Friday, June 22, 2018

Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette

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Jeffree Star's summer palette is called Thirsty, and it is certainly a colorful one! It has a really cool raindrop effect on the front and back of the palette.
It features 10 matte shadows and 5 pressed pigments, which I thought were going to be chunky and cause fallout, but they are SO smooth!
Jeffree said in the video he made about this palette that they used a new shadow formula for this palette, and you can definitely tell. The mattes are really smooth and creamy in this one, where I found them to be pretty inconsistent in the Blood Sugar palette. In that one they were all quite pigmented and performed well, but a lot of them were very dry. 
Parched - matte cream
Taste Buds - matte hot peach
Biiiitch! - matte hot coral
Kumquat - matte pumpkin
Stroke - matte burnt orange
These all perform really well, but Taste Buds takes some building up to make it stick and show up.

Divine - metallic silver 
Filthy Rich - metallic yellow gold with silver sparkles
Lick - metallic true gold
Snatched - metallic cool brown with silver sparkles
Plunge - metallic warm brown with silver sparkles
The five of these apply best with your finger, as they have a very creamy texture. They are extremely smooth, pigmented, and despite the fact that they have a lot of glitter in them (except for Like, that is just a straight up gold foil) they don't have a ton of fallout or chunkiness to them.

Subtle - matte tan
Quench - matte bright yellow
Submerge - matte bright blue
Splash - matte bright seafoam
Drizzle - matte chocolate
Quench, Submerge and Splash all need a white base to show their true potential, but they blend really well and are quite pretty!

All in all, I am quite happy with this palette. Blood Sugar is still my favorite as I like the color selection more, but this one is really nice, especially for the summer months!

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