Thursday, October 6, 2016

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

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Having never picked up the Naked 1 or 2 Basics palettes, I felt like I needed this one in my life. It has 12 shades, all brand new even though they look very similar to past shades, but they are all matte, creamy, and blendable and the perfect addition to any other palette that you might be using.

The outside of the palette looks metal, but is plastic. It feels pretty sturdy and well made. Inside you get 12 shades and a double ended brush.
One end of the brush is a fluffy powder brush and the other is a small smudger.

The mirror is large and takes up most of the inside of the lid.

The first 6 shades across the top:
Blow - pale cream
Nude - pink toned nude
Commando - light taupey brown
Tempted - pale brown
Instinct - pink toned taupe
Lethal - reddish brown
For the most part these are very smooth, blendable shades. Lethal is the only one I find to be a little patchy, but it ends up performing a lot better on the eyes than in these finger swatches.
And the bottom 6 shades:
Pre-Game - yellow toned cream
Extra Bitter - burnt orange
Faith - warm brown
Lockout - deep brown
Magnet - smoky gray
Blackjack - charcoal black
These are all really nice shades. I love Extra Bitter as a crease color, especially now that it's fall - it goes perfect with any fall-ish look that I can think of!

To sum up my review, do you need this palette? No, but it is a very nice neutral set of shadows to have. I very rarely do all-matte eye looks, so I find myself using this in conjunction with other palettes and single shadows to get a full look out of it, but if you are a matte lover this thing will be perfect for you!

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