Thursday, November 14, 2019

ColourPop Smoke Show Palette

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The ColourPop Smoke Show Palette is our answer for the perfect smoky palette! This contains all the white/black/gray/silver you could need to create a perfect smoky eye.
Young Love is a matte bright white.
Smokin'! is a metallic gunmetal.
Stone Face is a matte pale cool toned gray.

Slated is a matte slate gray.
Star Struck is a metallic silver.
Ignite is a matte medium gray.

Let's Do It is a matte black.
Full Metal is a metallic gunmetal with a purply tinge to it.
Night Dream is a matte black base with pink and gold micro sparkles.

This palette makes up for how disappointed I was with the Lime Crime Venus Immortalis one. I had a lot of comments on the YouTube video I made about it saying that other peoples' weren't swatching crappy like mine did, so who knows - maybe I got a "dud." All I know is I wasn't happy with that palette and this one makes up for it - plus it has more shades!! That Star Struck one is INSANE. It's so metallic that it's almost reflective, like a chrome finish. Stone Face needs to be built up a little bit, but there's no patchiness or struggle with it. I love Night Dream, it's such a pretty way to add some sparkle to a dark look. Overall I am very happy with it and would recommend if you've been eying it!!

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