheel and Merryweather are both shades that initially come off as sheer but can definitely be built up to reach their full potential. There aren't really any shades that give me an issue here performance-wise, they are all pretty great! I do wish ColourPop would slow down on how often they release palettes, though - it's getting hard to keep up with because it's LITERALLY every week now!

Funko Pop! Makeup - Ursula Lip Gloss and Highlighter Palette

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It's rare nowadays that I see makeup come out and just think "now that's FUN!" Those were my exact thoughts when I saw that Funko was coming out with makeup. They're just so darn CUTE! Ursula is my fave, so of course I snagged a couple of the items with her on them.

The lipgloss actually has a pretty great formula. It is a shiny, pretty thick but not TOO sticky gloss with a hint of pink and lots of iridescent sparkle. It reminds me a lot of the MAC lipglass formula but not quite as sticky as that one. It also has that same vanilla cake batter type scent to it. It's pretty moisturizing, and because it's got that tackiness it lasts quite a while before having to re-apply.
The packaging is pretty big and not convenient, but I think that's what they are going for here - Pop figures all have giant heads so of course that had to be included in the design of these. The tube is pretty strong and doesn't feel cheaply made, and the wand is pretty average.
As you can see there isn't a TON of color, but it does give a shiny pink wash to your lips and adds a bit of sparkle. I like it a lot!

Now the highlighter palette surprised the crap out of me because I wasn't expecting it to be so big! I hadn't seen them in person or seen anyone physically hold one until I received mine in the mail. Looking at them on the Ulta site, they seemed like they were going to be the size of a blush compact and therefore  the pans wouldn't be very big. To my surprise, this came in a large box, and the compact itself is bigger than my hand!
First off, I love the color - it's like a metallic deep seagreen. The face is absolutely adorable as well, and the packaging is sturdy. It's a got a great mirror on the inside, and it opens up flat if you want it to.
There are 4 very subtle shades inside. I say that because it's not that the formula is terrible, they are just very light and not "blinding" like I usually prefer highlighters to be.
Vixen is a shimmery cream. 
Tough Choices is a shimmery rose gold.
Unfortunate Souls is a shimmery gold.
Body Language is a shimmery champagne.
As you can see here, they barely show up on my skin. Body Language is definitely my favorite, as it's the most "glowy" and packs the most punch. If you like very subtle highlighters and are pretty pale, then this will definitely be a good choice for you.

All in all I think the packaging here is obviously what drew me in. If you love the characters then you'll most likely love having this stuff on your vanity. If you're in it for the makeup alone, it's not as worth it.