Monday, November 4, 2019

Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Mini Controversy Palette

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I was SO excited that I ordered my Shane X Jeffree stuff on Friday and it was already on my doorstep today. Beautylish has A+++ shipping time and customer service! So I am going to start with swatches of the Mini Controversy - keep in mind that these are total first impressions, as I haven't had time to really play with the palette on my eyes yet!
Mini Controversy has 9 shades, only one of which is a double from the Conspiracy palette (Diet Root Beer). The outside has a really cool holographic static look to it.
Flat Earth is a matte really pale blue. It's almost white with just the tiniest blue tint.
Cry on My Couch is a matte cream.
My Boyfriend's Purse is my favorite in the palette, and is a metallic light taupey shade with a strong gold flash.

Controversy is a matte bright fuchsia.
Diet Root Beer is a matte light brown.
My Apology is a shimmery brick red.

Exposed is a matte pale lavender.
Cancelled is a matte bright blue.
The Simulation is a metallic blue.

These shades are all SO SOFT and swatch like a dream. They feel really nice and the pigment is amazing. That bright blue - I am so drawn to it and just NEED to use it on my eyes. My Boyfriend's Purse is such a beautiful all-over lid color. It's got a ton of dimension to it with that bright gold flash when the light hits. The palette as a whole is a great little mini and I think it compliments the Conspiracy Palette perfectly.

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