Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kat Von D Divine Collection

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The Kat Von D Divine Collection consists of a Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick in Divine, and the I Am Divine Eyeshadow Palette.

The lipstick comes in bright lime green packaging. The color is a muted pinky-nude matte.
While it's super creamy, comfortable on the lips, and a great everyday shade for me, it tends to make my lips LOOK dry, and collects in my lip lines. It's a bummer because I love this color. The crème brulee scent is very strong, so if you're sensitive to scented lipsticks you may not like this.

The palette packaging reminds me of the old school palettes from when Kat's line first started, except this one is cardboard instead of that rubberized material that I used to love.
You get 8 shades that I honestly have a hard time trying to come up with looks with.
The mirror has the Divine eyebrows on it, which looks cool but is kind of annoying when you're actually trying to USE the mirror.

Babs - shimmery pale white gold (pretty sheer)
Hard Magic - matte black (takes building to make opaque)
Baltimore - metallic royal blue
Waters - matte baby blue

Filthy - shimmery gunmetal
Pink Flamingos - metallic lime green
Female Trouble - matte white (works best over a white cream base)
Hairspray - metallic light pewter with silver glitter (my favorite - this one is gorgeous!)

Overall, I'm not super impressed with this palette. The shadow quality just isn't there for me, and it's colors I'm having a hard time creating looks with. As much as I love blues, baby blue just looks terrible on me and the combination of colors in this palette just don't go well together in my opinion. I do enjoy the Hairspray color as an all-over lid shade, I've just been finding myself using one color out of the palette each time I go to do a look, and I end up using a different palette for the rest.

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