Saturday, September 27, 2014

Overtone Hair Care

I wanted to talk about the answer to "crazy" colored hair peoples' prayers: Overtone. They make a line of color depositing conditioners and treatments that work to restore your color and prevent it from fading. They have Pink, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple and Teal, and for each of those colors you can get them in either pastel, vibrant, or extreme. I went with Extreme Pink and got the set, which includes a travel size and full size of the daily conditioner, and a Go Deep Weekly Treatment. Disclaimer: they did send me a 50% off code to review it, but I did buy these with my own money. Now for my thoughts!

I've been dying my hair "fun" colors since I was around 14 or 15. I learned a long time ago that it is very hard to keep colors looking bright and fun for very long without re-bleaching and re-dyeing all over again. This kills your hair and eventually made me sick of doing it. This is where these products come into play. They are a godsend! 

With the set, you get to try both their daily conditioner and their weekly treatment. You get a 2 oz. travel size of the conditioner as well:
The full size one is 8 oz. and it comes with a pump as well for easier acess!
As yo can see, the products itself is bright pink. This is a color depositing conditioner meant to keep your pink hair bright. Like I said, there's different strengths - pastel, vibrant and extreme - in all of the colors that are available.

The conditioner can be used every time you wash your hair - you apply it and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse it out. The cool thing is that your hair seems to just suck it up, and it doesn't rinse out and get your shower floor all pink like hair dyes do. That was one of the things I found to be so awesome about it! It also smells very strongly of peppermint. This was a negative for me just because I'm not fond of peppermint anything, but because it performs so well, I can look past it! It doesn't really make my hair smell like it once I dry it anyway.

I have used the conditioner several times already, and so far so good! My hair seems to be maintaining the same amount of color since I first started trying it out, and it does give it a nice amount of shine and makes it feel soft. Normally I would have had to do a touch-up by adding more dye by now, so this is great!

Now for the weekly treatment, it's a bit more intense:
You use this as you would a hair mask, but make sure to apply it with gloves on because it will stain like a dye. You let this sit on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it out. Again, my hair soaks it up, it dries, and then while rinsing it out I don't notice much pink residue at all coming out in the water. It's like magic! I will say that I don't really get the rich hydration from it, I end up using a regular conditioner after I rinse this out because it didn't do much in that respect, but color-wise it's awesome!

This is my trying it out for the first time. I put my hair in buns while the treatment was on, just to keep it from getting on my shirt.

This is what my hair looked like before using the weekly treatment, or any of the Overtone stuff for that matter. I hadn't dyed it for about a month, and my pink was pretty faded:

And after using the weekly treatment just once, it restored it to this, which is pretty much the same color my hair is when I first dye it:

Overall, I really love this stuff so far! It's definitely going to cut down on how often I need to dye my hair, which is great. The only con I can think of with it so far is the peppermint scent - I wish it was more of a perfume scent instead. Other than that, both the conditioner and the treatment seem to be working really well for me so far.

An important thing to mention is that if your whole head is not dyed the color that you're using, or if you have sections of color like mine but have blonde hair, you're going to want to be careful applying both products (the treatment more so than the conditioner), because it will tint lighter hair. I noticed that sections of my brown where I was careless about putting the weekly treatment are slightly tinted, so I would imagine the results will be more prominent in lighter hair. That's pretty cool, though - you could get bright pink hair without bleaching at all if that's the case!

To purchase Overtone products, their website is - you can get the sets like I did, or get just the conditioner or just the treatment. I highly recommend the set because while it is pricey, it also saves you a few bucks if you were to buy the treatment and conditioner separately.

I filmed a video talking about Overtone as well, you can view it here:


  1. ahh. After dying my hair teal I have been wanting to try this stuff so bad! unfortunately money is tight for me right now so I haven't been able to pick it up yet. Do they have a program where they work with bloggers? Or did you just reach out to them? It looked like it worked really great for you! Seems like an awesome product.

    1. Yes! I emailed them saying I'm a blogger and would like to review their products, and they gave me a code for 50% off my order, which was nice! Your hair looks great by the way!

    2. Thanks! I will reach out to them for sure. If they work as well as everyone says (i haven't seen a teal review yet- just pink and purple!) I would love to pimp them out to everyone I know hahahaha. Thanks so much!!

    3. No problem! If you do review the Teal I'd love to link it here so people can see more than 1 color! :)

    4. Good idea! I will do that for sure :) and vice versa of course

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