Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Too Faced Life's A Festival Palette

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If you love fun, colorful palettes (and Unicorns!) then the Too Faced Life's a Festival Palette is for you! As soon as I saw that this was coming out, I KNEW I had to get it!
Too Faced has always been one of those hit-or-miss brands for me when it comes to palettes. So, it kind of stinks because you never know the quality until you try it out. I am very happy to say that this palette is AWESOME!!! It is shaped like a rainbow, the cover is puffy, there's holographic-ness everywhere, and a lot of people are criticizing it and saying it looks like kid's makeup. I say it's super cute, so who cares?
Just look at how pretty that is!

For swatches, going around the outside edge of shadows we have:
Young & Free - matte bright pink
Rainbow Life - shimmery coral pink
Sunset Dream - metallic peachy orange
Fun in the Sun - bright metallic gold

Fireflies - metallic olive with gold shift
Funtasy - matte deep berry (this is the only one I have an issue with - very powdery/patchy)
Dusk Teal Dawn - metallic teal

Now the inner row:
Euphoric - metallic champagne peach
Desert Vibes - matte camel
Beamin' - metallic white gold
Mystic Rain - shimmery violet with teal duochrome
Artist Pass - metallic deep berry with teal duochrome

That last giant shade that can double as a highlighter is Unicorn Tears, and it is an iridescent purply-pink with micro sparkles.

All the shadows in here (except for that berry Funtasy shade) are super pigmented and gorgeous. I appreciate that the Desert Vibes shade is in there, because you definitely need a transition shade when you have a colorful palette like this. When I first saw pictures online, it looked like Mystic Rain was an ombre shade, so I got super excited! But, it turns out the picture was just that way on the site to show the duochrome colors. It is still a gorgeous color either way! 

Standout shades for me are Euphoric (such a gorgeous all over lid shade), Beamin' (this is INSANE and makes an awesome highlighter!), Mystic Rain (the duochrome is crazy, this is so pretty!), and Artist Pass (a bit different from the usual brown to teal duochromes you see. This one is a very deep berry).

I love this palette. Like, LOVE this palette. It's cute, the packaging is gorgeous, the quality is awesome. I really think Too Faced hit it out of the park with this one!!

Kat Von D Divine Collection

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The Kat Von D Divine Collection consists of a Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick in Divine, and the I Am Divine Eyeshadow Palette.

The lipstick comes in bright lime green packaging. The color is a muted pinky-nude matte.
While it's super creamy, comfortable on the lips, and a great everyday shade for me, it tends to make my lips LOOK dry, and collects in my lip lines. It's a bummer because I love this color. The crème brulee scent is very strong, so if you're sensitive to scented lipsticks you may not like this.

The palette packaging reminds me of the old school palettes from when Kat's line first started, except this one is cardboard instead of that rubberized material that I used to love.
You get 8 shades that I honestly have a hard time trying to come up with looks with.
The mirror has the Divine eyebrows on it, which looks cool but is kind of annoying when you're actually trying to USE the mirror.

Babs - shimmery pale white gold (pretty sheer)
Hard Magic - matte black (takes building to make opaque)
Baltimore - metallic royal blue
Waters - matte baby blue

Filthy - shimmery gunmetal
Pink Flamingos - metallic lime green
Female Trouble - matte white (works best over a white cream base)
Hairspray - metallic light pewter with silver glitter (my favorite - this one is gorgeous!)

Overall, I'm not super impressed with this palette. The shadow quality just isn't there for me, and it's colors I'm having a hard time creating looks with. As much as I love blues, baby blue just looks terrible on me and the combination of colors in this palette just don't go well together in my opinion. I do enjoy the Hairspray color as an all-over lid shade, I've just been finding myself using one color out of the palette each time I go to do a look, and I end up using a different palette for the rest.

Lime Crime Plushies - Milk Tea

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I was very intrigued by the new Lime Crime Plushies. I love their original liquid lipsticks, so I really wanted to try these out.

The color I chose is milk tea, described as a sheer milky mauve.
The cap is rubberized and has a teddy bear on it, which is super cute. These are scented with blackberry, but they smell chemically right out of the tube. Once on the lips, the fruit smell is more apparent.
It is definitely what it says - a sheer liquid lipstick that dries matte, is transfer proof, etc. I absolutely love the way it looks because this is one of those "my lips but better" colors. However, it dries my lips out reeeally bad, so I find it uncomfortable to wear.
Despite the drying feeling, it never collects in the lip lines or looks cakey. I really wish I could make it work, and have tried, but it always feels so uncomfortable. These are $20 and can be found at Ulta and LimeCrime.com!

Tony Moly Tako Pore Blackhead Scrub Pore Stick

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This is an adorable little skin care item that I picked up recently from Ulta: the Tony Moly Tako Blackhead Pore Scrub Stick. I'm not going to lie, the packaging of this is totally what got me! It is small, about the size of an eos lip balm, which caught me off guard because I ordered it online and expected it to be bigger.

I was pleasantly surprised upon using it that it's not super soft so I won't go through it too quickly. What you're supposed to do is wash your face as usual, and then rub this product over any blackhead problem areas (for me it's my nose), massage it in, and rinse.

The scent is very clean and pleasant, and there are little scrubbies of some sort in this that helps to exfoliate. It really is a nice little product!
It is most definitely helping with my blackheads, especially when I use it with a pore strip. At $12.50 I think it's a bit expensive for what it is, but the cuteness factor won me over once again!

Colourpop Give It To Me Straight Palette

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Another Colourpop palette for you today! This is the Give It To Me Straight palette and is another mostly neutral palette.
As you can see, you have some berry pops of color in here but it is a very day to day wear palette.

Matter of Fact is a matte pinky cream
Up Front is a shimmery champagne
Straight Up is a metallic bronze
BS is a matte burnt orange with orange sparkle

Frank is a matte warm brown
Candid is a metallic copper
Forthright is a shimmery reddish brown (this one is a bit powdery/chalky)
Downright is a matte tan

Truth Hurts is a matte beige
Be Blunt is a metallic berry
TMI is a matte mauve
Actually is a matte deep brown

As usual with Colourpop, the shadows are of great quality and the palette is only $16. There isn't much to say that I haven't already said about them! Great shadows, super pigmented, they all blend nicely. The only problem one in this palette is Forthright, just because it's powdery and doesn't really grab onto the skin well. If you are in the market for a warm neutral palette, definitely check this one out!

Too Faced Diamond Light Multi-Use Diamond Fire Highlighter

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I apologize for the lack of updates recently, guys - my business has taken over my life! I have lots of reviews to put up so I'm trying to do them in batches. Today we have the Too Faced Diamond Light highlighter.

This retails for $34 so for one highlighter, that's kind of on the pricier side. BUT - look at that packaging! It is designed to look like a ring box and it's gorgeous.
The highlighter itself looks so cool. It is a pearly white base with swirls of iridescent green, yellow, pink, and blue. When applied and all swirled together, it makes a subtle blue/green shifting highlighter.
I do wish that this was a little more intense. You can definitely layer it over a cream highlighter to make it pop a little more, but for the most part it's just a very subtle highlight that's hard to build up in intensity. If you apply it with your fingers you will get the best intensity, but I definitely prefer applying highlighters with a brush, so whichever works better for you!
It is smooth and blends great with no chalkiness. I think with this one, the cool packaging makes up a little bit for the fact that it's not as intense or sparkly as you would hope a "diamond" highlighter would be! However, if you're a more natural highlight kind of person, you will LOVE this baby!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lime Crime Angels Hi-Lite Palette

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The Angels Hi-Lite Palette from Lime Crime is my latest obsession. It's so pretty!! As usual, there are 3 new shades filled with sparkle and glow.
Heaven looks white in the pan, but applies as a pinky-blue iridescent shade.
Halo is my favorite - a gorgeous pinky gold with a green shift.
Celestial is a shimmery light blue.

Look at that glow that Celestial gives! These colors are just amazing. Same quality as the other hi-lite palettes, but I think out of all of them so far, this one is my absolute fave. I love that Celestial is crazy without being TOO crazy, you know? Like anyone can wear that color for an insane glow, but it's sheer enough that you can start off light and build it to the intensity that you want. Love!!!

Lime Crime Pocket Candy Palette in Sugar Plum

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This palette from Lime Crime was a must for me. The Pocket Candy Palettes resemble one of my favorite childhood toys, Polly Pockets! You know, before they made her too big to actually be "pocket" sized. There are 3 different ones - a yellow, a blue and a pink. Naturally, I went for the pink one because that one just has colors I know I will use a lot.
It's called Sugar Plum, and has 5 shades.
It also has a mirror that takes up most of the inside cover.
Sugar & Spice is a pinky bronze.
Fairy Floss is a lavender with a turquoise iridescence.
Icing is a shimmery white.
Candied Plum is a shimmery berry pink.
Nutcracker is a deep brown semi-matte.
When I first swatched the palette with my finger, I wasn't very impressed. They all felt kind of dry and just not the greatest quality shadows. But, as soon as I started playing around with it and doing looks on my eyes, it surprised me! The shades all apply nicely and blend out well on the lid. Icing could be a liiiiitle more pigmented for my liking, but other than that this is a pretty nice palette. It has taken up a permanent space on top of my makeup table because it's just so damn cute!