Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Colourpop Enchanted Palette Swatches

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The Colourpop Enchanted Palette is a palette of berry shades with some neutrals thrown in. I have been enjoying this one so far!

Colourpop Fairy Well Palette Swatches

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The Colourpop Fairy Well Palette is a soft neutral palette. While we've seen a lot of neutrals from them lately, I think the color story is a very good "every day" palette for fall.

Colourpop Not A Box Of Chocolates Palette Swatches

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Another neutral palette from Colourpop, Not A Box of Chocolates is filled with rich browns and deep neutrals making it a perfect neutral palette for deeper skin tones. 

KVD Beauty Moongarden Palette Swatches

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The KVD Moongarden Palette is a beauty! I was really excited to see them put some gorgeous artwork on this one, because while I loved the last 2 palettes (which were also the only ones they've made since Kat Von D left the brand), I found the packaging too simple and boring compared to what the brand used to be. It looks like they are trying to bring some of that back with this one. This palette is cardboard and not plastic, and features some absolutely stunning colors that will work so well for the holiday season!

Colourpop Trouble Maker Palette Swatches

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The Trouble Maker Palette from Colourpop is one of my favorites they've done lately. I've seen and used to many at this point that when one comes along that stands out to me, it REALLY stands out. I love the color story here, they all work so well together!

Monday, October 17, 2022

Kaleidos Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliner Swatches

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I did a quick swatch video of the new Kaleidos Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliners! I am not the greatest at capturing shifty multi chromes, but I tried :)

Colourpop Hocus Pocus 2 Collection Swatches!

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Check out my thoughts on the Hocus Pocus 2 collection from ColourPop!

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Colourpop On The List Palette Swatches

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Currently an Ulta Exclusive, the On The List palette from Colourpop features a nice summer-into-fall color story. Nothing that we haven't seen from them before color-wise, but these colors together make for a nice little palette.

Jeffree Star Star Wedding Palette Swatches

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Here is the Jeffree Star "Star Wedding" Palette swatched, along with one of the liquid eyeshadows!

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Colourpop High School Musical East High Palette Swatches

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Now this is a fun one. The High School Musical East High Palette from Colourpop is a mix of neutrals and pops of color, a perfect way to go from summer to fall in a palette!