Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ColourPop SHE Palette

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The SHE Palette from ColourPop features some gorgeous, rosy colors. (They're not ALL rosy, but I guess what I'm trying to say is there's an endless amount of rosy looks that you can create with this palette!)

You get 12 shades, and there is a good mix of mattes and metallics/shimmers.

Ladylike - metallic champagne
Babe - satin pale peach
Dainty - metallic rose gold
Chick - metallic pale yellow gold

Mademoiselle - metallic rosy pink
Gal - metallic copper
Empress - metallic mauve
Filly - metallic deep orange

Dear - matte coral
Missy - matte cranberry
Damsel - matte plum
Duchess - matte warm peach

The mattes in the bottom row have a bit of a drier texture and tend to swatch a bit chalky, but I have had no issues with their performance on the eyes, so that is a plus! I've really been enjoying this palette even though I hadn't planned on buying it at first. It wasn't until I got the Yes, Please palette that I decided I needed this one too, because I loved that one so much!

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