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FAKE Naked 3 Palette VS. The Real Naked 3 Palette - Swatches and Comparison!

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Today I finally have my comparison post for you guys between the Fake Naked 3 palette and the real Naked 3 palette. This was very highly requested ever since the Naked 3 palette came out, which was pretty much right around the time I posted the other reviews of the dupe palettes. I ended up helping a few people realize that the ones they had that they THOUGHT were real were actually fake! So if nothing else, these types of posts can be pretty helpful when you're trying to figure out if you got duped on eBay or something. 

I'm going to say what I said in those posts as well - when you're dealing with fake palettes that don't list their actual ingredients on the box but rather just copy word for word what the REAL palette has for ingredients, it can be a little worrysome. I always figured that these were coming from the same places that make all those 120 and 88 palettes that sites sell all the time, so they must be similar in ingredients to those. If you choose to use the fake palettes, it's at your own discretion! I personally have never had an issue with them but that's not to say someone with sensitive eyes won't have some sort of reaction to them, so just keep that in mind :)

Before I start, in case you missed any of the past reviews, my review on the real Naked 3 can be found HERE, my review on the Fake Naked Basics palette is HERE, and my review on the fake Naked 2 palette is HERE. Now...on with the comparison! Also, I bought the palette HERE. They do not market this as the Naked 3 palette on the site - nor do they show any pictures on there that say Urban Decay, but when they arrive in the mail, they look just like UD lol

Here is the fake, with the box that it came in:

And the back of the box - fakes will usually have a white sticker like this on them somewhere. In my case they've always been stuck to the back of the box haphazardly. Also, the real box was much bigger and included pictures of the primer samples on the back, which is what comes with the real palette when you purchase it. This one just has a picture of the brush.

In this picture and for all the following pictures, the fake palette is on the top and the real one is on the bottom. You can see here that they differ slightly in color, but other than that they're quite similar.:

I found that there was quite a difference in these 2 palettes. It seems like they really rushed to pump out the fake on once the real one came out, because the matte shades are awful and not a lot of the colors are perfect dupes like with past fakes. I will get to that shortly, but for now here is a shot of them:
The inside of the fake one is more of a rosey colored plastic, where the real one is more tan.

The fake brush is darker and has a flat shadow brush on one end and a fluffy blending brush on the other. The real one (sorry mine is a little dirty!) has a flat shadow brush and a fluffier shadow brush.
I quite like the fake brush - it doesn't shed and the blending end is awesome. No issues there!

Now we are going to go through the colors in sets of 3. First up is Strange, Dust, and Burnout. Again, the fakes are on the top and the real ones are on the bottom:
The fake Strange has hardly any pigmentation - as you can see, it doesn't even really show up on my arm. The fake Dust actually has a better texture than the real one, but is a little lighter. The fake Burnout is pretty similar to the real one, but a little lighter.

Next is Limit, Buzz and Trick:

The fake Limit is another awful one - hardly shows up. The fake Buzz is more pink-toned than the real one. The fake Trick is a little more of a dark gold than the real one is.

Nooner, Liar and Factory:

The fake Nooner is a totally different shade and very sheer - not pigmented at all. The fake Liar is probably the closest dupe to the real color out of the whole palette. The fake Factory is a lot lighter than the real one.

Mugshot, Darkside, and Blackheart:

The fake Mugshot is actually really nice, just a tad darker than the real one. Fake Darkside is horrible - another sheer crappy one. The fake Blackheart is much more rose-toned than the real one and it also has less glitter.

So, there you have it! In doing this I've realized that these comparison posts are definitely the most time-consuming ones to make! Haha but I love doing it, especially if it helps someone out. I hope you guys enjoyed and remember to follow with Bloglovin' to keep up with all my posts!

You can also see my video review here:

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