Saturday, October 12, 2019

ColourPop Disney Designer Collection: Midnight Masquerade Palette and A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Set

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I snagged a couple things from the ColourPop Disney Designer Collection - the "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"  set, which includes a Cinderella themed highlighter and liquid lipstick, and the Midnight Masquerade palette.

The A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes set comes in SUPER cute packaging:
It's got a mask on the front, and then opens to this:
...and then that flips open to reveal the products:
The highlighter is called Horse & Carriage and is super pigmented.
This is one of those almost-white champagne shades that absolutely shines. A little goes a long way as this was only a light swatch!!

The lip color is a Lux Liquid Lip called Prince Charming and is a very flattering coral-y pink.

I'm not going to lie, when I saw they were doing another Disney palette I was like "really?" They already did princesses, and villains, now another one. It's definitely pretty, but nothing super extraordinary here.
The top row is very light neutrals.
Spinning Wheel is a pale iridescent pink.
Damsel is a matte pale beige.
Pip is a matte pale orange.
Enchanted is a matte peach.
Mama Odie is a pale peach with strong metallic green shift.

Djali is a metallic brownish copper.
Floating Lantern is a rose gold pressed glitter. *Not for use in immediate eye area
Mrs. Potts is a metallic gold. * Not for use in immediate eye area
Royal Ball is a white gold pressed glitter. *Not for use in immediate eye area
Frog & Wife is a metallic forest green.

Nutmeg is a matte pumpkin spice shade.
New Dream is a matte purply pink.
Gaston is a matte deep berry red.
Quasimodo is a matte brown.
Merryweather is a matte navy. This one builds up but is kind of sheer at first.

I really like the bottom row of mattes in this palette. I feel like they'll be used a lot in the fall/winter for me. The pressed glitters again, you guys already know how I feel about those being in eye palettes when they're not eye safe. Spinning Wheel and Merryweather are both shades that initially come off as sheer but can definitely be built up to reach their full potential. There aren't really any shades that give me an issue here performance-wise, they are all pretty great! I do wish ColourPop would slow down on how often they release palettes, though - it's getting hard to keep up with because it's LITERALLY every week now!

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