Friday, October 7, 2016

Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette

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Today I've got the Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette to share with you, which means swatch overload! This is the same size as the Mega Pro and Mega Pro 2, so you're getting 32 shadows inside.

The mirror is nice and large, the only thing I don't like about the packaging on this one is that it's white. It's already dirty and I've only used it a handful of times!
You can tell just from first glance that this is a very neutral, everyday wear palette. The only real pop of color in here is the red shade. I would LOVE a super colorful palette from Lorac, but they just don't seem like a colorful brand. That's a bummer because their shadows are some of my favorite formula - super soft, buttery and blendable.

Starting from the top for swatches, we have 2 rows of mattes and then 2 rows of shimmers on the bottom.

It's hard to even describe these shades because Lorac usually names them exactly what they look like. Pink Cream is a pink toned cream, tan is a light tan, pecan is a few shades darker than tan, and walnut is a medium brown.

Dusty Mauve is one of my favorites, it's just a rosey mauve shade. Violet gray is a gray with a pinky purple hue to it. Eggplant is a deep berry - this one is the only one I find needs a little bit of work blending, but it does perform well on the eyes. Dark Navy is a deep, blackened navy blue.

Crepe is a yellow toned cream. Toffee is a yellowy orange. Mist is a pale gray. Vintage is a grayish brown - almost a taupe but not quite.

Hickory is a deep brown. Maple is a warm brown with a more orange tone. Bark is a chocolate brown. Jet Black is a super pigmented, awesome black.

Snow is a shimmery white. Cava is a champagne (this would make SUCH a great face highlighter! Looks a lot like Becca's Champagne Pop!) Cider is a brownish gold. Bellini is a gorgeous peach.

Brown Sugar is an almost metallic brown. Sequoia is a deep brown. Glacier is a lovely blue toned silver. Deep Fog is a deep gunmetal gray with silver micro glitters.

Tulle is a peach with a pink iridescence to it. Pink Bronze is a light bronze shade. Rust is a metallic copper. Rose Quartz is a deep rose gold.

Olive is deep olive green. Dark Roast is a blackened brown. Pomegranate is a pink toned red. Licorice is black with silver sparkles.

Personally, I love the palette because I love Lorac shadows. I know a lot of people hate how soft they are, so you need to keep that in mind before trying them. I really like them because you only need the tiniest bit of each color - they are so pigmented! The only gripe I have with the palette is, like I said, the white packaging. It looks pretty for winter/holiday season and all, but it just gets so messy. Other than that, there are no complete fails shadow-wise when it comes to performance in this palette, so that alone is a huge deal! It's really not a must-have if you already have a bunch of neutral palettes, but I have been really enjoying it so far.

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