Sunday, September 3, 2017

Melt Cosmetics Haze Stack

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The Haze Stack from Melt Cosmetics has to be one of my favorites from them. Just looking at it, it's perfect for both fall AND the holiday season. It's got 4 metal tones - silver, gold, copper, and red. All of them are highly pigmented and metallic!
Indica is an aluminum foil-like silver:

Ganja is a gold that almost has a hint of green tinge to it when you tilt it in certain directions while looking at it in the pan. On the skin, it's straight up gold:

Bogart is a very pretty orangey-copper, but I find that this one is a lot softer and messier than the other 3 shades. You just have to be a little more gentle with this one because it's delicate!

Last but not least is my favorite, Haze. This is a true metallic red:

These are gorgeous, right? All of these swatches were just one quick dip in the pan and one swipe onto my arm. Crazy! I cannot recommend Melt shadows enough. I am not a huge fan of their lipsticks, just because I find them super drying and difficult to apply, but I love love love their shadow stacks!

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