Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Eyeshadow Stack

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While I'm not the biggest fan of Melt's lipsticks, I LOVE their shadows. I HAD TO HAVE the Radioactive Stack. Are neons something I wear a lot? No. But to have some in my collection that actually show up true to color without having to do a lot of work, that's worth it to me!

The box is just holographic goodness, and I am keeping it of course lol. It is important to mention that 2 of these shades are pressed pigments that are not considered "eye safe," but I will get to that in a minute.
The stack itself is just like their other two, and will magnetically attach to them if you want to store all three together. It comes with four shades, all bright neons!
Radon is a neon orange. This is a pressed pigment and not considered eye safe (but we all went through this when the Urban Decay Electric Palette came out, and I think everyone who owns that uses it on their eyes!) Use at your own discretion is what I would say - if you have sensitive eyes that you know are bothered by things like this, don't use them on your eyelids.

Neon is a bright matte yellow with little gold glitters in it. This one is awesome because it's a true yellow, and yellow shadows are hard to come by without them being chalky and needing a ton of work to get them to show up pigmented.

Xenon is a shimmery lime green. I love using this one all over the lid! It's a fun pop of color that can be muted down by using it with a brown or gray (which is what I've been doing!)

Radioactive is the second pressed pigment. It's pretty much the hottest pink I've ever seen in makeup form!

Now for the formula - these are not the same as their other stacks. These are more crumbly and make a bit of a mess since they're so pigmented. They all stain to some degree, the pink and orange stain the worse. Using a white base under them will make them pop like crazy, but they are insanely pigmented on their own. I do find that with the pink you NEED to use a base, otherwise it doesn't want to stick too well. That being said, all four colors blend amazingly well.

The price of these is a little steep - $48 for 4 shadows. I do love that the pans are so big, so that gets a pass, but their shipping is $7 no matter how much you spend, which is a little crazy. That makes the total $55. Is it worth it? If you are going to rock neons every day, then heck yes it is. The Love Sick stack was totally worth it to me because I love all 4 of those colors and use them all the time. I won't use this EVERY day, but I do like having these bright neons in my collection, so you kind of just have to weigh the pros and cons and see if it's something you need to have!

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