Thursday, November 14, 2019

ColourPop Bye Bye Birdie Palette

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The ColourPop Bye Bye Birdie Palette is one that didn't really grab my attention at first, as it looks like several of their other palettes. At this point it seems like they are running out of color stories! However, I did pick it up to get some swatches and see how it was.
There are 2 SuperShock shadows in here, Aerial and Gander. Ruffled, Amuse Me and Heron Chic are all deemed "not intended for use in the immediate eye area."

Aerial is a pale pink with a gold sheen.
Nesting is a matte light peach.
Ruffled is white/iridescent rainbow glitter.
Gander is a golden champagne.

Never More is a light pink with a gold sheen.
Finch is a bright purply-pink satin.
Emuse Me is a soft purply-brown glitter.
On A Wing is a lavender with a strong gold shift.

Boo Bird is a soft matte pink with gold sparkles.
Heron Chic is a matte magenta.
Fly By Night is a matte pale plum with gold sparkles.
Plumage is a matte red brown.

The palette as a whole is pretty and the colors of course are great quality. I personally am not a fan of the SuperShock shadows being in palettes like this because I'm always worried they're going to dry up and I won't get to use them as much as the other colors, but that's just personal preference. Yet again they've added "not eye safe" glitter which if you read my posts regularly you'll already know I am NOT a fan of! But other than that, I'll definitely get some use out of this palette. Lots of berry and purple tones, which are my go-to shades for the fall and winter months.

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