Saturday, March 24, 2018

Natasha Denona Tropic Palette

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This beauty right here is the Tropic Palette from Natasha Denona, and it is a STUNNER! I heard a lot of people say "if you cover up the bottom row, it's just a warm neutral palette." But come on, LOOK AT THAT BOTTOM ROW! It's filled with gorgeous colors, I love the amount of mattes and metallic in this palette, and the shade selection is great.
This palette is all plastic, unlike the faux leather textured palettes that we've seen from her in the past. I quite like this because it's a lot easier to clean when it gets dirty!
We have 15 shades inside, varying from neutrals to brights, mattes and metallics.
Peach Puff is a warm matte peach.
Nudist is a matte pink toned peach.
Mint Frost is a metallic pale mint. This one is best applied with your finger for the full opacity.
Sangira is a matte reddish mauve.
Vintage Taupe is a matte light tan.
Exotic is an emerald green shimmer.

Fake Tan is a matte pale orange sherbet.
Pastel Melon is a matte bright melon.
Laguna is a matte bright blue.
Coco is a matte warm chocolate.
Gusti is an orangey peach with lots of greenish shimmer.
Tiger Lily is a deep navy shimmer.

Sahara is a matte camel.
Limoncello is a metallic pale gold (best applied with a finger).
Zena is a matte lavender.

As usual, I was SUPER impressed with the matte shades. Natasha Denona mattes are my favorite matte shadows, hands down. They all blend effortlessly and are gorgeous. Zena especially, since pastel purple shades like that always seem to let me down. This one is nicely pigmented without being patchy, and blends great. Another standout shade for me is Gusti - this is one that's super unique, and I can't think of anything that's similar in my collection. Mint Frost is sooooo pretty. Tiger Lily is insanely pigmented - if you are looking for a rich, true blue, that is your shade! Limencello works great on its own or lightly dusted over any other shadow in this palette. Vintage Taupe is the perfect transition shade to blend everything else out.

All in all, I love this palette to bits. There aren't any of the super chunky glitter shades in this one, but I can live with that. This baby is going to get a lot of use from me this spring and summer!

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