Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Natasha Denona Lila Palette

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I am such a fan of Natasha Denona shadows, and the Lila Palette has quickly become a new absolute favorite of mine. Purples are some of my favorite shades to wear, so this whole palette just screamed to me!

 I was very happy that this palette has no chunky glitter shades. As pretty as the ones in her other palettes are (namely the Star palette and the Sunset palette), they tend to make a bit of a mess unless you apply them with your fingers, and I don't always enjoy doing that. So, these are all gorgeous, chunky glitter-free shades!
Per Se - matte greyish lavender
Layla - metallic brown
Juneau - metallic pale pink

Viola - shimmery fuchsia
Amethyst - bright shimmery purple
Livid - shimmery mauve

Amara - matte reddish brown
Magnetic - bright pink satin
Purpure - metallic cranberry

Cyclone - metallic orange with a pinky red shift
Magnolia - metallic peach
Dragon Bite - reddish brown with a turquoise shift

Nude Vino - matte warm brown
Nude mauve - matte taupey gray
Helio - metallic rose

The mattes in this palette are just out of this world. The Natasha Denona palettes are always so gorgeous to look at, never mind how pretty they are on the eyes!! I can't even pick a favorite from this palette, because they all perform beautifully. I ended up getting mine from Beautylish because they have the payment plan available, which makes it a little easier on the wallet! :D

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