Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Too Faced Life's A Festival Palette

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If you love fun, colorful palettes (and Unicorns!) then the Too Faced Life's a Festival Palette is for you! As soon as I saw that this was coming out, I KNEW I had to get it!
Too Faced has always been one of those hit-or-miss brands for me when it comes to palettes. So, it kind of stinks because you never know the quality until you try it out. I am very happy to say that this palette is AWESOME!!! It is shaped like a rainbow, the cover is puffy, there's holographic-ness everywhere, and a lot of people are criticizing it and saying it looks like kid's makeup. I say it's super cute, so who cares?
Just look at how pretty that is!

For swatches, going around the outside edge of shadows we have:
Young & Free - matte bright pink
Rainbow Life - shimmery coral pink
Sunset Dream - metallic peachy orange
Fun in the Sun - bright metallic gold

Fireflies - metallic olive with gold shift
Funtasy - matte deep berry (this is the only one I have an issue with - very powdery/patchy)
Dusk Teal Dawn - metallic teal

Now the inner row:
Euphoric - metallic champagne peach
Desert Vibes - matte camel
Beamin' - metallic white gold
Mystic Rain - shimmery violet with teal duochrome
Artist Pass - metallic deep berry with teal duochrome

That last giant shade that can double as a highlighter is Unicorn Tears, and it is an iridescent purply-pink with micro sparkles.

All the shadows in here (except for that berry Funtasy shade) are super pigmented and gorgeous. I appreciate that the Desert Vibes shade is in there, because you definitely need a transition shade when you have a colorful palette like this. When I first saw pictures online, it looked like Mystic Rain was an ombre shade, so I got super excited! But, it turns out the picture was just that way on the site to show the duochrome colors. It is still a gorgeous color either way! 

Standout shades for me are Euphoric (such a gorgeous all over lid shade), Beamin' (this is INSANE and makes an awesome highlighter!), Mystic Rain (the duochrome is crazy, this is so pretty!), and Artist Pass (a bit different from the usual brown to teal duochromes you see. This one is a very deep berry).

I love this palette. Like, LOVE this palette. It's cute, the packaging is gorgeous, the quality is awesome. I really think Too Faced hit it out of the park with this one!!

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