Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kat Von D MetalMatte Palette

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Every year the Kat Von D holiday palette is one of the most requested things that I get asked to review, and this year was no different! The MetalMatte palette is giant, and I have to say it's probably the best quality-wise out of all of her previous holiday palettes.
 The cool thing about the artwork on the front is that it's an ambigram that says "Metal" one way, and when flipped it says "Matte." The main thing that I noticed when I got this in the mail was how absolutely HUGE it is! For some reason I was thinking it would be similar in size to the Shade & Light palette, but this one is way bigger. Just for size comparison, here is a photo:
Now inside, you get 9 metallic shades and 13 mattes.
The metallics are SO smooth and they all apply great. They're all very pigmented and most of them have that intense metallic finish to them. The mattes are super buttery and, for the most part, they're all very pigmented as well. I of course did swatches so you can see them all better!

Nebula is a metallic bright blue.
Watt is a metallic teal.
Ignite is a metallic baby blue.
Tinsel is a metallic silver with silver glitter.
Tinsel is the only shade that has the "chunkier" glitter feel to it, but it still applies and blends nicely.

(I couldn't get Flash in the frame for this shot so that's why it's by itself!)
Glitz is a peachy baby pink. This is the least metallic of all of the shades.
Twinkle is a metallic pale lavender.
Volt is a metallic berry purple.
Synergy is a metallic chocolate brown (also the only shade here that's not new, as it is a single in the Metal Crush shadow line)
Flash is a metallic yellow gold.

Now for the mattes:
Linen is bright white. Takes a little bit of building, but works nice.
Jet is jet black.
Velour is a bright blue.
Stone is a deep gray.

Moss is a forest green.
Ribbon is a dark purple.
Silk is a dusty rose.
Fringe is a peach. I really like this shade, as it's not one you see often.

Feather is a pastel yellow. This one definitely performs better than it swatches.
Oak is a deep chocolate brown.
Suede is a nude-ish tan - perfect transition shade!
Bone is a cream.
Velvet is a deep berry. This one is rather patchy when swatched but again, performs better on the eye than when swatched with your finger.

All in all, I am pretty impressed with the palette. A lot of times holiday palettes leave a lot to be desired, because they're just quickly put together for the holiday makeup rush and you end up with a lot of dud shades. Luckily this one is well worth it and I would definitely recommend it if you've had your eye on it!

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