Thursday, October 29, 2020

KVD Vegan Beauty Edge of Reality Eyeshadow Palette

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Upon making a video about this palette and my first impressions on my YouTube channel, I became aware that this palette is fully recyclable, hence the "Flimsy" feel to it. The tray is indeed glued in, but is meant to be separated from the packaging when you finish it up and recycle it. I still stand by what I said in my review that I'm not crazy about the packaging, but whatever floats your boat! If it's better for the environment, I'm all in.

The KVD Vegan Beauty Edge of Reality Eyeshadow Palette is the latest from the brand. It's all white on the outside with gold trim and has a filigree design with a tiny skull. The first thing I noticed on removing this from the box is that it feels cheaply made. Not at all up to par with previous palettes. This is indeed the first one that doesn't have "Kat Von D" written anywhere on it, which leads me to believe that once all the components with her name stamped on them were used up, they went a cheaper route with the packaging. This is cardboard, but not the heavy duty stuff. It's flimsy and doesn't even have a magnetic closure. That really threw me off at first, because I'm used to a much better outer packaging from this brand.


I am happy to say that the shadow quality hasn't been compromised. We will get to that in a minute!

The inside does not have a mirror. These usually ALWAYS have some sort of mirror. Again, they must have cut costs with the packaging. There is a little indentation for your finger to I assume pull out the tray of shadows, but it's glued in there so you can't really get it out even if you wanted to, unless you pry it and risk breaking some shadows. That seems unnecessarily dumb in my opinion.

The shadows are very flush with the packaging - it's hard to explain, but there is no actual tin that they are pressed into, they're just laid into the plastic tray.

Simulate is a matte chocolate brown.
Immersion is a matte peach.
Code is a matte terracotta.
Oculus is a warm metallic gold.
Green Screen is a metallic gold with green flip.
Dimensions is a metallic champagne.
Transformation is a metallic burgundy.

Illusion is a matte cream.
Levels is a matte taupe.
Escapist is a matte denim blue.
Abyss is a metallic black base with blue and green shimmers.
Teleport is a metallic rich purple.
4-D is a metallic light brown with green flip.
Critical is a metallic ruby red.

So, these colors are BEAUTIFUL. The formula is great and they swatch so nicely. The mattes don't feel quite as creamy and soft as they usually do, but they still perform great. I was VERY surprised because with the cheapy feeling packaging, I was sure the quality would go down on the shadows as well. Luckily that didn't happen. I hope this is just a one time thing they were trying out for this palette and that they'll use a different material for the next one because I REALLY don't like the packaging. But, the shadows are great and that's what really matters here.

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