Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wet N' Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection

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I picked up the whole set from the Wet N' Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection - mainly because I was having so many issues with their website the day it went live and just wanted to get in and out before it crashed again - but also because it saves you money if you're wanting a bunch of things from the collection. It was $35 and if you bought everything on its own, it would have been about $59.

The first thing are the 3 metallic liquid liners:
 Sea Symmetry is a green, Sea Dreams is a navy blue, and Trident's Shimmer is a gray.
 I've never been a fan of their liquid liners - they're very sheer and these aren't really metallic like they say they are. You have to layer several coats to get it to be opaque, and the brush isn't the greatest either.

The metallic liquid eyeshadows are AWESOME! These were super exciting to me, because I don't own many makeup items like this.
 Mysterious Nights - Black with silver sparkles
Lara's Necklace - deep green with green and blue sparkles
Moonlight Majesty - blackened purple with pink sparkles
Aquatic Prism - blackened aqua with purple and blue duochrome sparkles
These are all gorgeous, but Aquatic Prism is my favorite! I was bummed that mine doesn't have a stopper in it for some reason, so it's making a mess all over the wand, but it's so pretty I can't stand it! The downside with these is if you wear them all over your lid, they tend to crease and flake off throughout the day. I have been using them more as liquid liners, and they work GREAT for that!

Now, I know I took swatch pictures of the lipsticks, but for some reason right now as I'm writing this, I cannot find them. I'll have to come back to this to post them, but I really want to get this post up today! 
 Coral Crown - metallic copper
Harbor a Crush - metallic berry
Siren's Jewel - metallic deep green
Sea Seduction - metallic navy
The formula on these is the same as the regular Liquid Catsuit lipsticks, and they're seriously my favorite drugstore liquid lipsticks. These last for hours, only really need to be touched up after eating, and are comfortable and not drying.

Last but not least is the highlighting bar, which was the star of this collection and the thing everyone was freaking out over!
 It has that cool mermaid tail pattern stamped into it:
 It's a white gold with a bit of a gray tinge to it, and tiny pink sparkles in it.
Absolutely gorgeous if you use it with a light hand - but go overboard and you get an odd gray-ish cast on your face. 

All in all, this collection was a hit for me. The only thing I don't find myself using is the liquid liners, but I went into it knowing I'm not a fan of them anyway. The whole set is a great deal if you love sparkle and glitter!

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