Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NYX Lip Primer in Nude

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I recently bought the new NYX lip primer. I initially thought this product was going to be a concealer type pencil to mute out the color of your lips. After all, they have it in 2 shades. It ends up being pretty much a chubby clear lip liner. It does, however, work really well so I wanted to share my thoughts!

I got the shade Nude because it was either this one or deep nude - those are currently the only two to choose from. I don't think it matter much though, since this one has no color or anything to it.
It comes in chubby pencil form, and glides on nicely. The pencil twists up, so not having to sharpen it is nice! I notice a slight coconut scent to it, but that's about it.

 I find that it gives my lips a little bit of moisture before applying lipstick, kind of like a balm would do, but with added tackiness. It's nothing crazy that makes your lips stick together, it's just an added bonus that helps your lipstick adhere better and increases its longevity.

I use this the same way I do any lip liner - I line my lips with it and then fill them in. It gives no color whatsoever, just aids in keeping your lipstick on longer. It also helps keep dark shades from feathering and works REALLY well for that. I love OCC's Black Dahlia Lip Tar but that color feathers something awful on me. When I use this stuff beforehand, I don't seem to have as much of an issue. I highly recommend this primer for anyone who wants a longer lasting lip!

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