Monday, November 4, 2019

Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette

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I am so in love with this palette. The Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette arrived on my door today and I could not wait to dive in, so this is my first impressions post for this beauty. Like everyone else, I've been so excited to get this since they first started talking about collaborating. I've been a fan of Shane's since waaaaaay back in the day and it's so exciting to see him do something of this magnitude with Jeffree.
I'm also a huge fan of pigs, so the fact that there are so many pig related things in this collection absolutely sold me on it (I also bought both of the mirrors lol). The color story in and of itself is so stinking pretty! There's that first row of neutral everyday shades, then the middle row of tropical super brights and the bottom smoky row. Pretty much everything you would need in a palette to create any type of look imaginable.

One of the first things I noticed was that this is way easier to open than Blood Sugar and Blue Blood. Both of those get stuck for me when I try to open them, but this one opens right up. I also love that it's black, the entire thing just looks so cool!
Most of the shades are very soft - some of them even started losing their imprinted stamp design from one swatch - but man oh man are they buttery!
Sleep Paralysis is probably the softest out of them all - it almost feels like a cream. It's insanely pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Ranch is a slightly shimmery white. Swatches super well without needing to be built up!
My Pills is a very pale matte pink.
Tanacon is a matte camel.
Diet Root Beer is a matte light brown.
Just A Theory is a gorgeous metallic rose gold.
Spiraling is a metallic pewter-brown shade.

Conspiracy is a metallic golden olive.
Pig-Ment is a matte bubblegum pink.
Food Videos is a matte neon yellow.
Trisha is a metallic pink with pink sparkles. A little dry and gritty but still swatches amazingly.
Cheese Dust is a matte bright orange.
Flaming Hot is a matte neon pinky-red.

What's The Tea? is a matte seafoam green.
Diet Cola is a metallic silver.
Not A Fact is a matte berry.
Sleep Paralysis is a metallic silvery-purple gunmetal shade.
Illuminatea is a duochrome bluegreen/brown shade.
My Ride's Here is a matte jet black.

I love most of the previous Jeffree palettes, but this one seems the most complete to me. I have a feeling it is easily going to become my favorite and most-used. The colors are great, the pigmentation is amazing, and just from playing with it this first time to write this post, I have about 100 ideas for looks I want to do with this RIGHT NOW! I know the launch was crazy and I hope they restock soon so that everyone who wasn't able to snag one the first time around will be able to grab it!!

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