Friday, November 15, 2019

Bitti X ColourPop Candy Button Palette

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 The Bitti X ColourPop Candy Button Palette is a cute little pink & holographic treat. At first glance you'd expect to find some bright candy colors inside, but the shades are all pretty neutral and everyday wearable!
 The downside to this (to me anyway) is that the whole middle row is deemed "not intended for use in the immediate eye area. The 2 glitters, of course (you guys know how I feel about putting chunky glitters into eyeshadow palettes!) but then that Pop! shade, which is also SuperShock formula, is marked as not eye safe as well, which I find odd. They'll usually mark that on shadows that stain, but I haven't found this one to stain at all. Glitters are cool and fun to use on your lips and stuff, but I'm always scared about putting them anywhere near the eyes ESPECIALLY if I'm doing someone else's makeup!
 Now for swatches....
 Gummy A Break is a sheer, shimmery lavender.
Sweet Capacity is a matte peach.
Bubblicious is a matte pinky coral.

 Pop! is a glittery peach.
Sweet Life is a mix of rosy pink micro glitter with holographic and iridescent glitters.
Gumdrop is a mix of lavender micro glitter with holographic and iridescent glitters.

Jelly Baby is a matte mauvey rose.
Poppin' is a matte dusty orchid.
Hubba Bubba is a matte mahogany.

I do have a slight criticism for this palette (other than the middle row not being eye safe) the bottom row of mattes are all pretty flaky. I'm thinking that's the right term I'm looking for anyway. They take some blending to really stick to the skin in swatches. However, I haven't had much of a problem with them on my eyes, so do with that information what you will. I just found it a little odd because I rarely have any issues with ColourPop mattes - they are always buttery smooth! These are definitely soft, but seem like they're lacking something to help them stick.

All in all this palette is cute, but I think in this case the packaging outshines the actual product.

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