Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fake Naked Basics

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A few days ago I posted my review of the fake Naked 2 palette HERE, so you can check that out first if you'd like - I explain why I knowingly bought fake Urban Decay in that post :) But this is another, that I believe cost around $4.95 and it is the fake Naked Basics palette. Let's see how this one stacks up.
As I said in my review for the fake Naked 2 palette, replica makeup is a use at your own risk thing - it sucks because they don't put the actual ingredients on the package, it is just a copy of what the real one says it has in it. However, these mass-produced palettes seem to come from the same places all the 120 palettes and all those other cheaply made ones with tons of colors come from, the ones companies just slap their logo on and re-sell, so who needs to be mentioned though, to use with caution in case you are allergic to something in them!

The main difference in the look of this one from the original is the palettes' packaging is a little darker. And it is really, really difficult to open!!
The shadows, however, are smooth and buttery and if I didn't know any better I'd think this was the real thing. The ones in the fake Naked 2 had a drier consistency - these feel just like Urban Decay's shadows. Even Foxy, which is also in Naked 2, performs/swatches better than the one in the fake Naked 2 palette.

With flash:
Without flash:
Venus is a light cream satin
Foxy is a matte cream
Walk Of Shame (W.O.S.) is a matte pink-toned nude
All of these swatch nicely - I don't experience and chalkiness or fallout with them at all!

With flash:
Without flash:
Naked 2 is a matte light taupe
Faint is a matte medium brown
Crave is a matte black with brown undertones
Again, all 3 of these swatch nicely with no fallout or chalkiness.

Like I said, if I didn't know any better I would think this was the real Naked Basics palette. The only color that seems to be off from the originals is Naked 2 - it seems a bit darker in the real palette than in this one. I don't own the real one so that I could compare side by side, but I was looking up swatches online to try and compare them that way :)

As I said in my other post, to each their own when it comes to replica stuff. I was curious, so I tried a few. Does this by any means mean that I'm going to buy fakes from now on? No way, I love me some Urban Decay and will continue to buy their products!

See this palette in action here:

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