Saturday, March 24, 2018

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

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The Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette took a while to get to me because I missed the initial release and had to wait for the backordered ones to start shipping. However, I do appreciate that they gave that as an option, as opposed to releasing it and letting it sell out, and then having to wait and wait to find out when it would be coming back. I wish more brands would do this with big releases. 

The packaging is beautiful - the red palette came inside a white sleeve, and it has hinges and opens like a little case. Very cool! A little bulky, yes, but cool looking nonetheless.
Inside are 18 shades, and as you can see it's very red and pink toned yet very wearable. This will for sure be a new go-to palette for me.
I think that the Jeffree Star brand is definitely learning from mistakes (with their eyeshadows anyway). The first palette was very blah for me quality-wise. The second one was much better. This one is outstanding. 
Glucose is a matte bright white. Very pigmented even without a base.
Sugarcane is a matte pale dusty rose shade.
Cake Mix is a matte tan, great transition shade.
Ouch is a matte camel brown.
Donor is a metallic deep, rich gold.
Intravenous is a matte deep burgundy.

Candy Floss is a soft shimmery rosy pink. 
Tongue Pop is a matte peach.
Sweetener is my personal fave - a metallic peach with gold sheen.
Cavity is a crazy matte hot pink.
O Positive is a matte dusty mauve.
Root Canal is a matte fuchsia.

Prick is a matte coral. Performs better with a brush than this finger swatch.
Cherry Soda is a matte deep red.
Fresh Meat is a matte deep very. Feels very dry but is insanely pigmented.
Blood Sugar is a metallic brick red. This one is suuuuuper soft and pigmented.
Extraction is a matte deep purple.
Coma is a matte deep plum - again, pretty dry but very pigmented and performs well.

I am really impressed with this palette and love the color layout. I also think it's cool how they switched up the designs on the shadows for a few of the shades (Prick and Coma) - it's a nice added touch. The shadows perform well and I have no gripes about them. I would say this is definitely my favorite item that I've purchased from Jeffree Star Cosmetics thus far!

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