Saturday, May 12, 2018

Kat Von D 10 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

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The Kat Von D 10 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette is a beauty! The gold chrome packaging and gorgeous artwork on the outside made this one I definitely had to have!
I think that other than the limited edition Mi Vida Loca palette from a few holiday seasons ago, this one has the best color selection. There's plenty of matte transition shades, some nice pops of color, and some neutrals.
There are also a few shades in here, like Alexandria and Kelly, that are pretty unique and duo-chrome, which is right up my alley!

Adele - matte chocolate
Malice - matte terracotta
Ashley - matte tangerine
Gina - matte warm yellow

Egypt - metallic yellow gold
Sylvia - matte light tan
Lala - matte olive
Leafar - metallic emerald

Melanie - matte cream
Alexandria - metallic peachy yellow with pink sparkles
Nancy - matte beige
Catherine² - metallic purple

Kelly - metallic purply brown with teal shift
Sarah - matte greyish taupe
Carolyn - matte teal
Chad - matte royal blue

This palette as a whole is gorgeous. The only shade I would like to see a little more pigmentation out of is Sarah, but that's just the slightest complaint. I really love the blendability of the mattes here, and that Kelly shade is so freakin' gorgeous! In the pan it looks like just another brown-with-teal-shift shadow, but it's got this purple hue to it that just makes it stunning and like nothing else that I have in my collection!

I hope you all enjoyed my little review/swatchfest. This palette is limited edition and can be found at Kat Von D Beauty and Sephora.

Kat Von D Signature Brow Precision Pencil in Dark Brown

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The KVD Signature Brow Precision Pencils recently launched, along with a whole line of pomades and powders. I just picked up one of the pencils for now, but have a feeling I will be going back for a pomade and powder soon!
The pencil is very, very thing and the tip is unlike any brow pencil I've seen before. It's super thin, but oval shaped - meaning you can use the wide side for filling in and the super thin sides for creating fine lines. The pencil twists up, so there's no sharpening involved, which I always appreciate.
The formula, though, is not as smooth as I wish it was. It tends to skip and drag and doesn't glide on as smoothly as I would expect a $20 brow pencil to. It's not often that I dislike a KVD product, but this one falls short for me. The color is absolutely spot on perfect for me, but the formula leaves something to be desired.

Kat Von D 10 Year Anniversary Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter in Gold Skool

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I've been patiently waiting for the Kat Von D line to come out with highlighters. We first got the Metal Crush palette which, while pretty, was super duper glittery and not very "every day use" to me. With Gold Skool Extreme Highlighter, we get more of the same.
What drew me to this is that it looks like a white pearl powder with lots of gold shimmer. Upon swatching, there's really no white in it and it's more of a sheer, super fine glitter.
Don't get me wrong - this is gorgeous! The fact that it has that sheerness will make it work for pretty much any skin tone. I do like glowing, blinding highlights but this one is definitely glitter to the extreme. I don't find it to be an every day wearable shade for me, but will definitely use it more as an eyeshadow! The formula is smooth, and I am hoping for more shades in the future that will be a little less glitter-filled, because I would love to see some with a pearl/iridescent finish to them!

This baby is limited edition for the 10 Year Anniversary Collection, and can be found on and Sephora.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lime Crime Venus III Palette

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The Lime Crime Venus III surprised me - I hadn't seen or heard anything about it until the day it released, when Lime Crime sent me an email about it. It is available at Ulta as well! I knew I had to grab it, because I have loved all of the other Venus palettes (and Venus XL JUST came out shortly before this one, which I also am obsessed with!)
This one is very pink toned. It's got 8 shadows, with a good mix of finishes. 
The top row is:
Dreamy - matte rosy mauve
Beam - sheer sparkling pink with pink and gold shimmers
Heavenly - sheer sparkly peach with pink and gold shimmers
Rapture - medium pink with a satin finish

Beam and Heavenly remind me a lot of the Hi-Lite powders. They have that same sheerness that makes those so versatile, yet they have enough pigmentation to really pack a punch.

The bottom row is:
Ecstasy - matte deep brown
Paradise - fuchsia with a satin finish
Bliss - matte reddish terracotta
Beloved - metallic warm brown

The mattes in this palette are all really nice and blendable. I found the ones in the XL palette to be extremely dry, but they performed well. These perform just as well without that super dryness. It is a really pretty palette for spring, and the color selection is super girly and cute. It is definitely the opposite of the grungey asthetic of the first two Venus palettes, but I think it's opposite in a GOOD way lol.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lime Crime Venus XL Palette

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I got this beauty that is the Lime Crime Venus XL Palette from Ulta during their sale, and I couldn't be happier that I decided to pick it up! I was putting it off because I had just bought the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette and this one seemed like a lot of pinks and red just like that one. However, the two palettes actually compliment each other really well!
There's 18 new shades here, and the palette itself is the size of the two previous Venus palettes put together. Here is a shot of the shadows with flash and without flash:
I swatched each row with no primer/base so that you can see how pigmented they are. Most of the mattes in this palette feel SUPER dry to the touch, but I haven't had issues with them blending or performing at all.
Eden - semi-metallic pale brick red
Love - warm metallic gold
Passion - matte magenta
Fresca - mauvey taupe base with gold glitter
Inspired - metallic berry
Idolize - matte caramel

Aphrodite - matte deep berry
Nu Classic - metallic bronzey brown
Burnt Gold - matte medium brown
Flora - matte bright coral
Scallop - matte peach
Celestial - matte brownish berry with gold glitter

Ethereal - iridescent pinky coral
Triumph - matte mauvey pink
Supreme - matte purple-berry
Blank Canvas - matte cream
Boticelli - matte blackened plum
Goddess - rosy pink satin

That Boticelli color is EXTREMELY pigmented but also the driest feeling of the bunch. I should also mention that the darker shades tend to stain without a good base, so that is something to keep in mind. Other than that, I really enjoy this palette and think it's beautiful! If you are a lover of pinks and reds, it's a definite must. 

My Scary Eyes Review

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I was recently contacted by My Scary Eyes and asked if I would like to review a pair of their contact lenses. I chose the Multi Color Lenses to review for you today.

The kit I received contains everything you need - a bottle of lens solution, a contact lens case, and the contacts, which come in individually sealed bubble packs:

I thought these were really pretty - they're almost a "pinwheel" design of pastel colors. I have brown eyes, so it's odd for me to see myself with much lighter ones!
These are definitely super fun and I love that they sent a contact lens case along with them, because I have received contacts from several places before where they only send the little bubble packs and you have to make sure you have your own case to put them in.

The lenses came very fast, it only took about 4 days to receive them. Please note that they do not provide vision correction lenses/prescription lenses, so take that into consideration. 

If you are looking for a variety of fun, cool looking contacts, please check them out at and on Instagram at @MyScaryEyess

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lime Crime Hi-Lite Fairies Palette

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Yet another Hi-Lite palette from Lime Crime! The Fairies palette does not disappoint.
I was worried at first that the colors in this palette may be too dark for me to use as highlighters, but as I have found with their past highlighting palettes, the colors usually don't look as intense on the skin as they do in the pans. This one is the same - you will see in the swatches that these colors are light and shimmery.
The colors are, from left to right, Magic, Moonlight and Enchantment. Magic is a warm gold. Moonlight is a pale lavender with a blue shift. Enchantment is a champagne peach with gold shift (my fave!)

Here they are swatched, with and without flash:
As you can see, the sheerness of these is what makes them work on so many skintones. The Lime Crime Hi-Lites are always super pigmented, yet don't have a solid base color that will make them too ashy on dark skintones, or too harsh on light skintones. This is why I continue to buy them - there's so many color options when you start mixing the shades together, and they give your skin a beautiful glow. Love them, and love this palette!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Check Out Zainey Laney!

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I have been a fan of wax melts and home fragrance for as long as I can remember, but I recently became a rep for Zainey Laney, who makes some awesome waxes and body sprays, among other items! (You can use code MEG10 for 10% off any order on their site). So I wanted to introduce you to the brand and tell you about some of the awesome scents they have!
Before I get into it, they have a great Facebook group called Zainey Laney Wax that you might want to check out, because there's always group-exclusive sales and giveaways going on. 

So Zainey Laney started off offering monthly boxes (sort of like a subscription box, but you have to place the order every month instead of it getting automatically charged to your card) that included wax clamshells. Now they have expanded their offerings to include a sample wax box (contains the scents for that month in 2oz scent shots), a fragrance box (contains 4oz. spray bottles of the scents for that month) and a postcard box, which includes quality postcards with the artwork from each of the scents that month.

Every month is a fun pop culture related theme, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (pictured above), Stranger Things, Disney, Star Wars, etc. The scent variety in each box always impresses me, and I'm always so excited to get the new ones and smell them. Not ALL of the scents will stick around every month, because they put up a poll in the Facebook group for everyone to vote for their favorite scents from the monthly boxes. The ones that are the winners are the ones that get to be permanent fixtures in the shop.
They even do boxes like these, which are the "fan roulette" boxes. These include 5 scents that were all created and voted on by fans of the shop. To get in on this fun, you need to be a part of the Facebook group!

Dinglehopper was inspired by The Little Mermaid and is one of my absolute favorites. It's a clean, fruity-yet beachy scent that just brightens my mood every time I smell it. 

Their body sprays are available in 4oz bottles (shown here) and now 2oz bottles as well! This scent, the signature "Zainey Laney" Lemon, Black Tea and Blackberry is hands down my absolute favorite. I fell in love with it when I first got the wax (and have repurchased several times since) so as soon as they started making sprays I HAD to get that one! My husband loves this one as well, along with their "So Fresh and So Green, Green" scent, which is strawberries, kiwi, and lemon-lime fizz. Those are his favorites! It's also important to note that the sprays are extremely long lasting and make AWESOME room fragrances!!

There are so many scents to choose from on the website, so if you are a wax fan you should definitely check it out!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

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The Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette took a while to get to me because I missed the initial release and had to wait for the backordered ones to start shipping. However, I do appreciate that they gave that as an option, as opposed to releasing it and letting it sell out, and then having to wait and wait to find out when it would be coming back. I wish more brands would do this with big releases. 

The packaging is beautiful - the red palette came inside a white sleeve, and it has hinges and opens like a little case. Very cool! A little bulky, yes, but cool looking nonetheless.
Inside are 18 shades, and as you can see it's very red and pink toned yet very wearable. This will for sure be a new go-to palette for me.
I think that the Jeffree Star brand is definitely learning from mistakes (with their eyeshadows anyway). The first palette was very blah for me quality-wise. The second one was much better. This one is outstanding. 
Glucose is a matte bright white. Very pigmented even without a base.
Sugarcane is a matte pale dusty rose shade.
Cake Mix is a matte tan, great transition shade.
Ouch is a matte camel brown.
Donor is a metallic deep, rich gold.
Intravenous is a matte deep burgundy.

Candy Floss is a soft shimmery rosy pink. 
Tongue Pop is a matte peach.
Sweetener is my personal fave - a metallic peach with gold sheen.
Cavity is a crazy matte hot pink.
O Positive is a matte dusty mauve.
Root Canal is a matte fuchsia.

Prick is a matte coral. Performs better with a brush than this finger swatch.
Cherry Soda is a matte deep red.
Fresh Meat is a matte deep very. Feels very dry but is insanely pigmented.
Blood Sugar is a metallic brick red. This one is suuuuuper soft and pigmented.
Extraction is a matte deep purple.
Coma is a matte deep plum - again, pretty dry but very pigmented and performs well.

I am really impressed with this palette and love the color layout. I also think it's cool how they switched up the designs on the shadows for a few of the shades (Prick and Coma) - it's a nice added touch. The shadows perform well and I have no gripes about them. I would say this is definitely my favorite item that I've purchased from Jeffree Star Cosmetics thus far!