Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Kat Von D Fetish Palette

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Kat Von D always goes big with her holiday palettes, and the Fetish palette is no exception. I did not pick up the face palette - while I'm interested, it has been getting horrible reviews, and to be honest I really don't enjoy her super glittery highlighters. So for now, I have the shadow palette for you - let's talk about it!

The packaging is beautiful, as always. It's got a patent leather look to it, and the word on the front looks like it's embroidered. The "I" is a whip, which is quite clever.
The palette is oval, which looks nice but for me drives me crazy, because I am pretty anal about the way I store my palettes. When they're all different shapes and sizes, it just drives me nuts - I'm being nitpicky, but thought I would mention it.

The layout of the palette is pretty unique - instead of being in straight lines across, they're in a jagged pattern. There's also a decent sized mirror. The entire inside is cardboard. There are 24 shades of different finishes, so I will just get into the swatches! There are some duds in here, so I'm going to go through and leave comments next to each shade that I seem to have trouble with.

From left to right:
Nylon - matte greyish taupe
Kink - matte violet, very hard to get any pigmentation out of. It doesn't blend well and doesn't want to adhere well either.
Blindfold - metallic satiny brown
Deviant - metallic rosy mauve
Whip - matte dark brown with gold glitter
Suspension - matte deep brown. Rather chalky, lots of fallout

Rope - metallic rust
Sex - pale matte orange. Really needs to be built up, patchy.
Latex - deep navy with blue and green sparkles. Applies pretty patchy.
Obsession - matte deep teal. Such a pretty shade but VERY patchy. It tends to grab in one place and not want to blend out on the eye.
Chastity - chunky gold with glitter. Works best applied with a finger.
Shibari - metallic medium green
Corset - matte muted purple. Crumbly, lots of fallout.

Cuffs - metallic silver
La Petite Mort - matte true green. Patchy, needs to be built up, doesn't blend well.
Submissive - metallic chunky pale gold with glitter. So pretty, but needs to be applied with a finger or foiled to work well.
Rubber - matte black
Fixation - matte light beige

Knotty - matte light taupey brown
S + M - matte medium grey. A little patchy, takes some work to blend it.
Stiletto - metallic cranberry
Dominatrix - metallic cherry red (probably my favorite shade in the palette)
Bondage - matte cherry red
Safe Word - matte peachy cream

So all the ones I didn't comment on are fine - they are nicely pigmented and up to par with the usual KVD shadows. The others give me so many problems that I'm not even sure how worth it the palette is. It's pricey at $63, and none of the shades in here are anything special. It's disappointing because the KVD holiday palette is the one I look forward to most every year! There were a few years where she had some dud shades in the holiday palettes, but this one seems to take the cake. The past few years were AWESOME palettes filled with a great array of colors. This one just seems...boring?

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