Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kat Von D Superliminal Transformer Liquid Lipstick

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This was a product I was suuuuper excited for the moment I saw it - the Kat Von D Transformer Lipstick. It is limited edition and available at Sephora now. The box has the same awesome artwork that the Esperanza palette has. The tube is made of a sturdy plastic, as are the new Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks. This is a big plus because the original packaging on them felt very flimsy and cheap for such an amazing product. They now have the packaging they deserve, along with some cool new artwork on them! I will say that this one is definitely a gloss, not a lipstick, so I'm not sure why they didn't just call it a gloss. I also have a perfect dupe for it that I discovered I already had, so you're covered if it sells out before you can get your hands on it!

This is one of those products that is so hard to photograph because it flashes so many colors. I see green, peach, pink, and purple depending on the angle and the lighting. Here I took a blurry shot and a normal shot in hopes of catching a few different colors:

The applicator is a small doe foot, which doesn't seem to grab much product. That's one downside - I find myself having to re-dip several times to apply this to my lips.

No matter what I did I couldn't seem to capture the purple angle of this!
The formula isn't too thin or thick. It's not sticky at all and has no scent to it. I used to LOVE the berry scent of the old Kat Von D lightning glosses and was hoping they might bring it back for this but sadly, no.

The whole idea of the Transformer Shade is to use it over any other lipstick you have to give it more depth/dimension. It doesn't make much of a difference on your lips if you wear it by itself, though it is pretty moisturizing and feels nice. Here I swatched some Kat Von D Lipsticks and on the bottom half of each swatch, added some of Superliminal to it.
Mau5, A-Go-Go, Vampira, Underage Red.
Again, can't quite capture it! This is definitely a shade/effect that's going to come across better on YouTube than on here lol.

Lastly, I used it over the new Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Armageddon. With this one it honestly just gives a gloss to an otherwise matte lip color.

Now for the dupe alert...when I first saw it I was thinking it looked very similar to an Inglot AMC gloss that I got ages ago. Upon swatching, I found that they're pretty much the same thing.

This is Inglot AMC Lip Gloss 543:
In the packaging, it looks more blue/purple than Kat Von D's Superliminal, but swatched you can see it is very similar.

And here they are side by side - on the left in Inglot, on the right is Kat Von D:
So there you have it: if you miss out you can always get Inglot AMC gloss 543 for a few bucks cheaper! Although the Kat Von D packaging is waaaay cooler!

You can check out my recent haul video for more info!

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