Saturday, September 14, 2019

ColourPop Truly Madly Deeply Palette

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I know, I know. ANOTHER ColourPop palette! It seems like that's all I'm reviewing lately. They are going nuts with how many they're releasing, to be honest. This one was an Ulta exclusive 16 pan palette called Truly Madly Deeply that has an array of "romantic" colors for you to choose from.
It's a gorgeous color story, that's for sure. The three pressed glitters are the only ones in here that say they aren't intended for use in the immediate eye area.
Matter of Fact is a matte cream.
Sweet Dreams is a metallic peachy gold.
Blossom is a metallic rose gold.
Lay Low is a matte peach.
Golden Gate Bridge is a matte beige.
Hungry Ghost is an iridescent mix of peach and gold with green flash (this was also in the Baby Got Peach Palette).
Renegade is a mix of gold, copper and silver with brown micro glitters.
Cut Outs is a matte coral.
Jackpot is a shimmery deep rose.
Indio is a rose gold with larger bits of holographic glitter.
Misty is a shimmery coppery pink.
Poodle is a matte hot pink.
Pretty Cruel is a matte mauve with tiny gold sparkles.
Made to Last is a matte purply taupe.
Mr. Sandman is a brown-berry with blue flash.
Two Much is a matte plum with tiny gold sparkles.

As usual, the colors perform great. The mattes are all nice and smooth and the shimmers are beautiful. Those glitters, though - ugh they get me every time! They are SO pretty and it drives me nuts that they aren't eye safe. You can order the palette now at Ulta!

Lime Crime Venus Immortalis Palette

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A glow in the dark palette? How cool, right? The idea behind the Lime Crime Venus Immortalis Palette is great: a greyscale palette with glow in the dark packaging to mark the end of their Venus era of palettes. But was it executed well?
The Venus statue on the cover glows in the dark. And, when you open it up...
...the inside does too! Not sure why you would need it to glow, but it's still a pretty cool effect.
It has a mirror inside and 8 brand new shades.
Unseen is a matte black. Not crazy pigmented, but it is buildable.
Echo is a metallic taupe. Easily my favorite shade in the palette.
Moth is a super pale gray with an iridescent pink shift. Very soft and sheer.
Marble is a barely-there pearl white with tiny silver sparkle. Hardly any pigmentation.
Unveil is a matte really deep burgundy color. This is the only one that keeps me from calling it a "grayscale" palette.
Ash is a matte gray. It got hard pan on it the very first time I tried to swatch it. It does pick up well on a brush, but it doesn't want to stick to your skin, and when you use a sticky base it's incredibly hard to blend. HUGE issues with this color.
Cameo is a matte beigey cream.

For 2 out of 8 colors in a $38 palette to be total duds, I can't say I'd recommend this one. I loved the idea of having a grayscale palette, but I think they could have done so much better. I usually love the quality of the Venus palettes. To go out on this note is very disappointing.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Kathleen Lights x ColourPop So Jaded Palette

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The Kathleen Lights x ColourPop Palette is absolutely gorgeous. I have strayed away from buying large palettes like this lately, because I just feel like there's so many shades in it that I stick with the same handful every time I pick it up. But when I saw the colors, I knew I had to get it. They're mostly muted, earthy tones and I LOVE that for fall.
The packaging is the standard cardboard and there is no mirror, I'm sure that was to keep the cost down (there are 30 shadows in this palette for $39).

Diamond is the only one in the palette that is SuperShock formula. It's a pale champagne with silver sparkles.
Rose Quartz is a matte tan.
Ruby is a metallic red.
Royal Jewels is a matte pale peach.
Florite is a pale lavender with a gold flash.
Moonstone is a metallic beige.

My Precious is a matte cream.
Sunstone is a metallic golden copper.
Pearl is a shimmery peal white.
Citrine is a matte mustard yellow.
Garnet is a matte deep red.
Ametrine is a matte mauve with silver sparkles.

Peridot is a metallic olve with gold flash.
You're A Gem is a matte peach.
Topaz is a gold, brown and copper pressed glitter.
Tiger Eye is a metallic brown with a hint of green flash.
Opal is an iridescent rainbow pressed glitter.
Aquamarine is a pale metallic silvery aqua.

Geo Dude is a matte pale greenish brown.
Carnelian is a matte coral.
Stoned is a matte slate gray.
Jasper is a satin berry.
Turquoise is a matte bright turquoise.
Onyx is a black with tons of silver shimmer.

Emerald is a metallic deep green.
Jade is a matte olive.
Alexandrite is a purple with blue flash.
Smoky Quartz is a metallic champagne.
Amethyst is a metallic bright purple.
Sapphire is a matte deep navy.

Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire all have the * next to them, which means they are not intended for use in the immediate eye area. Everything else is eye safe, including the Opal glitter, which is surprising because it is very similar in size to the Topaz one.

The formula on all of these is spot on with how great ColourPop normally is. I LOVE how bright and vibrant amethyst is. I'm a sucker for purples, so that one was the first to catch my eye. This is a palette that really can create a never-ending array of looks. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

ColourPop Exes and Oh's Palette

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The ColourPop Exes and Oh's Palette caught me by surprise, as I randomly found it on the Ulta website when I was browsing. I hadn't seen or heard anything about it, and it seems to be an Ulta exclusive. It's also very, very fall-ish so it caught my eye immediately!
This is one of their 12 pan palettes, so it retails for $16. It's pretty neutral, minus the couple of maroon-y colors in there.

Know Better is a sheer pinky champagne. This one doesn't have much pigmentation to it, which is rare in a ColourPop Palette.
20 Something is a light metallic gold.
Rookie is a metallic copper with blue sparkles in it.
Easy Go is a metallic rusty red.

Stay Golden is a matte deep rose.
Issues is a matte cream.
Fortunate is a matte terracotta.
Side Tracked is a matte peach with gold sparkles.

Hooky is a matte reddish brown.
Reckless is a matte berry. This one is SUPER dry to the touch, but performs well.
Realness is a matte red toned chocolate.
Smittne is a metallic pinky red with an iridescent sheen.

The palette as a whole is very neutral-with-some-berries theme, which is definitely my fall go-to color palette. I would have liked to see maybe a deep orange or something as well, but the shades in here can create a variety of looks. The only shades I have issues with are the first two, Know Better and 20 Something, just because they're crumbly and not as great as ColourPop shadows usually are. That's really my only criticism for this one, as all the other shades (especially the mattes!) work great. That Reckless shade is very, very dry but still super pigmented and blends well.

As far as I know, this one can only be purchased at Ulta right now, so if you're interested get it while you can!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

ColourPop Baby Got Peach Palette

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The ColourPop Baby Got Peach palette is here! I was pretty excited for this one, because I looooove peachy shades. Colors like this always seem to make my eyes look more open, bright and awake. My eyes are brown and my go-to look always includes a purple, but when I want to look super bright eyed I will grab peaches!
In this one, Hungry Ghost (the pressed glitter) and Centerfold are both marked as "not intended for use in the immediate eye area," which we have been seeing a lot in these 9 pan palettes. With the glitter it's because the particles are too large to use on the eye and can cause damage if you happen to get a flake of it inside your eye. With the shadows it's usually because they're neon/stain and while they may be approved for eye use in Europe, they still aren't in the USA. There's always a lot of back and forth over this and personally, I don't use the glitters in these palette on my eyes but I do use the shadows. My eyes aren't sensitive and I've never had an issue other than a bit of staining. Do with that information what you will, but I definitely urge you NOT to use these glitters on your eyes, even though they're super pretty! I can't understand why they keep putting them into "shadow palettes," since not everyone is going to read the tiny print on the back that says they shouldn't be used on the eyes, but they keep releasing them with these chunky pressed glitters in them, so just be careful!

Now for the swatches...
Darlin' is a matte bright orangey peach.
Hungry Ghost is an opal glitter with a gold/peach duochrome shift to it.
Perky is a matte light pinky peach.

Get Even is a bright peach with gold sheen.
Centerfold is a muted neon peach.
Glaze It is a metallic peach with golden sheen.

Okurr is a matte peachy terracotta.
Ready Or Yacht is a metallic icy peach.
Half Baked is a matte rusty peach.

ALL the shades here are beautiful - I really, REALLY like the Centerfold color because I don't have any other peaches that are nice and bright like that! Personally, I think this palette as a whole is going to work so well to transition into fall when it is paired with warm browns and neutral shades. For now with the last few weeks of summer, I am going to be sure to use this on its own as much as I can!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

ColourPop Strawberry Shake Palette

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The ColourPop Strawberry Shake Palette is a pink and red shadow lover's dream - and the latest addition to the 9 pan palette collection that they have been releasing.
I was super psyched to see a bright red in here, as well as that gorgeous metallic apricot. This is going to be a well-loved by me palette for sure!

My Milkshake is a matte rosy pink. (marked as not for use in immediate eye area)
Whipped is a pale pink with silvery pink sheen.
Woke is a matte baby pink.

Paper Straw is a matte pale peach.
Take A Sip is a matte hot pink with pink and gold sparkles. (marked as not for use in immediate eye area)
Delish is an icy metallic champagne pink.

Berry Fine is a metallic peach with gold sheen and a bit of a pink undertone.
Daiquiri is a matte true red. (marked as not for use in immediate eye area)
Shake It Up is a matte mauve.

First of all, I love ALL of these colors! Reds and pinks are some of my favorite shades to wear, and this has a pretty good selection. Berry Fine is absolutely my favorite color in the palette, but it is best applied with your finger - it just packs more of a punch that way. It will pick up on a brush, but I find that I have to layer and layer it, and even then it's not as bright as when I just tap it on with a finger.

There are 3 shades in this palette marked "not for use in the immediate eye area," and that is because those 3 shades stain the skin pretty badly. However, that Daiquiri color is one of the best reds I've ever seen, and I will take the staining because it looks works so great! As always, the mattes work and blend out well and I love the entire palette. Plus, I was very happy they didn't include a glitter in this one that can't be used on the eyes! The ones in the yellow and orange palettes are both so gorgeous but just sit there going unused because they're not eye safe and it drives me batty!

ColourPop Orange You Glad Palette

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I'm pretty good at predicting what color palette will be the next 9 pan palette from ColourPop for some reason, and after the yellow I KNEW they would do orange! Hence, the Orange You Glad? palette.
They definitely stuck to all oranges, minus that brown in the lower right corner. I wish so badly that the pressed glitter was eye safe, but unfortunately it's pretty chunky and deemed not safe for use in the eye area. My one gripe with ColourPop palettes lately is that I wish they would put pressed glitters that are actually eye safe in the palettes. Not everyone is going to know or see that tiny fine print that says not to use it on your eyes. And furthermore, that friggin glitter is GORGEOUS and I want to use it on my eyes!!! Anyway, on to the swatches...
Zested is a matte pale peach.
Squeeze Me is a metallic pale orange with lots of gold sheen.
Creamsicle is a matte peachy orange.

Rise N Grind is a matte pumpkin orange.
Clementine is a multi-sized iridescent gold/orange/green glitter.
Sunkiss'd is a matte neon tangerine. (marked as not for use in immediate eye area)

Tangerine Dreams is a metallic orange.
Mimosa Mami is a matte red-orange. (marked as not for use in the immediate eye area)
Ya Peel Me? is a matte rust.

Now while the glitter is gorgeous, it's also large and I urge you to not use glitters that large on your eyes even though it seems okay. Yes they are cosmetic grade, but the cut of them is still way too large and if you get it in your eye it could seriously harm you. ColourPop, please stop putting these in palettes! The two shades that also say not for use in the immediate eye area stain, so that is why they put that warning. I have been using those on my eyes and had no issues. This palette as a whole is bright, summery, and so much fun!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Lime Crime Venus Vivid Palette

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The Lime Crime Venus Vivid Pressed Powder Palette is the newest eye/face palette from Lime Crime. They are calling it a "pressed powder" and not an "eyeshadow" palette because not all the shades are eye safe (some of them stain). Even so, this has some killer shades in it that I want to share with you guys!
This is an 8 pan palette and it has the same setup as the previous Venus palettes. The look of this one is really cool, because it's all black with "neon light" artwork. Fitting, seeing as how there are so many neon colors in here!
Betty (eye) - matte bright blue
Flutter (face) - metallic bright purple
Star Burst (face) - matte pinky orange
Lux (eye) - shimmery golden yellow

Limelight (eye) - matte lime green
Happy Place (eye) - greenish yellow shimmer
Super Bloom (face) - metallic bright orange with a golden sheen
Sassy (face) - matte hot pink

Betty is the only one that seems to have issues here, as it is a bit patchy and needs to be layered to build it up. Flutter is nice and soft and a GORGEOUS purple. Star Burst is a really nice matte formula for a neon shade like this. The shimmers, Lux and Happy Place, are pretty but very sheer. These work best on top of other shades or applied over a sticky base. Limelight is a really nice, vibrant bright green. Super Bloom has that same soft formula as Flutter. Sassy is one of the brightest pinks I've ever seen, and isn't chalky like a lot of other neon pinks I've tried! It's also the one that stains the most, just wanted to make a note of that!

All in all if you are looking for a good neon/rainbow color palette, this is a good option. It is $38 at Ulta and Lime Crime!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

ColourPop Uh-Huh Honey Palette

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The Uh-Huh Honey Palette from ColourPop is the yellow summer palette everyone's been waiting for!
It is important to note that the middle pressed glitter shade is NOT eye safe. The particles are too big for the eye area, and it is marked as not for use in the immediate eye area on the back of the palette. This does say "pressed powder palette" instead of "eyeshadow palette," but it still seems silly to me to put a glitter in there that you can't use on your eyes. Let's go through the shades!

Stinger is a matte pastel yellow.
Sunburst is a shimmery light yellow with a blue duochrome.
Sweet Spot is a matte bright yellow. This one takes some building up, but is nice and bright!

Dandy is a metallic yellow gold.
Palooza is a pressed glitter that has a greenish duochrome shade in there with yellow glitter as well.
Queen B is a rich warm metallic gold.

Totally Buggin's is a matte pale mustard yellow.
Oh Beehave is a matte golden yellow.
Buzz Kill is a matte ochre.

Asusual, great quality in this palette. I really love that pressed glitter and wish the particles were smaller so that it would be eye safe. Sweet Spot is slightly chalky, but building it up helps it blend fine. This palette actually pairs perfectly with the California Love palette! The yellows compliment all the warm shades in that palette perfectly.

Friday, June 28, 2019

ColourPop California Love Palette

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ColourPop's California Love Palette is the perfect summer-to-fall transitional palette to me. It's got some great warm shades and plenty of sparkle for summer looks, but the orange and brown tones just scream fall to me!
ColourPop has done several neutral palettes before, but this one is probably my favorite. It even includes a pressed glitter, and theirs are a pretty awesome formula!
Diego is a metallic coppery gold.
Gnarly is a matte pale peach.
Sequoia is a matte butternut orange.
Gold Rush is a matte burnt orange with subtle gold sparkle.

Hwy 1 is a matte chocolate brown with subtle gold sparkle.
Laguna is a matte pale orange.
El Capitan is a gold, silver and copper pressed glitter.
Surfrider is a metallic peachy terracotta with gold sheen.

Cahuenga is a metallic deep copper.
Mission is a matte dark brown with subtle gold sparkle.
Cruisin' is a metallic champagney gold.
The Ray is a matte peach.

This palette gets 2 thumbs up - literally every shade is an A+. There's no chalkiness, no patchiness - nothing. Every color is super pigmented and blendable and that glitter is gorgeous. If you are looking for a new neutral palette to take you from summer into fall, this is the one for sure!!