Wednesday, December 9, 2020

ColourPop Cloud Spun Palette

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The ColourPop Cloud Spun Palette is a mix of pale and bright pinks, and the perfect palette for anyone who LOVES pink. This is like a more pinky version of their Strawberry Shake palette, which leaned more red.

Chicle is a Super Shock formula, a pale iridescent pink with pink and blue flecks.
Cotton Cloud is a pale metallic icy pink.
Candy Fluff is a matte baby pink.

Pixie Stick is a metallic mid-tone pink.
Flossy is a pink glitter base with rainbow iridescent glitters.
Pillow Mint is a matte coral pink.

Turkish Delight is a matte rosey pink.
Glow Pop is a metallic true pink.
Bonbon is a matte hot pink.

The Flossy glitter is SO pretty but very dry and fallout-prone. You will for sure need a sticky glitter base to use it and make it stay put. Flossy, Pillow Mint, Turkish Delight, Glow Pop and Bonbon are all marked with an (*) to indicate that they are not intended for use in the immediate eye area (a few of them stain BADLY, and the glitter is chunky and shouldn't be used near the eyes). This is a palette that is more of a "fun" one that I probably won't use a ton, but if you are looking for some crazy pinks they are definitely in here!

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