Saturday, November 7, 2020

ColourPop Palette Swatches: Baroque, Grandeur, Ornate

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The newest set of 3 palettes (you can buy them as the "Buon Fresco set" for $40 or get them separately for $14 each) is a gorgeous little set of shadows.

I think Baroque might be my favorite of the 3. This is the smoky, cool-toned gray/purple one.

Bougie is a matte pale gray.
Ritzy is a metallic mauvey base with green flash.
Bebe is a matte slate gray.

Secret is a matte blue gray with blue and silver sparkle.
Noble is a metallic brownish purple with blue flash.
Etiquette is a matte charcoal gray with silver sparkle.

Lounge is a matte deep berry.
Grand is a gorgeous matte charcoal black with purple, turquoise and silver sparkle.
Stunner is a matte deepened navy.

Here is a blurred shot of Lounge to show how gorgeous that sparkle is!

Now for Grandeur! This one is more basic neutrals.

Velvet is a matte pale peach.
Haus is a metallic pale gold.
Dusk is a matte saddle brown.

Lavish is a warm metallic bronze with gold flash.
Excess is a gold pressed glitter. This is the only one out of the 3 palettes with the "not intended for use in the immediate eye area" label.
Mode is a matte warm chestnut brown.

Need is a metallic reddish brown with a strong turquoise flash.
Jolie is a matte blackened brown with gold sparkle.
Monaco is a matte dusty black with green and gold sparkle.

And last but not least, we have Ornate. This one has some fun colors, and has a "firey" look to it overall.

Gilded is a metallic peach with a strong gold flash.
Siren is a matte mustard yellow.
Boheme is a metallic coppery orange with gold flash.

Charisma is a matte burnt orangey red.
Fever is a metallic coppery red.
Tipsy is a matte red toned brown.

Rival is a matte rust red.
Dream is a matte black with copper and gold sparkle.
Shhh is a matte mahogany red.

So now that we have all the swatches pictured, I just have to say the mattes in these palettes are to die for! I mean, ColourPop mattes are always good for the most part anyway, but these just seem even creamier and more blendable. I was very, very happy with the quality when I started playing around with them. Standout shades for me are:
Secret, because it's just super unique.
Grand, because the blend of sparkle colors in that shade is insanely gorgeous.
Dusk, because it's sooooo pigmented and makes an amazing crease/transition shade to pair with any of these 3 palettes.
Gilded, because I am such a sucker for metallic peach shades. I always gravitate towards those for lid colors.
Charisma, because a nice, super blendable burnt orangey shade like that is a must for this time of the year.

I usually end these reviews by either saying you don't absolutely NEED it in your collection if you already have similar colors, but I do really, really recommend these. Maybe skip Grandeur if you already have lots of neutrals, but Baroque and Ornate are definite keepers!!!!

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