Wednesday, December 9, 2020

ColourPop On Cloud Blue Palette

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The ColourPop On Cloud Blue palette is another 9 pan blue palette from them, a lighter version of Blue Moon.

Ice BB is a very pale matte baby blue.
Blu Taffy is an iridescent icy blue.
Clear Skies is a metallic baby blue.

Playin' is a matte sky blue.
Deee-light is an icy iridescent pressed glitter.
Bright Eyed is a matte baby blue.

Luv Poem is a matte bright blue.
Air Time is a metallic icy blue.
True Blue is a matte denim.

This palette has a nice selection of blues, though a few are a little chalky. Ice BB definitely needs to be built up and worked with to get it to reach its full potential, and Playin' needs to be built up as well. Luv Poem is such a CRAZY bright blue, it's one of the best I've seen! If you like real, real bright blues then that is definitely a shade to have in your collection.

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