Monday, February 1, 2016

Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color in Trinket

I almost didn't want to review this because it literally sold out in about 3 minutes when Sugarpill put it on their site, but rumor has it that it will be back - along with a full line of liquid lipsticks! I've got to tell you, you NEED to try them when they launch if you weren't able to grab this one. I'll get into why I love it so much in a minute, but first let's look at the awesome packaging ...

I'm not sure if this will be what the future liquid lipsticks will look like, or if this was just a test run, because I remember seeing them post on Instagram about it being a limited edition design or something, so it is possible that their permanent line will have different packaging.
It's got a white top, clear tube so that you can see the color, and an awesome mermaid cartoon on the outside of the tube.
The applicator is tiny and instead of being a doe foot shape, it just kind of rounds off at the tip. I like this a lot, it's small enough that it gets in the inner corners of the lips really well. 
The shade swatch here looks a little more orangey than it does on the lips, it tends to look more mauvey on me. It has lots of gold sparkle that shows up better the longer you wear it (as shown below).
 Now for the lip swatches:
The longer it's on, the more crazy gold glitter shows through. It is so pigmented that you only need to dip the wand in the product once to cover both lips. It's super lightweight and feels like nothing - and no, you can't feel the glitter either! This literally wears all day. I'm not kidding - I tested it by eating a salad with oily dressing the first day I tried it, and it only mildly faded in the center. I was expecting it to be all gone! It doesn't dry out my lips too much, doesn't crack/peel/crumble, it's pretty much a perfect liquid lipstick formula here, and Sugarpill needs to hurry and get the rest of the colors out because I NEED more!

Oh, and the scent - did I mention it smells like freakin' ORANGE CREAMSICLES? Yeah. It's awesome. I enjoy having a liquid lipstick that has a pleasant scent ot it that's not vanilla lol. There isn't a set release date for the liquid lipsticks yet, but I really hope it's soon. I am blown away by the quality here and really excited for more colors!


  1. ugh I NEED these! I'm soo excited for the full line. I think theyve been working on them a LONG time which is fine by me because its clear the effort they put into it is paying off!

  2. I remember hearing that they might to liquid lipsticks a long time ago, so I'm glad they're that much closer to releasing the whole line of them! They're a seriously awesome formula. Definitely the least drying of any that I've tried and I LOVE that they have a creamsicle scent - so different than all the other companies!

  3. I'm excited for sure after hearing how good they are. And I love creamsicle scents so I'm happy about that!!