Sunday, December 1, 2013

FAKE Naked 2 Palette?

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This was one of those curiosity things for me. I didn't even know there was fake or "replica" Urban Decay until recently. I have seen a lot of reviews on YouTube and people saying that they're not bad and everything - I figured if nothing else, I can show you guys what a fake one looks like.

Now let me first say, I bought this KNOWING it was fake. It was only $6.95 I believe, so there's no way you're getting a real one that cheap. I also grabbed a fake Naked Basics palette which was $4.95 and I'll be reviewing that in another post. But I can see where people get ripped off on eBay and stuff like that, when people buy a ton of these and sell them for $25 and up - yeah, I would be pissed if that happened. As a matter of fact, when I first started my YouTube channel I ended up buying fake MAC pigments off of eBay (didn't realize they were fake until I caught a "how to tell fake MAC pigments from real ones" video one day. A lot of times people are worried to use fakes because there might be harmful ingredients in it. The way I see it, these "replicas" are coming from the same companies that make all these 120 palettes and blush palettes and everything that other companies place their own labels on and re-sell, and no one gets up in arms about those. That's just my take on it - do with that what you will! But now on to the product...
The box is the first giveaway that this is fake - the real Naked 2 comes in clear plastic packaging and also comes with a mini lipgloss. This one is just in a brown box with a "made in China" sticker on the back of it (although if someone's being sneaky and selling them on eBay, they take those off lol)

The palette is made of tin, but it's flimsy. You can see the back piece peeling up a bit and you can see where it's glued together. Very cheaply made, you get the idea.
As for the inside, it looks nice! The mirror is plastic and not glass, which contributes to this palette being a lot lighter than the original weight-wise. A few of the colors are off from the original, but it looks pretty spot-on otherwise. I don't own the real Naked 2 palette to compare, but I was comparing swatches online and most of these colors are spot-on for the real things.
The brush that comes with it is really nice, actually. It's opposite of the real one in that the real one has the fluffy blender on the left and the flat shader on the right. This one is just reversed. But the blending end is fluffy and just how I want a blending brush to be. The flat shader end is nice as well - they are both very soft and don't shed.
Flat shader:
Fluffy blender:

Now for the shadows! 

With flash:
Without flash:
Foxy is a matte cream
Half Baked is a coppery gold
Bootycall is a champagne satin
Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall

With flash:
Without flash:
Chopper is a rose gold shimmer
Tease is a matte mauvey brown
Snakebite is a metallic golden brown
Chopper, Tease, Snakebite

With flash:
Without flash:
Suspect is a medium brown shimmer
Pistol is a deep silvery taupe shimmer
Verve is a light brown shimmer
Suspect, Pistol, Verve

With flash:
Without flash:
 YDK is a red toned brown shimmer
Busted is a deep purple-brown metallic
Blackout is a matte black
YDK, Busted, Blackout

As you can see, these are uber-pigmented and pretty awesome for being knockoffs. I enjoy them quite a bit and I know I may get some flack for that because they're fakes, but I just wanted to share my thoughts and how I feel about this palette. It's awesome quality for barely any money at all.

Check out this palette in action here:

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