Wednesday, December 16, 2020

ColourPop X Hello Kitty and Friends Snow Much Fun Palette

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The Hello Kitty and Friends Snow Much Fun palette from ColourPop just came out, but I already can't find it on their site so I'm not sure what's up with that. At any rate, here are my swatches of it!
The front cover and inside cover both have really cute holographic "snow."
The colors manage to give me a wintery vibe while still being bright and fun.

Fuzzy Mittens is a shimmery peach with gold flash.
Cuddle Weather is a sheer shimmery lavender with iridescent pink flash.
Winterful is a shimmery pale pink with gold flash.

Ice Skates is a matte pale coral.
Brr Baby is a matte pale pinky lavender.
Snow Globe is a matte blush.

On Chill is a matte beige with gold micro shimmers.
Snowhere is a matte berry with pink and violet micro sparkles.
Igloo Blues is a matte pinky blush with silver and pink micro sparkles.

This is a gorgeous little palette! I like the way it's set up where the top row is all shimmers, the middle are mattes and the bottom are sparklies. (Yes I just called them sparklies LOL). I did notice that Winterful is a little harder pressed than all the others which makes it a little harder to pick up, but other than that I have no issues with the palette!

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