Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette

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Jeffree Star's Blood Lust Palette is here! I will be the first to admit, I wasn't wowed when I first saw the reveal. I, like everybody else, pictured it having deep, dark purples and vampy shades inside, and then Jeffree opened it and it was just kind of...okay. But let me tell you, it's so much prettier in person for some reason. The bright red and olive green look way out of place in this palette, but they end up looking so good with the other colors. In person, it seems to make sense.
The mirror on the inside is a great size. The palette itself isn't going to be easy to store, but you've got to appreciate how cool it looks. The outside is all a crushed velvet texture, and it's got a sturdy golden clasp closure that easily lifts up. Inside are 18 shades - let's take a peek!

Your Majesty is a matte really pale gray.
Take the Crown is a metallic icy lavender.

Deviant is a pale matte lavender.
Beauty Sleep is a pink with gold duochrome.
Wet Jewel is a light pink with a "wet" metallic finish.
Royal Pain is a matte blush pink.

Dungeon is a matte deep plum.
Scandal Water is a pale matte violet.
Sworn Enemy is a metallic gold/green duochrome.
Pink Magic is a hot pink with a "wet" metallic finish.
Bleeding Heart is a bright red (says it's a metallic finish, but I would say it's more satin).
Executioner is a matte black with purple-pink duochrome sparkles.

High King is a matte berry purple.
Vivid Mood is a matte bright lavender.
Monarchy is a matte pale brown.
Blood Queen is a matte fuchsia.

Vile Serpent is a matte deep teal.
Betrayal is a metallic purple with gold duochrome.

The only shade that I found needed a second pass is the Vile Serpent shade. Everything else swatched great with one swipe. Standout shades for me are Beauty Sleep, Pink Magic, Bleeding Heart, Executioner and Betrayal. Bleeding Heart feels hard and is pressed harder into the pan, but it is amazingly pigmented and gorgeous! 

Several shades are labeled as pressed pigments and "not intended for use in the immediate eye area," but that's mainly because a lot of them stain. If you don't have sensitive eyes, you should have no issues with them. I find that Bleeding Heart and Vile Serpent are the ones that stain the most. Shades labeled as pressed pigments are: Take the Crown, Beauty Sleep, Dungeon, Scandal Water, Pink Magic, Bleeding Heart, High King, Vivid Mood, Blood Queen and Betrayal.

I actually freaking love this palette and am so excited to dig into it more. Like I said, I loved it so much more once I saw it in person. Drop a comment below if you've picked it up or are thinking of getting it and let me know your thoughts!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

ColourPop URA QT Palette

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The ColourPop URA QT Palette is the Valentine's palette that is exclusive to Ulta! This is a really fun, flirty palette that is perfect for this time of year.
The packaging is super cute and definitely screams Valentine's Day to me. It's got roses and hearts, and is all a purply-pink.
There are 12 shades in here and no pressed glitters this time! Luv Me is a Supershock formula and all the others are mattes, metallics or shimmers.
2 Hot 4 U is a very light matte cream.
Luve Me (Supershock formula) is a metallic pale pink with silver sparkles.
Angel Face is a matte bright baby pink with tiny silver glitters.
With Luv is a matte pinky peach. It swatches more pinky than it looks in the pan.
So Fine is a matte mauvey brown.
Kiss Me is a metallic berry violet with blue shift.
Lover is a metallic red berry.
Love Note is a matte pale lavender.
1st Date is a mate dusty mauve.
Candy Gram is a metallic deep plum.
Cutie Pie is a shimmery light pink.
Heart Eyes is a matte pinky purple. Again, this one swatches more pink and isn't as dark as it looks in the pan.

*Note: Angel Face and Heart Eyes both have the "not intended for use in the immediate eye area" warning on them, but I haven't seen any staining from those 2 shades. Everything swatched nicely in this palette. Candy Gram is veeeery soft and flaky, so watch out for fallout with that shade. I noticed that With Luv and Heart Eyes both pulled a lot pinker than they actually look in the pan. With Luv looks like a creamy peach in the pan but was more of a pinky peach swatched. Heart Eyes looks like a dusty purple in the pan but turns out pinky purple when swatched. Not a huge deal, just something I thought I would mention!

All in all this is a fun palette and I love the color story. Would definitely recommend it if you're thinking of picking it up!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

ColourPop Blush Crush Palette and You're A Catch Supershock Highlighter

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The ColourPop Blush Crush Palette is a beautiful little rosy 9 pan palette.
There are 9 shades in a variety of finishes, including one supershock formula.

Lovesick is a matte super pale pinky cream.
Pop a Bottle is a very sheer iridescent pink.
The One is a matte pastel peach.

Enamored is a shimmery pale salmon.
Made U Blush is a matte blush pink with tiny gold flecks.
Blossom Up is a metallic lavender-rose with a strong gold shift.

How Rouge is a matte mauvey berry with gold sparkles.
Cheek2Cheek is a matte midtone rose.
Blush Wine is a matte deep wine with gold sparkles.

My one criticism of this palette is that How Rouge and Blush Wine are VERY similar on the skin. In my opinion they're too close to one another to both be included in the same palette. However, the palette as a whole is beautiful and right up my alley. It reminds me a lot of the Huda New Nudes, which has been one of my most used palettes since I got it. My favorite shade in here is definitely Blossom Up - it is GORGEOUS!

I also picked up the You're A Catch Highlighter, which pairs with the Blush Crush Palette:
It is HUGE! I haven't ever tried one of their highlighters in this packaging and didn't realize that it's even bigger than the palettes. I'm so glad I snagged this one though, because it is a blinding metallic champagne that suits my pale skin perfectly.
I absolutely love this highlighter! It's extremely smooth and blendable, and They also had the The Real Thing Highlighter that paired with the Nude Mood Palette, but I thought that one might be a bit too deep for me. Definitely happy I chose this one.

ColourPop Nude Mood Palette

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The ColourPop Nude Mood is a nice little neutral 9 pan palette.
Inside there are 9 shades - quite a few mattes, a couple metallic, and a supershock shadow.

Bluffin' is a matte pale cream.
Wink Wink (supershock formula) is a sheer shimmering champagne.
Bare to Wear is a matte pale peach.

Au Naturale is a matte saddle brown.
Put on Heirs is a metallic golden copper.
Mugged Off is a matte burnt orange with lots of gold sparkle.

Lap of Lux is a metallic golden brown.
The Cocoa is a matte reddish brown with gold sparkles.
Moody is a matte chestnut brown.

The quality of the palette overall is great. Wink Wink is pretty sheer, but I find that it's awesome tapped on top of a finished shadow look, and works well over every other color in this palette to give a little extra shimmer. No complaints on this one! The mattes are all smooth and buttery, and all the shades are nicely pigmented. Definitely a solid neutral palette.

Friday, January 17, 2020

ColourPop Mint To Be Palette

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The ColourPop Mint To Be Palette is a 9 pan palette filled with minty greens! I love pastels, especially mint green, and definitely had to add this one to the collection.
The colors in this one definitely all stay true to having "green" in them, yet there's enough depth here that you can create a full look using just this palette, and for that I LOVE it!!

Get Fresh is a matte pastel mint.
Mintea is a metallic mint with a gold sheen.
Play It Cool is an icy duochrome mint.

Seltzer is a matte pale aqua with tiny silver sparkles.
Mojito Mami is a metallic mint.
De Menthe is a matte dusty mint.

Ice Cold is a matte turquoise.
Freshman is a metallic midtone mint with a touch of gold.
Chill Factor is a matte deep mint.

All of the shades in here are stunning! That Ice Cold one, oh my gosh it is so extremely pigmented and such a unique color. I think it's safe to say that's my favorite in the palette, and I can't think of any other shadow in my collection that is such a spot-on turquoise like this one. I love it! Chill Factor is the perfect shade for deepening up any look using these colors, and Mojito Mami makes both an awesome all-over lid color and inner corner highlight. This one definitely gets two thumbs up from me!

Kat Von D Lolita Por Vida Palette

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I've had this palette since Christmas and keep forgetting to post a review. I figured now is as good a time as ever! This is seemingly the last "Kat Von D" palette, as Kat has cut ties with the company and it is now going to be known as KvD Vegan Beauty moving forward. I am hoping that the quality isn't going to take a hit, but I guess time will tell. For now, let's take a look at the Lolita Por Vida palette.
The packaging, as usual, is stunning. It's a very blush-themed palette - lots of pinks and rosy tones - so the packaging reflects that with a rosy pink color scheme. It is made of sturdy cardboard, has a big mirror inside the cover, and has a magnetic closure.
There are 18 shades inside, and a variety of finishes - there are 2 creams a pressed glitter, lots of mattes, and some metallic shades.
Preciosa is a shimmery cream.
Sonrisa is an apricot with a strong turquoise shift.
Muñeca is a matte dusty taupe.
Cruz is a bronzey shimmer.
Romantico is a shimmery amethyst.
Cariño is a matte eggplant.

La Lupe is a matte rusty orange.
Dulces Sueños is a metallic copper foil (cream).
Enamorada is a matte pale peach.
Reina is a brown, gold and copper pressed glitter.
Esperanza is a matte pale pink.
Luna is a metallic rose gold foil (cream).

Amorcito is a matte caramel brown.
Silvia is a matte cream.
Juanita is a matte deep purple brown.
Destino is shimmery cream with a pink shift.
Rosario is a metallic deep red.
Lolita Por Vida is a matte burgundy rose.

Now I'm not sure if this was meant to be the holiday palette or not (it's not HUGE like all the holiday palettes of past years!) but either way, it came out before the holidays and it does have more shades than her usual palettes in it, so I'm just going to keep thinking that this was the holiday palette for 2019. I know a lot of the previous holiday palettes had a LOT of disappointing shades in them pigmentation-wise, but I haven't found that to be the case with this one. If this is a sign of things to come, it will definitely keep me interested to see what new items are coming with the re-branding!

I am absolutely in love with the Luna cream shadow. As oily as my lids are, this applies beautifully and does not crease on me. The two cream shades are both INSANELY pigmented. I just hope that they aren't going to turn out like the creams that Kat's first few palettes had in them, where they dried out before I could even use a third of the pan, but these seem a lot smoother and creamier than those early versions. The pressed glitter is the only shade in here I don't see myself getting a lot of use out of. Other than that, the rest of it performs beautifully and it has been my go-to every day palette since I got it for Christmas! You can do super minimal and super dramatic looks with it, and I absolutely love that about it. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

ColourPop Frozen II Anna and Elsa Palettes

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The Anna and Elsa Frozen II Palettes from ColourPop scream winter and fall vibes to me. Elsa's is very cool and wintery and Anna's is more warm and fall toned. Let's take a peek!
The Elsa palette is pretty, but not one I think I would go to for a one and done look. I definitely need to pull from other palettes when working with this one. That's not all bad though, because I think the Anna one compliments it very nicely.
Cuddle Close is an iridescent pink. Slightly flakey, but pretty.
Fire is a matte pinky mauve.
Northern Lights is a pale pink with lots of green shift.
Gale is a warm lavender with a slight green shift.
Flurry is a chunky opalescent glitter.
Water is a dusty periwinkle. I have lots of trouble trying to get this to stick and blend.
Awakened is a deep matte berry with silvery micro glitter.
Ice Crystals is a metallic silver.
Spindrift is a matte deep berry wine.

The Anna palette is the one I see myself using more. This one is definitely a one and done palette for me, though it does pair nicely with colors in the Elsa palette.
Scooch In is an iridescent peach. The texture on this one is smoother and not crumbly like Cuddle Close in the Elsa palette.
Wind is a matte pumpkin squash shade.
Earth is a metallic true yellow gold.
Adventure is a shimmery plum.
Arendelle is a chunky gold glitter with copper micro glitter.
Autumn Breeze is a matte mulberry. This one needs to be built up a bit.
Warm Hugs is a dusty mauve with tiny gold flecks.
Fearless is a matte terracotta.
Charades is a deep red brown. I found this one to be a little difficult to work with.

So there were some issues with some of the mattes in these palettes, as stated above. Nothing too terrible, but the blue "Water" shade in the Elsa palette was definitely the worst of all of them. It doesn't want to stick to anything, and when you put a sticky base under it, it makes it not want to blend out at all. The Flurry glitter in the Elsa palette is packed very loosely and is SUPER messy so beware of that one. Charades in the Anna palette is a little hard to blend as well, as is Autumn Breeze (but that one can be built up a little easier and isn't as patchy). 

Those are the few critiques I have. I think they could have taken all the shades and made one larger palette out of them, because they do compliment one another really nicely. With the Elsa one, I have to grab the Anna one or another palette to get a full look. The Anna one I find I can just use on its own. They are both pretty palettes but neither of them is a perfect one!