Sunday, February 1, 2015

Real Techniques Concealer Brush

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Real Techniques recently added a few new brushes to their line, along with a whole new "Bold Metals" line. This is one of the new ones in the regular line, the "concealer brush."

At first I thought this was really odd looking for a concealer brush. It is rather large, angled, and pretty thick.
However, upon trying it out, I found that it works really well to blend out concealer, especially liquid concealer. It's just got a really nice shape to it, specifically for under the eye. The angle of it, which put me off at first, actually fits really well in the area under my eye where I use concealer the most!
As with all Real Techniques brushes, it's nice and soft and I don't experience any shedding, even after cleaning it a few times. It just goes to show, don't judge something until you try it out for yourself because I thought this was going to be horrible for concealer and I'd have to find another use for it!

I talk more about the brush in this video:

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