Tuesday, October 9, 2018

ColourPop Ooh Lala Palette

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ColourPop marketed this Ooh Lala! Palette as part of a Mean Girls collection, so I had to grab it! It's a mostly pink shadow palette, which I feel is not for everyone, but the colors are great!
It's a small 9 pan palette, so it was $12 (a few dollars less than their regular palettes).

The shades are:
Tickled - a pink and champagne sparkly topper (it's pretty sheer)
Soft Core - muted matte coral
Poodle - matte medium pink

Big Sugar - hot pink with peachy shimmer
Opulent - bright fuchsia
Sandbar - matte hot pink

Trove - matte berry
Caddy - matte deep violet
Moon Struck - metallic peachy champagne

It's a gorgeous little palette! The Caddy shade does need a bit of layering to build up the color, but all the other shades are wonderful. I do love that ColourPop does mattes so well, because that Sandbar is the matte hot pink I've been looking for for a very long time!!

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