Friday, October 13, 2017

ColourPop My Little Pony Palette

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You can't argue that this packaging is adorable, that's for sure! I've never been a MLP fan, but seeing as how I've been obsessed with the previous ColourPop palettes, I just had to grab this one!
Inside are 12 super fun shades. There's a pretty decent mix of mattes and metallics/shimmers, and I've been able to do quite a few different looks with this so far.
A few of these colors are pretty unique, because they look one shade in the pan and then when you swatch them, they're completely different! But I'll get to that in a second...

Butterscotch is a matte pink toned cream.
Blossom is a metallic rose with gold sheen.
Starshine is a metallic peachy orange.
Bluebell is a cream with a satin finish.

Applejack is a matte rosy pink.
Skydancer is a lavender with silver sparkle.
Minty is a matte magenta.
Flutterbye is a matte bright peach.

Twilight looks almost black, but it is a blackened purple with a satin finish.
Firefly looks silver in the pan, but when swatched it has more of a light blue hue to it.
Snuzzle looks white, but when swatched it is an iridescent green shifter shade.
Princess Sparkle is a blackened teal - SO pretty!

All in all, there are a lot of fun colors in this palette. I love the way that Minty and Flutterbye look when they're blended together. Applejack has a bit of a drier texture so it didn't swatch as nicely as the rest, but I have no issues when it comes to applying it and blending it, so you can't always judge a palette on swatches alone!

It looks like this one isn't constantly sold out like Yes, Please was, so you shouldn't have trouble snagging it from the ColourPop site!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Palette

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I love this time of year because it means it's time to review the Kat Von D holiday palette! This year, it's Saint and Sinner.

I'm sure by now you've all seen the cathedral-inspired packaging, but let's just bask in its glory, shall we?
I love the way it opens! There's mirrors on both sides, which you can fold all the way back to make it a little easier to hold. I tend to always have whatever palette I'm using sitting on my vanity anyway, so that's really no big deal to me. Kat's holiday palettes are ALWAYS different, which I appreciate. Her brand stands out as one that definitely puts a lot of work into their packaging, especially when it comes to the holiday collections.

The first two shades are "topper" shades, as they're more sheer and super glittery. Absolution is a white gold sparkle, and Rapture is a pinky orange with pink and orange sparkles.

Worship is a deep plummy eggplant.
Immaculate is an olive with gold sheen.
Chalice is a metallic antique bronze.
Sacred Heart is a pearlescent coral.
Amen is a matte cream.

Sanctuary is a coffee brown pearl.
Heaven is a metallic silver.
Crucifix is a matte dark chocolate brown.
Cathedral is a gunmetal silver with bluish glitter.
Rosary is a metallic garnet.
Baptism is a matte pale pink.

Sabbath is a matte black.
Ashes is a matte taupe with gold glitter.
Martyr is a matte toffee.
Devil is a matte pumpkin orange.
Revelation is a matte brown with gold glitter.

Vestment is a shimmery deep maroon with a teal shift.
Ministry is a metallic cobalt blue.
Exodus is a chartreuse with gold glitter.
Exorcism is a matte deep purple.
Relic is a metallic yellow gold.
Stigmata is a metallic scarlet.

I wish that Devil was a matte true red instead of an orange, but everything else is perfection. The quality of this palette is out of this world, and I am so happy with the performance of all of these shadows. I think the standout shade for me is Ashes, because I just have nothing else like that in my collection. It's a matte taupe, but has gold glitter that actually sticks and transfers to the eye when you use it - that's hard to come by a lot of the time when you have a matte shade with glitter in it! Most of them either don't transfer to the eye, or as soon as you tap your brush the glitter will all fall right off.

All in all, if you can get your hands on this palette I would definitely recommend it!

Makeup Revolution Ghost Lights Vivid Baked Highlighter

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If this isn't the coolest looking highlighter ever, I don't know what is! This is the Makeup Revolution Ghost Lights Vivid Baked Highlighter. I believe this is only around for Halloween, so grab it while you can! I ordered it from Ulta thinking they wouldn't have it in store yet, but when I went the other day they had about 6 of them in a display.

Anyone who follows me on social media knows that I'm obsessed with skulls, so I HAD to get this!
 I am actually debating whether or not to buy a backup, because I've been using just the edges of this one so that I don't ruin the skull design!
At first glance it just looks like a white highlighter, but once you swatch it it's a gorgeous iridescent pink. It definitely gives the "glow" effect when applied to the face!
This is indeed a "baked" highlighter, but while baked products can sometimes have a drier texture, this one is smooth and blends nicely. It's also super pigmented, but you can wear it lightly or build it up to be super intense. I find that I can use it with any type of brush without having an issue getting it to pick up on the bristles, which is always a plus. 

For just $6, you seriously can't beat it! It looks cool AND it's gorgeous! Makeup Revolution has a lot of hit or miss items in my opinion, but this one is a huge hit.

ColourPop I Think I Love You Palette

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This gorgeous little gem is the ColourPop I Think I Love You palette. Out of their palettes thus far, this one is the most neutral.

Most of the shades in here are metallic or shimmery, but they're neutral enough that they're not crazy. This is most definitely an everyday wear kind of palette for me.

Better Bitter - pale metallic gold
Belair - matte camel
Fancy Face - metallic copper
Girls Bite - metallic light brown

Howdy - metallic chocolate brown
Rowdy - matte cream
My Treat - metallic champagne
Level Up - metallic golden brown

Screw It - metallic bronze
Let's Do It - matte black
Rule Breaker - metallic yellow gold
My Type - matte chocolate brown

The mattes in this palette are really creamy and don't feel dry like most of the ones in the SHE palette did. I haven't had an issue with ANY of them performance wise, which is awesome. At $16, these ColourPop palettes are MORE than worth it, because I've loved every one so far!

ColourPop SHE Palette

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The SHE Palette from ColourPop features some gorgeous, rosy colors. (They're not ALL rosy, but I guess what I'm trying to say is there's an endless amount of rosy looks that you can create with this palette!)

You get 12 shades, and there is a good mix of mattes and metallics/shimmers.

Ladylike - metallic champagne
Babe - satin pale peach
Dainty - metallic rose gold
Chick - metallic pale yellow gold

Mademoiselle - metallic rosy pink
Gal - metallic copper
Empress - metallic mauve
Filly - metallic deep orange

Dear - matte coral
Missy - matte cranberry
Damsel - matte plum
Duchess - matte warm peach

The mattes in the bottom row have a bit of a drier texture and tend to swatch a bit chalky, but I have had no issues with their performance on the eyes, so that is a plus! I've really been enjoying this palette even though I hadn't planned on buying it at first. It wasn't until I got the Yes, Please palette that I decided I needed this one too, because I loved that one so much!

Natasha Denona Lila Palette

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I am such a fan of Natasha Denona shadows, and the Lila Palette has quickly become a new absolute favorite of mine. Purples are some of my favorite shades to wear, so this whole palette just screamed to me!

 I was very happy that this palette has no chunky glitter shades. As pretty as the ones in her other palettes are (namely the Star palette and the Sunset palette), they tend to make a bit of a mess unless you apply them with your fingers, and I don't always enjoy doing that. So, these are all gorgeous, chunky glitter-free shades!
Per Se - matte greyish lavender
Layla - metallic brown
Juneau - metallic pale pink

Viola - shimmery fuchsia
Amethyst - bright shimmery purple
Livid - shimmery mauve

Amara - matte reddish brown
Magnetic - bright pink satin
Purpure - metallic cranberry

Cyclone - metallic orange with a pinky red shift
Magnolia - metallic peach
Dragon Bite - reddish brown with a turquoise shift

Nude Vino - matte warm brown
Nude mauve - matte taupey gray
Helio - metallic rose

The mattes in this palette are just out of this world. The Natasha Denona palettes are always so gorgeous to look at, never mind how pretty they are on the eyes!! I can't even pick a favorite from this palette, because they all perform beautifully. I ended up getting mine from Beautylish because they have the payment plan available, which makes it a little easier on the wallet! :D