Tuesday, January 26, 2021

ColourPop 5 Pan Palettes: Amor, Lyric, Ballad, Cherish, and Crush

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I missed out on the initial launch of the ColourPop 5 Pan Palettes, so when they restocked I snagged the complete set! I definitely have a favorite out of the 5, but we will get to that soon enough. For now, here are the swatches! All shades with a * next to it were marked as "not intended for use in the immediate eye area" on the packaging, so I just wanted to point that out.

Bow is a matte cream.
Luv is a matte orangey peach.
Arrow* is a metallic copper.
Struck is a matte red-brown with gold micro sparkles.
Cherub is a matte chocolate brown.

Destiny is a metallic icy pink.
Adore is a matte beige.
Faith* is a metallic coral-red.
Precdious is a matte rose red with gold micro sparkles.
Forever is a matte deep red.

Novel is an icy champagne.
Epic is a matte dusty taupe.
Drama is a metallic taupe.
Fate is a satin deep gray base with silver micro sparkles.
Prose is a matte black base with silver micro sparkles.

Melody is a metallic peachy gold.
Ode is a matte camel brown.
Unsung is a densely packed gold and champagne glitter.
Cello is a metallic golden brown.
Verse is a matte deep brown.

Passion is a matte dusty rose.
Romeo is a matte rosy lavender with violet, pink and peach micro sparkles.
Affair* is a chunky copper and iridescent violet pressed glitter.
Woo is a metallic berry.
Darling is a matte pink berry.

Crush is a pretty "pumpkiny" toned palette. It reminds me of fall and is a great everyday range of shades. Cherish is pretty and romantic. My favorite is definitely the Ballad palette, because I LOVE taupes! This is a taupe smoky palette where every shade is ridiculously pigmented, and I absolutely love it. Lyric is pretty neutral, yet dramatic if that makes sense. The Unsung glitter is very densely packed and reflects light like crazy! Another good everyday grab-and-go palette. Amor is another romantic-themed one for me. The colors are pretty but the glitter in that one is very flaky and chunky, so watch out for the mess it makes (it's also very hard to remove!) But all in all this is a great set of palettes. I grabbed it as a set because it was $42 for all 5 of them when they are $10 each, so it saved a few bucks. If they come back in stock as a set and you are looking to grab all 5, that is the way to go!

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