Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ColourPop I Think I Love You Palette

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This gorgeous little gem is the ColourPop I Think I Love You palette. Out of their palettes thus far, this one is the most neutral.

Most of the shades in here are metallic or shimmery, but they're neutral enough that they're not crazy. This is most definitely an everyday wear kind of palette for me.

Better Bitter - pale metallic gold
Belair - matte camel
Fancy Face - metallic copper
Girls Bite - metallic light brown

Howdy - metallic chocolate brown
Rowdy - matte cream
My Treat - metallic champagne
Level Up - metallic golden brown

Screw It - metallic bronze
Let's Do It - matte black
Rule Breaker - metallic yellow gold
My Type - matte chocolate brown

The mattes in this palette are really creamy and don't feel dry like most of the ones in the SHE palette did. I haven't had an issue with ANY of them performance wise, which is awesome. At $16, these ColourPop palettes are MORE than worth it, because I've loved every one so far!

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