Wednesday, March 10, 2021

ColourPop Bambi, Flower and Thumper Eyeshadow Palettes

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 Today I have the Bambi themed palettes to swatch for you from Colourpop!

The packaging is so cute and perfect for spring. I also noticed that when you look quickly, they look like they are different colors of camouflage, but up close they're actually flower prints!
The Bambi palette is the neutral most "plain" of the 3, but still a pretty little grab and go palette.

Little April Shower is a matte pale peach.
Faline is a warm metallic yellow-gold.
Young Prince is a matte yellow-brown.
Kinda Bashful is a matte chocolate brown.
Whitetail is a matte dark brown with gold and silver micro sparkles.

Flower is a gorgeous purple themed palette!

So Shy is a metallic iridescent violet shifter.
Pretty Flower is a matte warm lavender.
Oh Gosh! is a metallic lavender with a strong gold shift.
Little Stinker* is a matte deep violet.
Hibernating is a matte deep black with silver and violet sparkles.

Thumper is the most unique of the 3 and the one that caught my eye because boy, do I love me a cool tones palette!
Miss Bunny is a metallic sheer champagne.
Friend Owl is a matte warm taupe.
I'm Thumpin' is a metallic icy green.
Long Ears is a matte cool toned taupe.
Great Big Feet is a dark taupey gray with pink and silver sparkles.

In order, I'd say my favorite is Thumper, second fave is Flower and least favorite is Bambi (just because there is already sooooo many neutral palettes with these colors from ColourPop). Thumper is cool toned and right up my alley, and all the shades are incredible. Flower packs that color punch and I absolutely LOVE the "Oh Gosh!" shade! The only one out of all these shadow that has the (*) next to it is Little Stinker, and I don't find that it even stains very much so you should be good as long as your eyes aren't super sensitive! I really enjoy this trio of palettes and definitely recommend them if you have been eyeing them!

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