Saturday, October 10, 2020

ColourPop Hocus Pocus Collection!

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I was lucky enough to snag what I wanted from the Hocus Pocus collection when ColourPop released it (a day later than originally planned, but we won't talk about how I, like many other people, sat and waited trying to refresh their website for over an hour before they announced it wasn't working and they would push it back a day)!

First, I got the Gliterally Obsessed glitters. The packaging on these is so, so cute!! If you are unfamiliar with these, they are basically a gel loaded with glitter that you can use on your body (I do NOT recommend putting these anywhere near your eyes) or you can also use it in your hair!
The jars have Binx on the lid - I mean, how much cuter can they get?!
"Another Glorious Morning" is a peach holographic glitter and "Amok, Amok, Amok, Amok!" is a purply base with rainbow holographic glitter. There's so many different colors and sizes of glitter in each of these that it's hard to describe, but you can see how gorgeous they both are!
I'm not sure they're supposed to be scented, but they smell a bit like watermelon to me. I do have one other Gliterally Obsessed from a while back, and that one never smelled like anything, so I'm not sure if they changed their formula or what.
Next up is the Come, Little Children creme gel liner set.
The packaging, again, is super cute. It's got eyeballs all over the outside. 
Trick or Treat is a deep metallic berry.
Black Flame Candle is a metallic olive.
Sistas! is a metallic brick red. This one is definitely my favorite and the most unique! The formula on these is awesome - it glides smooth and clean, and is super easy to apply. My absolute favorite formula for a twist-up liner like this!

Last but not least we have the Gather Round Sisters palette. This is such a great blend of fall colors, it's the perfect fall palette to me. I'm going to end up keeping the box it came in, because it looks like this:
Then the palette itself has this on the front:
And 15 beautiful colors on the inside:
I love the artwork on the inside as well - super fun caricatures of Mary, Winifred and Sarah.
But you all want to see swatches, right? Let's get to it!
Full moon is a pale cream yellow with silver micro sparkles.
Hello, Salem is a matte pale rosy taupe.
Brew Potion is a gold glitter with bronze base.
On Toast is a matte medium brown.
Coven is a matte warm brown with champagne, gold and silver sparkles.
Come Little Children is a light satin taupe with silver sparkle.
Tis' Firm is a metallic crimson.
Thackery Binx is a deep violet.
Yabbos is a metallic golden olive.
I Call It A Bus is a matte black base with orange, purple and green micro sparkles.
Wench is a icy silvery taupe.
Night of Frolic is a matte deep maroon.
Dead Man's Toe is a matte deep violet berry.
Bewitched is a matte olive green.
Goodbye Cruel World is a shimmery purply-toned brown.

I Call It A Bus is absolutely my favorite shade in here. If you could embody Halloween in an eyeshadow, this is it. Black with orange, green and purple sparkles? Heck yeah! Night of Frolic and Dead Man's Toe are gorgeous shades of berry - they swatch a little messy but they perform well on the eyes. I find Tis' Firm, Thackery Binx and Yabbos are a little more hard pressed in the pans than any of the others, but they are still awesomely pigmented. I love love love this palette especially because it came out at the perfect time of year!

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