Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette

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Jeffree Star's Blood Lust Palette is here! I will be the first to admit, I wasn't wowed when I first saw the reveal. I, like everybody else, pictured it having deep, dark purples and vampy shades inside, and then Jeffree opened it and it was just kind of...okay. But let me tell you, it's so much prettier in person for some reason. The bright red and olive green look way out of place in this palette, but they end up looking so good with the other colors. In person, it seems to make sense.
The mirror on the inside is a great size. The palette itself isn't going to be easy to store, but you've got to appreciate how cool it looks. The outside is all a crushed velvet texture, and it's got a sturdy golden clasp closure that easily lifts up. Inside are 18 shades - let's take a peek!

Your Majesty is a matte really pale gray.
Take the Crown is a metallic icy lavender.

Deviant is a pale matte lavender.
Beauty Sleep is a pink with gold duochrome.
Wet Jewel is a light pink with a "wet" metallic finish.
Royal Pain is a matte blush pink.

Dungeon is a matte deep plum.
Scandal Water is a pale matte violet.
Sworn Enemy is a metallic gold/green duochrome.
Pink Magic is a hot pink with a "wet" metallic finish.
Bleeding Heart is a bright red (says it's a metallic finish, but I would say it's more satin).
Executioner is a matte black with purple-pink duochrome sparkles.

High King is a matte berry purple.
Vivid Mood is a matte bright lavender.
Monarchy is a matte pale brown.
Blood Queen is a matte fuchsia.

Vile Serpent is a matte deep teal.
Betrayal is a metallic purple with gold duochrome.

The only shade that I found needed a second pass is the Vile Serpent shade. Everything else swatched great with one swipe. Standout shades for me are Beauty Sleep, Pink Magic, Bleeding Heart, Executioner and Betrayal. Bleeding Heart feels hard and is pressed harder into the pan, but it is amazingly pigmented and gorgeous! 

Several shades are labeled as pressed pigments and "not intended for use in the immediate eye area," but that's mainly because a lot of them stain. If you don't have sensitive eyes, you should have no issues with them. I find that Bleeding Heart and Vile Serpent are the ones that stain the most. Shades labeled as pressed pigments are: Take the Crown, Beauty Sleep, Dungeon, Scandal Water, Pink Magic, Bleeding Heart, High King, Vivid Mood, Blood Queen and Betrayal.

I actually freaking love this palette and am so excited to dig into it more. Like I said, I loved it so much more once I saw it in person. Drop a comment below if you've picked it up or are thinking of getting it and let me know your thoughts!

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