Wednesday, April 7, 2021

ColourPop Limoncello Palette and Shadow Stix

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I really have been reviewing nothing but ColourPop lately, huh? Today we have the Limoncello collection (well, the palette and shadow sticks at least) and this is one that didn't quite grab my eye at first. It's a lot prettier in person for some reason!
This is a 12 pan palette, but the pans are a little larger than usual which is nice.
Overall it's a pretty neutral palette, with a couple fun pops like the Capri and La Festa shades. Let's have a look at how they swatch!

Tuscan Fun is a matte medium brown.
Fly Girl* is a metallic sheer champagne.
Easy Peasy is a metallic brownish olive.
Limone Squeezy is a matte warm ginger.

Touring is a metallic pale champagne.
Amalfi is a matte warm yellow.
Serenade is a pale metallic lemon.
Capri is a deep metallic lime.

The Grotto is a matte deep terracotta.
Semifreddo is a matte suede.
Vespa is a matte deep brown.
La Festa is a matte dusty denim. (This one is SO good! I don't think I've ever found a shade of blue like this that wasn't chalky or patchy. It's perfect).

So I've definitely been using this palette more than I thought I would! I really enjoy the color story the more that I play around with it. That blue is so perfect - I love that shade of blue but every time I find one, it's either not pigmented at all, chalky, or super patchy and hard to work with. This one is GREAT! And as always, the other shades are beautifully pigmented. The only shade that has the asterisk next to it is Fly Girl (which is weird because it's such a light shade) but I looked in the ingredients list and it does have some "lake" micas in it which can sometimes stain skin. Now let's check out the shadow stix!

The ends of these babies actually pop off to reveal a sharpener, which I didn't realize until a couple days ago when ColourPop posted about it on their IG! So that's definitely a plus on the packaging side. They are smaller than I thought they would be, but they are pretty pigmented as well so a little goes a long way.

Cool Breeze is a metallic gold:
Check Please is a matte terracotta:
Citrus Squeeze is a metallic orangey-gold:
Style And Ease is a matte denim:
The downside with these is that they're not very blendable, so you're kind of limited to what you can do with them. They definitely work as a shadow base, you just need to work VERY quickly with them. I've been using them as liners for the lower lashline - while they don't smudge very well, the wear time on them is great. These sticks are something I hope to see more of in the future, possibly in some bright colors!

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