Sunday, September 3, 2017

Anastasia Subculture Palette

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Ah, the controversial Subculture Palette! I am going to be completely honest in saying that yeah, this is not the best palette I've ever used, but it's not as horrible as everyone has been saying it is, either. Now keep in mind that I have never used any other Anastasia palette before, not even one of their single eyeshadows, so I don't have much to compare it to. BUT, this isn't "unusable" or anything of the sort.
The first time I laid eyes on pictures of this palette, I knew I wanted it. Mainly because the colors are perfect for fall, and I am fall-obsessed. Then all the horrible reviews started coming out, so I held off a little bit. I honestly wanted it MORE after seeing so many people having issues with it, because I just needed to try it for myself! With a little trial and error, this turned out to be a pretty decent palette.

Before I even get into the swatches, I wanted to say that It is REALLY hard to blend some of the matte shades if you just apply them to your eye right after putting eye primer on. I found that the best way to use them is to put eye primer, then a light matte shade that matches my skintone (or even your face powder would work) and that makes it so much easier to blend these colors on top of it. Granted you shouldn't have to take special steps to use an eyeshadow palette properly, but I've found that to really help and make these shadows perform to their best abilities.

It does come with a brush that has a flat shadow brush on one end:
And a fluffy blending brush on the other:

Cube - iridescent pink
Dawn - matte beige
Destiny - matte olive
 Cube is the only color in the palette that I really dislike. It swatches kind of patchy/chunky and doesn't blend out nice or pick up well on a brush.

Adorn - metallic brown
All Star - matte cranberry
Mercury - matte taupe
Axis - matte deep teal

Roxy - matte peach
Electric - metallic gold with green shift
Fudge - matte chocolate brown

New Wave - matte pumpkin orange
Untamed - matte forest green
Edge - matte mustard
Rowdy - matte deep plum

I LOVE New Wave. Using it in the crease has become a very everyday thing for me. The closer we get to Halloween, the more I want to wear all orange everything!

My final verdict is that this palette is okay. Yes, you have to work a little differently with the shadows but no, it's not complete crap and unusable. It does have a little kick back if you go in too hard with a brush, but they are very soft shadows. The consistency of them is a lot like LORAC shadows. I remember when I first got my Mega Pro palette, I had to get used to being super careful with them because they're so damn soft, they kick up so much product if you dip a brush in too hard. 

With that said, if you're obsessing over it, just get it. If you can live without it, it's not a huge deal if you don't get it!

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