Monday, February 17, 2014

New Makeup Setup!

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Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days, guys! I've been pretty my internet wasn't hooked up because hubby and I were moving all our furniture around. But I got a new makeup desk/storage from IKEA and have been busy reorganizing!

This setup is 2 of the ALEX drawer systems and a Linnmon tabletop. They have several different sized table tops, you pretty much just choose what one works for your space. There was a longer, skinny one, and a couple smaller ones but this one is the perfect size. It's HUGE compared to what I had before, and the drawers have so much room. I can see why the ALEX drawers have become a favorite among the beauty community - I managed to get all my makeup, nail polishes, etc. in them and I still have a few empty drawers!

The best part about this is, my old desk is now my photography station for the blog. Before I was having to pull out the lightbox and lights every time I needed to shoot photos because there was nowhere else for me to do it, now I can have it set up all the time. I have some umbrella lights coming this week to hopefully help the lighting in my videos - it's all coming together! Hope you guys enjoyed this little post and look for more reviews this week!!

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