Wednesday, February 24, 2021

ColourPop Valentine Palettes - S.W.A.K, 143 and Melt 4 U

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Today I've got swatches of the 3 ColourPop Valentine palettes! It took me a bit to get them because the 143 sold out almost immediately and I had to wait for the restock on actual Valentines Day. Nevertheless, I have all 3 for you now so let's get to the photos!

S.W.A.K. is a neutral reddish palette. This is the darkest of the three.

Besos is a sheer pale gold with pink micro sparkles.
Smooch is a matte pinky nude with pink and gold micro sparkles.
XX is a metallic pinky rose gold.
Canoodle is a matte deep rose.
Mack* is a matte deep red.

Melt 4 U is the lightest of the bunch. This one had the most "romantic" color story in my opinion.

Bonbon is a soft metallic peachy pink.
Sweetie is a matte pale pink.
Dipped is a metallic peachy pink with a gold shift.
Ganache is a matte midtone pink base with pink and gold sparkles.
Dutch* is a matte warm rosy pink.

143 is the fun palette here - a chunky glitter and some hot pinks, it's no wonder this was the first to sell out. I should mention that the hot pinks definitely stain, and all but the first shade have the (*) next to their names meaning "not intended for use in the immediate eye area" AKA use at your own discretion.

Aww is a metallic pale baby pink.
QT* is a matte pastel pink.
My Boo* is a pink multi-sized iridescent glitter.
LOML* is a matte hot pink with hot pink and silver sparkles.
Luv* is a metallic fuchsia.

I think if I have to pick a favorite, it's Melt 4 U but all 3 of these are so pretty. S.W.A.K. and Melt 4 U are definitely everyday palettes and then you can break out the 143 for more fun, bold looks! I really, really love the Aww shade in 143 - it's an insanely pigmented metallic baby pink that is also such a pretty highlighter shade. Ganache is another standout shade as I don't really have anything like it in my collection already. (That's hard at this point with the amount of ColourPop palettes I've been collecting LOL). These are definitely great little palettes and I would say if you've been eyeing them to grab them now before they're out of stock again!

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