Sunday, February 1, 2015

Messing With Hair Dye: Adding Purple to My Already Blue Hair

I am no stranger to colored hair - I have been doing it myself since I was about 15 and probably have had every color under the sun. I hadn't done anything fun for a while. Back before Christmas, I dyed my hair blue. I had never had it ALL blue before, and I think I only ever used a bit of blue once, out of all the colors I have had my hair, so I went for it. I recorded a video of my process if you'd like to see:

My roots were finally long enough that it was starting to bother me, so I bleached them this afternoon to get ready to do something new. I decided to do a blog post for you guys, as I didn't record a video this time. I contemplated leaving it like this because it was looking neat but didn't like the blonde roots lol

I realized when I was going through my hair stash that I wasn't going to have enough blue to do all of my roots. I have been using Punky Colours Midnight Blue, and although it works amazing, I need 2 1/2 containers to cover my whole head. I was toying with the idea of just adding pink, as I still had a bunch of my Overtone Extreme Pink Treatment. I did a review on that, which you can see HERE. It's basically a mild dye that will most definitely turn your hair bright pink if it is bleached, but it also has conditioning properties to make your hair soft. 

I figured the pink wouldn't look so great over the greenish color that the top of my hair had turned, so I mixed a bunch of the Overtone Treatment in with some of the Midnight Blue, added a plop of Ion's Magenta, and came up with a pretty violet color:

This was totally an experiment because I was curious to see how the Overtone stuff would mix with my dye. It actually turned out really well. Not only did it blend nicely with the now-tealish color that the rest of my hair is, but the Overtone Treatment made it so that my hair was not dried out like it can be after bleaching and dyeing like this.

My end result is some funky purple-teal-blue that I am really loving!

So, when in doubt, use what you've got! I love playing around with different hair colors and seeing what you can mix, what works and what doesn't. I'm in no way a pro at this but I like to think I know a thing or two about it since I've been doing it for so long! If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave me a comment!


  1. your final hair looks so unique! I like experimenting and I commend you for having the guts to just go for it and do it!

  2. Thank you!! I hadn't played around with color in so long, it's been fun!