Sunday, September 13, 2020

ColourPop Mulan Palette

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The ColourPop Mulan Palette is one I skipped the first time around, but decided to pick it up when they restocked. This is a nice array of darker neutrals with some pops of red.

This is one of their 15 pan palettes and retails for $22. There is one pressed glitter (Be Swift) and I am pretty sure Like A Girl is a Super Shock formula, but it's not quite as squishy as they usually feel!

Imperial is a matte nude.
Strike A Match is a metallic champagne with bronze flecks.
Be Swift is a pressed gold glitter.
Fighter is a matte peachy beige.
Like a Girl is a silvery taupe. It looks like a chunky glitter, but applies as a sheer shimmer.

Warrior is a warm reddish brown with a silver/green/gold duochrome.
Honor is a matte cool brown.
Loyal is a metallic true red with gold sparkle.
Brave is a warn mustardy brown with gold sparkle.
Strength is a matte terracotta.

True is a matte blackened brown.
Undefeated is a metallic ruby.
Defiant is a matte black with gold and silver sparkles.
Guiding Spirit is a matte deep red brown.
Legacy is a matte chocolate with gold sparkle.

The mattes in this palette are phenomenal. I'm not a fan of the pressed glitters, so I'm glad that they only threw one in here. My favorite color is definitely Loyal - it just screams holiday season to me and I'm so excited to do a bunch of looks with it!! Strike a Match is the only shade that is chunky and causes a little fallout. Like a Girl looks like it would be chunky, but since it's got that Super Shock texture, it applies smoothly and is more of a sheer shimmery champagne shade. I am glad I decided to pick up this palette because it's really great quality!

Friday, August 28, 2020

ColourPop Lil' Ray Of Sunshine Palette

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The ColourPop Lil' Ray Of Sunshine Palette is an all-matte 9 pan palette that is the perfect summer-into-autumn transition color story.
While I don't typically love all-matte palettes, this one pairs well with a lot of other ColourPop palettes (Uh-Huh Honey in particular) to create some awesome looks. I'll do an all-matte eye from time to time, but I am someone who feels like a little shimmer makes everything better!

I love the sunflower design on the packaging, but the yellow is so pale that I think they should have made the text black, or even a dark brown, because it's so hard to read the names.
Sun's Out is a pale cream yellow.
Vitamin D is a pale light yellow.
Happy Place is a pale lemon yellow.

Blissed Out is a mustard yellow.
Sunnies is a bright marigold.
Vibey is a golden honey yellow.

Limoncello is a warm apricot.
Chillin' is a terracotta.
Sun Giant is a chocolate brown.

The Sun's Out shade needs to be built up a little to reach its full potential, but other than that this palette is VERY pigmented! My favorite has to be Sunnies - it's so warm and bold, and it's hard to find yellow that pack that much pigment without piling it on or using a super sticky base with it. This one is awesome! I definitely recommend checking out this palette if you're looking for a great end of summer/beginning of autumn color story!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

ColourPop Land (ColourPop X Candy Land Collection)

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I don't think I've ever been more excited about a ColourPop release than this one! Candyland was a huge part of my childhood, and if you know me, I have a thing for nostalgia. I truly love that they stuck with the artwork that I grew up with in the Candy Land game (it's been redone so many times since and has never been as cool) and the fact that it's so colorful!! I couldn't help myself and just bought the entire PR set with the ColourPopLand game included.

Everything came in a beautifully packaged presentation - the box has sprinkles all over it and opens up to reveal the entire collection, along with the game pieces and cards.

The tray that holds everything lifts up, revealing the game board underneath. It unfolds into the full size "ColourPop Land" game. The pastels just make this so pretty, and if you look closely you will see little ColourPop makeups all throughout the game board! The first thing I'll dive into is the Princess Lolly Roller Gloss:

Again, nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia! This reminds me so much of the Lip Smackers glosses that I loved as a kid. It is lollipop scented and smells DELICIOUS! Almost like a raspberry-strawberry scent.

The fact that it has a metal rollerball instead of plastic is awesome to me, because these kind always work so much better and apply the product more evenly.

The product itself is smooth, not sticky, and decently moisturizing as far as glosses go. It definitely gets a thumbs up from me, and I kind of already want a backup lol!

Next we have the Sweet Escape Glowing Lip Balm set, featuring the Mr. Mint character:

I am pretty sure these were not available individually, just as the set of 3. They have a minty vanilla scent to them and are all lightly tinted.

The outer packaging is this gorgeous gold chrome with candy canes all over it.

Mr. Mint is a pale peach.

Let's Chill is a bright pink.

Peppermint Frost is a pale pink.

Here they are swatched - as you can see they're very sheer and give just the slightest hint of tint. These are super moisturizing and smooth and feel great on the lips!!

The packaging is reminiscent of the old Coty airspun powders, in a giant cardboard container with a big powder puff!

It has a shaker inside to make it less messy, and helps you dispense little bits at a time. You definitely don't need much with this, so you're getting a lot of bang for your buck!

The color is a sparkly champagne. You could definitely go in with a brush and use it on your face, but this gives a beautiful shimmer to your collarbones, shoulders - basically anywhere you want to GLOW!

It is scented in "cupcake frosting" but almost smells like vanilla baby powder to me. It smells great but is definitely strongly fragranced, so you may not like it if you're sensitive to scented products.

This includes a watermelon, papaya and coconut face milk. These all smell amazing. These are basically light moisturizers that you can use any time of the day whenever you need a little moisture boost!

Then we have the Super Shock Blushes:

When I first saw them, they all looked very similar in the package. But upon closer inspection, they definitely have different tones to them. And let me tell you, these smell AMAZING!! They are gumdrop scented and have such a fruity, yummy scent to them that I could almost eat them haha!

The marbling throughout them gives these a tiny hint of shimmer, but nothing too crazy.
Gumdrop Pass is a pink base with swirls of  purple and shimmering pale pink.
Gummy More is a peach with swirls of coral and shimmering gold.
Jolly is a pale peach with swirls of pink and shimmering champagne.

Last but not least we have the star of the collection, the Candy Castle Shadow Palette!

This has 10 shades, which I'm not sure I've seen them do before but I could be wrong. It's got a slim design, cardboard packaging, and a good sized mirror inside.

The colors are fun! Several pastels, but enough darker shades in there to really make it a one and done palette. If this was entirely pastel, I'm not sure I would like it as much. But it's got a nice color story to make it something I will definitely reach for often!

Candy Land is a matte pastel pink with silver micro sparkles.
Sugar High is a metallic sheer white.
Cravings is a matte pale pastel yellow with silver micro sparkles.
King Kandy is a matte peach.
Lord Licorice is a matte pale tan.

Gramma Nutt is a matte pinky peach.
Plumpy is a metallic light purple.
Rainbow Trail is a matte pastel mint with silver micro sparkles.
Candy Crush is a matte peachy beige with silver micro sparkles.
Gloppy is a matte warm brown with gold and copper micro sparkles.

I am pretty impressed with how pigmented the pastels in this palette are. A lot of the time matte pastels like this will be crumbly and patchy, but these guys are smooth and apply great. The Cravings shade needs a little building to reach its full potential, but it's got a great texture and is easy to blend. I love that the Gloppy shade was included, because I feel like it really rounds out the palette. Every time I use this I'm going to be thinking about ice cream because it's a very ice cream-colored palette!

So there you have it, the full ColourPop Land Collection. I haven't written a blog post this long in quite a while! Hope you all enjoyed me yacking about how much I enjoy this collection!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Jeffree Star Orgy and Mini Orgy Palettes

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 The Mini Orgy and Orgy Palette from Jeffree Star are the latest in his eyeshadow line. The 2 palettes are available as a discounted set at $78. The mini alone is $28 and the larger palette is $62. Definitely the most expensive yet, but there are more eyeshadows inside than any palette he's done before. But is it worth it?

The mini palette is full of shimmers, which compliments the larger palette quite well. 

The mini has 9 shades, all metallic or shimmery. There are a variety of textures to them.

  • Glass Wet is a sheer sparkly white. This one is very dry and doesn't have a lot of payoff.
  • Champagne Drip is a metallic gold.
  • Gagging is a sheer peachy gold. Again, dry texture with not a lot of payoff.
Soaking Sun is a metallic copper.
Frozen Fire is a duochrome pink/copper. Has that dry texture to it again and needs building.
Bath House is a metallic golden taupe.

Explicit is a metallic bronze with gold flecks.
Foam Party is a pale sheer gold with that dry texture again.
Eiffel Tower is a deep metallic brown.

I'm not in love with the mini palette. I don't feel the quality is up to par with the last few palettes he's released. There are too many dry shades in here with not a lot of payoff. The good ones are great, but those 4 dry shades are not going to get a lot of use from me. I don't like to have to scrape at a shadow to have to get it to work, especially at the price of these. Let's move on to the larger palette...
There's 30 shades in here, guys. 30. While I do think it's a good idea for makeup artists that will get a ton of use out of it, this isn't something everyone is going to need or want, and I don't think a lot of thought went into that before making it. Considering the names of the shadows and the fact that it's called "Orgy," and he likes to put different stamps on the shadows in his palettes, I think they missed the mark at stamping some Karma Sutra positions on some of these, don't you? No? Just me? hahaha it's all I could think of when I opened it and saw that they all just had the star logos on them this time!
On the plus side, there is literally every shade of matte cream and matte brown that you could ever need.

The first row has all veeeeery similar shades.
I'm Shy is a bone white.
Vanilla Latex is a soft vanilla.
Implant is a pale peach.
Teach Me is a pale cream.
Silk Robe is a pale rose.
Seduction is a pale nude beige.

Voyeurism is a soft pale yellow.
Fluffer is a very pale pink.
Blow Out is a pale apricot.
Gender Fluid is a pale peachy beige.
Body is a pale tan.
Bed or Floor? is a pale peach.

Knee Pads is a pale taupe.
Safe Sex is a tan rose.
Top is a warm tan.
Bottom is a rosy tan.
Versatile is a rosewood.
Cunnilingus is a medium brown.

Craving Chocolate is a milk chocolate.
All Night Long is a soft toffee.
Body Chills is a smoky brown.
Booby Trap is a rich chestnut.
Invitation Only is a warm cocoa.
Scorpio is a cool gray brown.

Money Shot is a deep warm brown.
Explicit is a pale mocha.
Happy Ending is a deep earthy brown.
Orgy is a dark chocolate brown.
I'm Close is a cool espresso brown.
Glory Hole is a blackened brown.

This palette has given me no issues. All smooth, creamy mattes that are consistent with recent Jeffree Star quality. I wish the shades in the mini palette were all this good. In my opinion, they tried to create  a mini palette that you just feel like you NEED to get to go with all the mattes that are in the large one. To be honest, I'd rather just have a palette that has a mix of both. I don't need tons of mattes in similar shades in one palette. This is great for makeup artists, but the everyday makeup buyer/wearer is not going to need this. I think that's obvious considering nothing sold out the first day like they usually do!!