Friday, November 16, 2018

HUDA Beauty The New Nude Palette

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This is my first ever HUDA palette! I know, I know - where have I been? Truth is, I've talked myself out of the previous HUDA palettes because let's face it - I have WAY TOO MANY eyeshadow palettes! But this one was too pretty to pass up. I was super intrigued by those chunky looking shades, and just wanted to try it for myself. The New Nude Palette is a beautiful everyday, subtle-to-glam palette that I think most makeup lovers are really going to love.

The packaging is simple - and has a giant mirror on the inside, which is always a plus. The whole palette is very rose gold/mauve, which I really, really love. There are 2 pressed glitters, four of those crazy looking chunky shades, and in the lower left you have a super sticky concealer/base for really making the shadows pop.
So the first thing I was curious about were those chunky looking shades. Which, in fact, aren't chunky at all! They apply so smoothly and have a lot of dimension to them. They even pick up great on a flat brush, which I wasn't expecting because of how they are pressed. I thought sure I would have to apply them with my finger for the best results, but they perform beautifully with the brush!

The concealer/base is something I wanted to try right away too, because those things never seem to work for me when brands stick them in palettes. And guess what? This doesn't crease on me at all! If you've followed my blog for a while, you know I have super oily lids and there are only really 2 primers that I ever use because none of the others work. This one happens to be super sticky too, which really grabs onto those glittery shades.

Now let's get into the swatches!
For the first row from left to right we have:
Bare - matte light cream
Crave - metallic warm copper
Play - matte peach
Fantasy - metallic plum
Love Bite - matte blackberry
Spanked - matte cranberry

Lace - matte pinky lavender
Daydream - metallic warm pink
Tickle - matte warm pink
Excite - coppery red pressed glitter
Infatuated - peach/gold/copper pressed glitter
Kinky - warm plum pearl

Concealed - cream colored concealer base
Secret - matte warm peachy pink 
Tease - matte deep mauve
Raw - matte warm brown
Charmed - metallic warm brown with a pink pearlescence 
Teddy - matte warm beigy tan

I really, REALLY enjoy this palette. The mattes are up there with my favorite formulas. Everything blends amazingly and applies like a dream. The pressed glitters aren't the best, but to be honest I never use pressed glitters anyway. I may try to work these into some looks for the holidays. The rest of the palette is an absolute dream and I'm so glad I finally tried out something from HUDA Beauty!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

cariPRO by Smile Br!lliant

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I recently received the new cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush from Sm!leBrilliant to try out and review for you all. This is an amazing toothbrush (and way more affordable than others on the market!) 
The first thing I noticed is the look - it's super sleek and fancy looking! It's not too heavy, has a nice long neck and feels good in your hand. The brush itself is waterproof just in case you're someone who likes to brush in the shower. It's also got a charging base that is included in the box - at full charge the battery will last 30 days.
The brush heads are really nice because the backs of them have the tongue scraper - definitely eliminates the need to have an extra tool sitting around. It also comes with a charger/stand that doesn't take up too much space:

There are 5 modes on the brush that all do different things.
Clean: Standard mode for daily cleaning
White - Most powerful cleaning mode for removing surface stains, polishing and vigorous deep cleaning
Massage - Gentle gum pulsation for gum stimulation. For complete coverage, use this with another cleaning mode.
Gum Care - Gum mode for gentle cleaning along the gumline. For complete coverage, use with another cleaning mode.
Sensitive: Ideal for users who find the default clean mode slightly too aggressive. This mode is tuned well for those who have sensitive gums and teeth.
My take:

I myself have pretty sensitive teeth, but don't find the default clean mode to be too much to handle. It is definitely strong, but not bothersome. My whole mouth feels like I just had a cleaning at the dentist after I use it!

The white mode is definitely the most powerful - you really feel like you're getting a deep cleaning when using this one.

Massage mode is really invigorating for your gums. Again, I feel like I just went to the dentist when I use this along with the regular cleaning mode.

Gum Care is really helpful, as I feel like it really gets in there along the gumline and cleans everything out. My dentists throughout the years have always told me how I'm prone to tartar buildup and my enamel is soft, so I always try to keep up with flossing and gum care. This brush just makes it easier!

Sensitive mode is a little gentler than the normal clean mode. Like I said, I can get away with clean mode but if you have pretty sensitive teeth, this mode will be your best friend.

I am so happy with this toothbrush. Keep in mind that I'm a pretty "rough brusher," so I had to get used to letting the brush do the work for me. Once I got the hang of it, this has become my favorite part of my night and morning routine. I had been using a Spinbrush for a few months and wow, what a difference. I love that this is so much more powerful, because it actually gets the job done. Years ago I had an electric toothbrush that had the interchangeable heads that my whole family used, and it worked pretty well but was more expensive than the cariPRO, as were the refill heads. So for this to be $119 for the individual package and $13 for the 2 pack of replacement heads, it's awesome. I think with the holidays coming up, this will make a great gift for people as well!

Like what you see? You can get yours now at Smile Brilliant
Have questions? You can also check out their FAQ page!

 You can also take 20% off the toothbrushes when you use code sheputshermakeupon20 at checkout.

Would you like to enter to WIN your own cariPRO? Giveaway Link: Enter to Win!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

PUR x The Grinch "Good Enough to Steal" Palette

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I happened across this adorable palette when I was in Ulta, and couldn't believe I hadn't heard anything about it yet. PUR Cosmetics did a Grinch palette! They also have a few other items in the collection - a face mask, liquid liner set, a set of 4 mini masks, and then China Glaze did a Grinch nail collection as well.

The palette is an all-in-one - it has a highlighter, blush, 2 pressed glitters, 8 shadows, and a lip balm. I swatched it in store and was very impressed with the quality - I've never used any PUR palettes before, so I was pretty excited for this!
The palette is set up like a gift box - you lift the lid and there's a little 3D pop-up Whoville scene inside. Then you pull the palette out from underneath. It does have a cute heart shaped mirror inside the lid that says "The Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day."
The palette is shaped like a heart, and does pull all the way out so that you have easier access to all the shades.
The "Moody" lip balm is so cool - it's green, but goes on pink and stains your lips so it's pretty long lasting. It has sort of a spearmint smell to it, so not your usual peppermint scent.

From left to right we have:
Feeling Frosty (highlighter) - White golden champagne
Mr. Grinch - metallic green pressed glitter
Cave - matte beige
Maaaax! - metallic champagne
Sly One - matte cranberry
Leave Now - black with rainbow sparkles

Heart of Who (blush) - medium pink with slight golden sheen
Naughty - metallic cranberry pink pressed glitter
Who Cares - olive green with god shimmer
Loathe - warm metallic gold
Cindy-Lou Who - satin cranberry
Booorring! - brown with gold shimmer

All in all, I think this palette is pretty adorable AND works really well. The "Sly One" shade is the only one that's a bit patchy - everything else performs beautifully. I will absolutely be using this for all my holiday looks this year!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

ColourPop Ooh Lala Palette

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ColourPop marketed this Ooh Lala! Palette as part of a Mean Girls collection, so I had to grab it! It's a mostly pink shadow palette, which I feel is not for everyone, but the colors are great!
It's a small 9 pan palette, so it was $12 (a few dollars less than their regular palettes).

The shades are:
Tickled - a pink and champagne sparkly topper (it's pretty sheer)
Soft Core - muted matte coral
Poodle - matte medium pink

Big Sugar - hot pink with peachy shimmer
Opulent - bright fuchsia
Sandbar - matte hot pink

Trove - matte berry
Caddy - matte deep violet
Moon Struck - metallic peachy champagne

It's a gorgeous little palette! The Caddy shade does need a bit of layering to build up the color, but all the other shades are wonderful. I do love that ColourPop does mattes so well, because that Sandbar is the matte hot pink I've been looking for for a very long time!!

Kat Von D Fetish Palette

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Kat Von D always goes big with her holiday palettes, and the Fetish palette is no exception. I did not pick up the face palette - while I'm interested, it has been getting horrible reviews, and to be honest I really don't enjoy her super glittery highlighters. So for now, I have the shadow palette for you - let's talk about it!

The packaging is beautiful, as always. It's got a patent leather look to it, and the word on the front looks like it's embroidered. The "I" is a whip, which is quite clever.
The palette is oval, which looks nice but for me drives me crazy, because I am pretty anal about the way I store my palettes. When they're all different shapes and sizes, it just drives me nuts - I'm being nitpicky, but thought I would mention it.

The layout of the palette is pretty unique - instead of being in straight lines across, they're in a jagged pattern. There's also a decent sized mirror. The entire inside is cardboard. There are 24 shades of different finishes, so I will just get into the swatches! There are some duds in here, so I'm going to go through and leave comments next to each shade that I seem to have trouble with.

From left to right:
Nylon - matte greyish taupe
Kink - matte violet, very hard to get any pigmentation out of. It doesn't blend well and doesn't want to adhere well either.
Blindfold - metallic satiny brown
Deviant - metallic rosy mauve
Whip - matte dark brown with gold glitter
Suspension - matte deep brown. Rather chalky, lots of fallout

Rope - metallic rust
Sex - pale matte orange. Really needs to be built up, patchy.
Latex - deep navy with blue and green sparkles. Applies pretty patchy.
Obsession - matte deep teal. Such a pretty shade but VERY patchy. It tends to grab in one place and not want to blend out on the eye.
Chastity - chunky gold with glitter. Works best applied with a finger.
Shibari - metallic medium green
Corset - matte muted purple. Crumbly, lots of fallout.

Cuffs - metallic silver
La Petite Mort - matte true green. Patchy, needs to be built up, doesn't blend well.
Submissive - metallic chunky pale gold with glitter. So pretty, but needs to be applied with a finger or foiled to work well.
Rubber - matte black
Fixation - matte light beige

Knotty - matte light taupey brown
S + M - matte medium grey. A little patchy, takes some work to blend it.
Stiletto - metallic cranberry
Dominatrix - metallic cherry red (probably my favorite shade in the palette)
Bondage - matte cherry red
Safe Word - matte peachy cream

So all the ones I didn't comment on are fine - they are nicely pigmented and up to par with the usual KVD shadows. The others give me so many problems that I'm not even sure how worth it the palette is. It's pricey at $63, and none of the shades in here are anything special. It's disappointing because the KVD holiday palette is the one I look forward to most every year! There were a few years where she had some dud shades in the holiday palettes, but this one seems to take the cake. The past few years were AWESOME palettes filled with a great array of colors. This one just seems...boring?

ColourPop It's A Princess Thing Palette

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I snagged 2 things from the ColourPop Disney Princess collection. The first was this SuperShock shadow in "Heigh Ho." It was the only one that really jumped out at me. Because I love using these as an all-over shadow for days when I have to do quick makeup in the morning, this was a color I definitely needed!
It looks cream colored in the pan, but it's a sheer iridescent pink with tons of multi-dimensional sparkles.
I tried to photograph it in different lighting, but it still doesn't do it justice - it's gorgeous in person!

The other thing I picked up was, of course, the It's A Princess Thing Palette.
Super cute packaging, the princesses are on the front all decked out, looking like a fashion designer drew them up
This is a 15 pan palette, and to me the shades just scream "holidays" to me. It's a palette I can see myself using for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, for sure!
The top row is mostly mattes. The middle row is all metallics, and the bottom row is a mix of metallics and mattes with glitter in them.

From left to right:
Chip - matte soft beige nude
Juju - matte warm pink
Grumpy - matte dusty salmon
Triton - sand with a gold sheen
Abu - matte warm brown

Prince Charming - ivory with a metallic green duochrome
Ray - metallic champagne
Fairy Godmother - metallic coral
One Kiss? - coppery gold
Thingamabob - metallic bright silver

Enchanted Rose - deep metallic rose
Poison Apple - metallic pink-violet
Magic Carpet - blackened plum
Beast - matte brown with gold glitter
Midnight Curfew - matte black with multicolored glitter

These shades all perform phenomenally. I do recommend using that middle row with your finger, as the metallics don't really like to pick up on a brush. I have been pretty bored with neutral palettes lately, but this one is really gorgeous!!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

ColourPop Good Sport Palette

The ColourPop Good Sport Palette seems to be their fall palette, so the colors are very fitting and perfect for this time of year!
It's one of their $16 12 pan palettes, which is the size they seem to do most often. I think it's a great deal for the awesome quality of the shadows that they offer.
Wild Out is a metallic warm champagne.
Hooky is a matte deep terracotta.
Rookie is a metallic burnt orange with blue glitter.
Sista is a matte violet.

Licious is a metallic bright yellow gold.
High Hopes is a matte peachy brown.
Reckless is a matte deep maroon.
Trooper is a matte marigold yellow.

Hooked is a metallic icy moss green.
Trophies is a matte blackened olive brown.
EBB is a bright metallic olive.
Flow is a matte dusty purple.

*I think in my palette Trophies and Flow are reversed - on their website the colors are in the opposite spots!*

As usual, the majority of this palette is amazing. Reckless is a little drier than the other mattes, but it is super pigmented and performs fine on the eyes. I have noticed that Sista and Flow need a little extra work just because they don't seem to adhere or blend as well, but they are definitely workable. very other color is great, especially the metallic - they are insanely pigmented!! That EBB shade is such a bright, awesome olive color and I absolutely love it. Yet another great palette from ColourPop!