Wednesday, October 21, 2020

ColourPop That's Taupe Palette

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The ColourPop That's Taupe Palette is a gorgeous collection of cool toned shades that is absolutely perfect all my fellow taupe lovers.

This is one of their 9 pan palettes. It has 5 mattes and 4 metallics, one of which is a Super Shock formula.

Boa is a matte pale creamy taupe.
Pebble Beach is a matte pale chocolate taupe.
Python is a matte true taupe.
Slated (Super Shock Formula) is a metallic icy taupe with flecks of silver.
Snake Eyes is a metallic rosy taupe.
Cold Blooded is a metallic silver taupe.
Rock Steady is a matte deep taupe.
Constrictor is a metallic deep old gold.
Bedrock is a matte dark brown.

These shades are all amazing! The mattes, as usual, are super smooth and pigmented. Cold Blooded is more hard packed than the other metallic shades, but still performs wonderfully. If you're a huge fan of cool toned neutrals like I am, this is definitely one to have in your collection!

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