Thursday, December 31, 2020

ColourPop Wine & Only Palette

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The Wine & Only Palette from ColourPop definitely screams Valentine's Day to me. This beauty is full of red and pink hues.

As always, ColourPop marks certain shades with an asterisk if they are "not intended for use in the immediate eye area." Since there isn't a ton of glitter in this palette, I assume it's because a lot of these shades stain. There are 5 of them that have the (*).

Blanc is a metallic rose gold.
Sip Sip is a matte rose with pink micro shimmers.
*Major Chianti is a matte mauvey rose.

Cast a Chateau is a metallic raspberry with a pink shift.
*Play To Wine is a metallic ruby red.
Mull It Over is a matte deep berry.

*Vinter is a matte deep wine.
*Mon Sherry is a metallic black cherry with pink pearl
*Grape-ful is a matte deep plum with gold sparkles.

Vinter is definitely the shade that stains the most in here, but there is definite staining from most of the shades marked with the asterisk. I just mention this because some people can be sensitive to those shades and get a reaction if they use them on their eyes. The shimmery shades Blanc and Cast a Chateau both seem to be pressed a little harder, but still have decent pigmentation. The mattes in here all seem to be insanely pigmented, especially that Vinter shade. It's definitely a fun palette to make a romantic smoky eye look!

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