Monday, March 2, 2020

Sailor Moon X ColourPop Pretty Guardian Palette

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The Sailor Moon collection from ColourPop sold out SUPER fast - I think this was the first time I've ever tried to order something from them where the site made me wait in a checkout queue before I could actually buy my stuff - but I was able to snag the eyeshadow palette, which was the main thing I wanted to pick up from the collection.

The outside box has an image of Sailor Moon surrounded by holographic moons and a holographic outline. The palette itself has a super cute "animated" picture.

Inside the cover are more holo moons, and 12 colors that just SCREAM spring and summer to me! There are no pressed glitters in here but 3 are marked as pressed pigments (Mare Serentitatis, Tuxedo Rose and Miracle Romance).

Shining Moon is a light peach with pink microglitters.
Twilight Flash is a matte orangey peach.
Silver Crystal is a very pale pink with gold sheen.
Moon Castle is a pale pinky coral.

Full Moon is a yellowy orange with a strong gold shift.
Silver Millenium (supershock formula) is a sheer light gold.
Mare Serenitatis is a rose gold with chunky gold sparkle.
Luna is an iridescent lavender.

Justice is a matte yellow with silver and gold micro glitters.
Tuxedo Rose is a matte hot coral with pink and silver micro glitters.
Love is a matte rosy pink with silver micro glitters.
Miracle Romance is a matte orchid.

This palette is a beauty, and perfect for this time of the year. Mare Serenitatis is the only one that's a bit messy (lots of fallout) but I think that's because it's a super chunky formula. Still very pretty though! The entire bottom row is so summery to me, my mind is coming up with a bunch of looks to do once the weather gets warmer! I also really love Luna - it's such a bright, flashy lavender shade that is pretty and unique. I'm really hoping they will restock this one since it sold out so quick, and it's still showing up on their site where you can sign up for an email notifiaction when it's back in stock. Did you pick up this palette (or anything else) from the Sailor Moon collection? Let me know your thoughts!

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