Friday, October 7, 2016

L'Reve24K 60 Second Instant Face Lift Serum

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Today I have a review of L'Reve24K's 60 Second Face Lift Serum for you. I'm always intrigued by these products so I was excited to test it out!

This brand is made in the USA and is cruelty free, so right off the bat it gets points for that! The product itself comes in a pump tube, which keeps it super sanitary. I prefer these kinds of packaging over stuff that just comes in a jar and you have to keep dipping your hands into it.

Straight from their website it says "This powerful anti-aging serum is designed to address expression  lines and creases that appear from early signs of aging. These engraved imperfections appear instantly smoothed. Combined with its anti-aging serum is the ideal non-invasive alternate to achieve a more youthful looking appearance."
The serum itself is a clear gel. It feels very similar to a light moisturizer, and soaks right into the skin. It tells you to apply it to clean skin by tapping it over lines and under your eyes, do not rub it, and keep your face expressionless until it's dry. It also says if white residue is visible, smooth over the area with a damp finger or some moisturizer. I personally have not experienced the white residue part, so that might just occur if you use too much.
 Now, I don't have crow's feet or wrinkles around my eyes yet, so I focused this around my mouth area. Here is a before shot after I had just washed my face:
And then about a minute after applying the serum:
Like I have said before, thankfully the women in my family aren't really prone to wrinkles, so I can't speak much for that yet. But I can definitely feel a tightness after using this, and it seems to shrink my pores as well. That is a nice bonus, because I have always had pretty large, noticeable pores. You get 1/2 oz. for $29.95 which doesn't seem like much, but a little bit is all you need each time you apply it, which is good. I would assume this can be used daily, but I couldn't find anywhere where it tells you how often to use it.

The serum has absolutely no scent to it, not even that "cosmetic" smell that you get with some unscented products. Literally nothing, so I think it will be a hit with those of you who are sensitive to smells.

Check out the brand's links to shop and get even more product info here:

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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